Happy Geeky Saturday, Space Crew!

Today is Tabletop Day and Independent Bookstore Day! I don’t know about where you all live, but the sun is shining here. It’s a good day to go hang out with some fellow nerds. 

Those of you sitting at home like me (for now), get the pleasure of reading some book spam. 

So here’s the deal. I want to make sure I have a solid contribution to give to BuildOn, the charity I’ve partnered with. In order to pledge them anything significant, the pre-order train cannot stop here. 

I have some things in the works that I hope will help, but if that doesn’t work out we’ve got 5 days remaining to fund this project as much as we can. Help me help others by picking up extra copies as gifts, or if you’re a fellow author, your shout-outs are much appreciated!

Next Saturday is a geeky Saturday too. Free Comic Book Day is back, and that means I’ll be releasing a digital 5-page spread sharing a scene from our beloved story. Here’s a sneak peek of the line-art, and you can expect more this week.

I also want to shout-out some authors who are funding right now that I’d like to see doing better. 

George Pitre’s The Girl Who Blinked seems to have gotten buried among so many space operas. I’d like to see this guy funded, and he’s running out of time. So check out some of his work and see if it resonates with you. 

RF Martin’s Pixelated Obsidian Roses is described as "an experimental dark fantasy, in the vein of Lovecraftian Cosmic Horror". If that doesn’t make you pick it up, maybe the blurb will. 

Patrick who needs no last name isn’t yet funding, but has pitched the idea of Brobots. I’m so excited I can’t stop thinking about this pitch. Check it out, and follow and support him, because this story is going places. 

Now Your Noodle of the Day

Your Loyal and Indebted Space Noodle,

Happy Travellin’ Tuesday, Space Crew,

Coming off our Quill celebration high, it’s time to get back in business. 

Today I Published a Blog Piece on The Traveller’s Cup and Social Justice.
The gist of it is that while "star dragons" and "celestial wizards" sound cool and might sell books, there’s more meat to this story. Take a look if you’re interested in finding out more about the history of the Lumen and Grey right here.

And of course, also in the name of being better humans, 25% of the proceeds from the book are currently going to BuildOn. I’d like to up that to 50%, so let’s figure out how to get 496 more copies sold.  

I could give you a doodle of the day, but I could also give you some more polished art related to the book. Don’t worry, the comic is in progress and looks much cooler than this, but who doesn’t like a little SD art to brighten their mood? 

It’s currently living here on DeviantArt

Also I am very much interested in any fan art you guys might come up with. Please send it to me either here on Inkshares, via Twitter at @ac_baldwin, or on my Facebook page and I’ll gladly repost it.

Your Running-Out-of-Adjectives Space Captain,


We hit 250 last night, which means this book is going to be published. Let’s take a moment to breathe. This was made possible by all of you (our relentless Crew), with the last Quill order going to our honourary Quill Captain, Micah Baker

If you want to pick up his intriguing book, which is a sinister sort of space opera, you can do that here.

So What Happens Now?

First, the good. 

  • Once the campaign ends I’ll be working with the crew at Inkshares to talk deadlines and a publishing schedule. This is happening!

  • I can now officially pledge funds to BuildOn, the literacy charity I’ve partnered with. They’ll be getting 25% of my profits. 

  • Your prizes are guaranteed. All the prizes that don’t rely on numbers of pre-orders will be happening. 

And the reality: 

  •  This is where we are right now. Yes, The Traveller’s Cup is getting published, but it’s not fully funded

  • Fully-funded means that Inkshares will take care of a lot of the publishing "dirty work". Editing, marketing, distribution, etc. 
  • Since they’ll take on those services it frees me up to give more time to producing a solid book, and leaves me with more funds to give to prizes, and to increase my BuildOn donation from 25% to 50

So while we hit a major milestone, you can’t expect the ship to stop here. 

If you’re a member of this Crew, I need you to make it your personal responsibility to help me boost this to 750. Tell a friend. Order a copy for your mom. You can make a huge difference. 

Your Cautiously Celebratory Space Captain,

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Happy Tuesday, Space Crew! 

First, to start things off properly, I need to give a space-sized congratulations to my friend JF Dubeau, who’s successfully funded his second book, A God in the Shed. 750 orders with a few days to spare. Congratulations! 

Onto Cup news! I used to think we had a lot of time. Wasn’t it just yesterday I was saying there was a month to go? And now we only have half that. 

I know a lot of you are followers who haven’t picked up a copy. But time is running out, and the best way you can show support is to place your orders before the funding period ends. 

