AC Baldwin's latest update for The Traveler’s Cup

Apr 19, 2016

Happy Tuesday, Space Crew! 

First, to start things off properly, I need to give a space-sized congratulations to my friend JF Dubeau, who’s successfully funded his second book, A God in the Shed. 750 orders with a few days to spare. Congratulations! 

Onto Cup news! I used to think we had a lot of time. Wasn’t it just yesterday I was saying there was a month to go? And now we only have half that. 

I know a lot of you are followers who haven’t picked up a copy. But time is running out, and the best way you can show support is to place your orders before the funding period ends. 

Those who have ordered, let me remind you what’s in store with your Recommendations. If you’re one of the top three Recruitment Officers you’ll be receiving this prize pack: 

So join me in shamelessly spamming this book everywhere. I want my social feeds so filled with this book that I miss out on more interesting things and complain for a moment before remembering how grateful I should be.  

Your Spam-Spamming Space Spamtain,