Frances Lee Hall's latest update for Lily Lo and the Wonton Maker

Nov 1, 2018

Dear family and friends of Frances,

 Your copy(s) of LILY LO AND THE WONTON MAKER should arrive in the next week or so, if they haven’t already! As Frances would say, "YAY!"  We are excited and so grateful to you for helping to bring her dream to life.

 As you know, all proceeds go to Frances’s estate and Emmie’s education fund. We have a narrow window of opportunity to promote this book and encourage sales. 

 May we ask a favor?

 -Please post a photo of your new book along with #inmemoryoffrancesleehall and #lilyloandthewontonmaker on any and all social media.

[Feel free to add #middlegrade #diversestories #ownvoices and/or #WNDB, too]

 If any friends or family want their own copy, encourage them to order it (for $12.99) from AMAZON--or from Inkshares if they want their copy before Nov. 27. 

 Thank you so much for being part of this effort! 

 -Ann, Annemarie and Beyond the Margins