Those who have ordered, let me remind you what’s in store with your Recommendations. If you’re one of the top three Recruitment Officers you’ll be receiving this prize pack: 

So join me in shamelessly spamming this book everywhere. I want my social feeds so filled with this book that I miss out on more interesting things and complain for a moment before remembering how grateful I should be.  

Your Spam-Spamming Space Spamtain,

31 Orders, Space Crew. 

That’s all that’s separating us from publication. Every single order counts. 

I need your help to keep our momentum going. Because I don’t want to stop at 250. I want to go all the way to fully funded, and for that we’re running out of time.

If you’re following this project but haven’t yet grabbed a copy of your own, now is the time. 

If you ordered the e-book and are now considering a physical (signed) copy, that gets us closer too. 

If you haven’t yet recommended the book to your friends, you can use the Inkshares recommendation links and earn credit at the same time. 

All of these activities also mean prizes! (info here)


So please, keep that support coming. I’ve already started on the theme song. 

Your Sophisticated and Sensational Space Captain,

Happy Friday, Space Crew!


Now that I’ve gotten you to open this email I’ll delay a little and talk about how fabulous I’m feeling. It’s Friday, and I’m slowly caffeinating myself back to life after an uber fun podcast experience last night with the guys over at the SciFi Geeks Club (watch for episode 94)!

Also, we’re only about 30 orders away from publication, guys. Of course I’m aiming higher than that, but we’ve got this in the bag!

Still...Without Further Ado, the Prizes!

I hope you like loading images because this newsletter has a million. We’ve got tiered prizes the whole Crew can enjoy, as well as contributor-specific prizes. I’ve been bubbling with excitement since these were distant concepts. Now they’re starting to exist in real life so it’s time to share them with you!

Crew-Wide Prizes:

At 300 Orders!
I will release The Traveller’s Cup THEME SONG. Some of you may know that I also dabble in music. And every good space opera needs a soundtrack. It will be an MP3 available for download by all backers.

At 500 Orders!
I will release a digital edition of The Traveller’s Cup Companion Guide. This is a guide that I’ve been putting together that’s full of things like sketches, maps, and history, to give you background you might not pick up on in as much detail in the novel. It’ll be available for all backers.

At 750 Orders (FULLY FUNDED)!
I will record a full audiobook experience of The Traveller’s Cup which will include a score based on the theme song. When it’s complete (TBD) this will be available to backers for free, and for sale after the funding period. 

Now for individual prizes!

The Next 10 Orders:

  • Have a minor character named after you (or a name of your choosing)
  • 5-pack of digitally painted The Traveller’s Cup bookmarks!


Recruitment Officers:
I’m talking about the folks who recommend this book. If you’re one of the Top 3 Recommenders on Inkshares, you’ll get:

  • A printed and signed Companion Guide (pictured above)
  • 5-pack of digitally painted The Traveller’s Cup bookmarks (pictured above)
  • Uniquely commissioned The Traveller’s Cup Amber Vial and Light Key combo chain, created by easany on Etsy!


Fleet Commanders:
Either because you bought the giant pack of awesome or have otherwise contributed to $60+ worth of this book.

  • A printed and signed Companion Guide (pictured above)
  • 5-pack of digitally painted The Traveller’s Cup bookmarks (pictured above)
  • Uniquely commissioned The Traveller’s Cup Amber Vial and Light Key combo chain (pictured above)
  • A print edition of the 5-page comic that will see its digital release on Free Comic Book Day (here’s a rough preview sketch!)

I’ll spare you the doodle today since anyone viewing this on mobile will hate what I’ve done to their data plans. But I’m the most excited space captain in the world, and I hope you’re ready to push this book to publication with me!

Your Space-Crazed Space Captain from Space Canada,

Hello, Space Crew!

I know it’s been too long since I’ve kept you in the loop, but I’ve been working hard to put a lot of things in place. Couldn’t sit through the day without this reminder though.

Podcasting Tonight! 

Yep, time is going that fast. Tonight I’ll be making a guest appearance on the SciFi Geeks Club podcast with the guys from Galactic Netcasts. I’m extremely pumped to be doing this. It’ll kick off at 9:45pm EST, but I’ll send you the link for your listening pleasure after it’s been posted on the site. 


And your backer prizes will be announced tomorrow! Had some last-minute details to work out, but I am looking forward to hitting your inbox with awesome.


Your Exuberantly Excited Space Emperor,

10492145 10152537787574467 5636434093663626414 n Ricardo Henriquez · Author · added over 4 years ago
what a great idea! good luck with the campaign I hope this inspired a lot of people to support you!

10492145 10152537787574467 5636434093663626414 n Ricardo Henriquez · Author · added over 4 years ago
what a great idea! good luck with the campaign I hope this inspired a lot of people to support you. Good luck!

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