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OK Folks! I just handed a revised (and may I say much strengthened) version of Trigor to Inkshares. As soon as I hear back from them on any timeline updates I’ll let you know! In the meantime, the book now opens with a whole new chapter. And it goes a little something like this:




The old man led her down the empty hallway in the empty wing. The walls were the grey of an old club. The carpet was deep red and seemed to suck up all the light. She could barely see the dark wooden doors that lined each side of the hall.

 “This one,” he said, pointing at one of the wooden doors near the end of the hall. “Your things are in there. No one will bother you.”

“Thank you,” she said.

“All for the order,” the man said, and left her to it.

Inside the room were several stacks of unopened crates and boxes that contained the parts she had worked so hard to get. They had the shipping and customs stamps of multiple worlds on them as she had routed them through complex trade routes in order to make them difficult to trace. She was probably overdoing it. She didn’t need to hide this work so much as keep it a surprise, but she had always been the kind of person to throw herself into things. And besides, what good was the order’s standing offer of help if she couldn’t use it for a private project?

She began opening the packages. Each one contained a different piece of what she hoped would eventually become a working innovative whole. As the packing materials piled up on the floor, the workbenches became populated by dozens of metal boxes in different shapes and with different dials and switches alongside bundles of cables, tubes and other small parts like gauges. It would have been a jumble of incomprehensible nonsense to most people, but to her it looked like notes in a song, just waiting to be arranged into the melody.

She was the conductor. She smiled at that idea. She was going to compose a song to save the world. She’d no longer be ignored and unappreciated by him.

She tried to hum a tune and laughed a bit as she began to assemble things and power up components for testing. She laughed a lot when she saw just how well this was going to work. The parts came together just as she had imagined. The flow felt wonderful. She marveled as what had once been an insane plan turned into a reality under fingers. She felt the thrill of her intelligence matching with her skill at execution. All of her talents served an unassailable purpose.

And nobody in the universe could stop her.


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Woohoo! First draft back from edit!

SO sorry this process is taking longer than last time but I’m very excited to start digging in on revisions now that I have  the first draft back from edit. 

The hope is still for a late 2019 release and I’ll keep you posted once we have more clarity on that. For now, it’s time to work on Trigor to make it super enjoyable for you all. Thanks for your faith in this project, many of you twice! On into the edits!

Just got off the phone with Inkshares and we have a plan. We’re hoping for an autumn release. To do that I need edit notes back in a couple weeks then turn around revisions. So yay!  We’re making progress finally! Sorry for the long time between updates but as the progress continues I’ll keep you updated.

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Bravo! Excited for more of Pilot X


Thank you so much for having faith in the Pilot X sequel. I am BEYOND thrilled to get this going. Now I will begin the long process of asking for your patience as we get the book ship shape for publishing. 

As promised to tide you over, here’s a link to my next book coming out this summer called Gallium. It’s in the same universe as my book Lot Beta.

The link here will work for 7 days. Hope you enjoy!


And thanks again!!

Merrittnapaclose Tom Merritt · Author · added 12 months ago
90% !!! Less than 75 copies needed preordered to hit the mark and make Trigor a reality,

To thank you here’s the current paragraph of Trigor I’m editing

"She launched into a monologue describing Parthian Prime’s unique trading advantages that contributed to its position at the top of the trading universe. Pilot X tried very hard not to drift. The coffee was wearing off and the Legwas was quite strong. Or maybe that’s just what Legwas was supposed to be like. He entertained himself by noticing how elegantly the Matriarch skirted the issue of Parthian Prime’s claim as the original planet of the civilization. Certain omissions in her monologue implied there was only one answer to the origin of Parthians, but she was never so blunt as say it."

And don’t forget if, I mean WHEN, Trigor gets funded I’ll be posting a link to all backers for the PDF of my Lot Beta univers book Gallium.



75% there!

Thanks to your overwhelming support we passed the 3/4 mark and are barreling towards the 750 preorders we need to get Trigor published. THANK YOU!

With two weeks to go I feel pretty good about it but I think we’d all feel better if it was just, you know, 100% already. ;)

So to motivate folks I’m going to offer to give a link to a PDF of ANOTHER book I have coming out this summer called Gallium. If you ever read my book, Lot Beta, you’ll recognise the universe. It’s not a sequel but it’s set in the same world. MThis time it’s a woman in a salvage operation trying to make a go of it and having forces set against her when she discovers ancient history that powerful people don’t want discovered.

Anyway if we get Trigor funded I’ll send out a link to the PDF of Gallium to all backers.

So spread the word, and thanks to all who have been. Y’all are the best.


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Hey Robyn, You can order Pilot X through Inkshares separately at https://www.inkshares.com/books/pilot-x. It would be cool to allow you to bundle. I’ll suggest it!
Robyn cheerleader Robyn Goldy · Reader · added 12 months ago
Hi Tom, I have a friendly suggestion for an order category.  I have not read Pilot X yet.  Would it be possible to have an option to order an e-copy of both Trigor and Pilot X? 

We have 60%! THANK YOU!

The Trigor funding is more than halfway there. We just need an average of about 7 orders a day for the rest of the period to make sure Pilot X’s further adventures can be shared with the world (including via audiobook!)

So here’s what I’d like you to do if you can and you’re willing to help.

Tell one person. Whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, in person, at the coffee shop on the radio, in the bathroo... strike that last one. Tell at least one person about Trigor and why you think they’d enjoy it and should pre-order to get it published.

Do that for me and I will be unendingly grateful and you will have done your good deed for the day. Plus you get to brag that you were there first.


Here’s the current line I’m editing

"Pilot X was trying to land on a civilized planet with decent traffic control. That meant he had to establish who he was and why he was there. This was difficult for him. He flew in a time ship which shouldn’t exist. "

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