Frances Lee Hall's latest update for Lily Lo and the Wonton Maker

Jun 21, 2018

Dear family and friends of Frances, 

We wanted to let you know the latest on LILY LO AND THE WONTON MAKER. Unfortunately, we are still waiting to get into active pre-production with Quill/Inkshares. LILY LO is in the queue but we do not yet have a start date and don’t expect one for a few months as apparently there are a number of books ahead of us. Once we begin, the process will take 4-6 months. We do hope to have the physical book by early 2019. 

 I’m in touch with Quill regularly and will let you know any dates as soon as things get underway. We are all anxious to hold LILY LO AND THE WONTON MAKER in our hands and appreciate your understanding and patience. Thanks again for your support for Frances!  

Ann, Annemarie, and Beyond the Margins