Frances Lee Hall's latest update for Lily Lo and the Wonton Maker

Jan 23, 2018

Dear family and friends of Frances,

 WE DID IT! Thanks to each one of you, we reached our (revised) goal of 250 pre-orders! Inkshares will now copy-edit, print and distribute a paper-back LILY LO AND THE WONTON MAKER. The original 750 goal included an editorial revision, and a cover design both of which LILY LO already has (fabulous cover thanks to May Key Lee). Also at the 250 “Quill” level, Frances’s estate will receive 50% of future net book proceeds (vs. 35%). 

 Special thanks to the truly devoted Vermont College of Fine Arts community--and a shout out to Catherine Linka and Tami Lewis Brown at Through the Tollbooth, as well as to Frances’s super agent, Marietta Zacker, to Dhonielle Clayton, Stacey Lee, and Ilene Gregorio at We Need Diverse Books, and to Teresa LeYung Ryan for the use of her video of Frances.

 Also, we were delighted that LILY LO was chosen by Janna Grace and the members of the Inkshares “Break The Bechdel With Strong Female Characters Syndicate.” 

 Frances’s husband Lance and daughter Emmie send their thanks and gratitude for helping to honor Frances’s memory.

 Thank you, EVERYBODY, again for your support, many efforts, enthusiasm, and for bringing Frances’s dream to life! We’ll keep you in the loop on when to expect your copy(s) of LILY LO AND THE WONTON MAKER (6 months?).

Ann, Annemarie, Helen, Linden, and Christine (Beyond the Margins)