AC Baldwin's latest update for The Traveler’s Cup

Apr 26, 2016

Happy Travellin’ Tuesday, Space Crew,

Coming off our Quill celebration high, it’s time to get back in business. 

Today I Published a Blog Piece on The Traveller’s Cup and Social Justice.
The gist of it is that while "star dragons" and "celestial wizards" sound cool and might sell books, there’s more meat to this story. Take a look if you’re interested in finding out more about the history of the Lumen and Grey right here.

And of course, also in the name of being better humans, 25% of the proceeds from the book are currently going to BuildOn. I’d like to up that to 50%, so let’s figure out how to get 496 more copies sold.  

I could give you a doodle of the day, but I could also give you some more polished art related to the book. Don’t worry, the comic is in progress and looks much cooler than this, but who doesn’t like a little SD art to brighten their mood? 

It’s currently living here on DeviantArt

Also I am very much interested in any fan art you guys might come up with. Please send it to me either here on Inkshares, via Twitter at @ac_baldwin, or on my Facebook page and I’ll gladly repost it.

Your Running-Out-of-Adjectives Space Captain,