My Dearest Reader,

I hope this update finds you well, though I fear many fortnights has passed since my last missive. Life’s changes hath found their way throughout my circumstance as I am no longer in the Naval Forces of these United States. Assuredly, the change was most good for I am working privately in a sector. The work continues, however, and I have been working on another piece of fiction related to and pertaining the first. This work is in its nascent stages, and shall not be available for many months, yet I wanted to make this information available to you. If one is a super reader, I shall give thee access to the draft so you can watch me write it, which promises to be as exciting as to watch the liquid dye on the wall dry.

Lastly, it would be most appreciated if thee were to go on to the site of webs known as Amazon to give me a review of the The Sleeping Man so that my ego can grow to immeasurable size.

Sweeteth Dreams,

Stephen Carignan

Post Script, the new work is under:


Post Post Script: Why come there’s never a Pre-Script? Like, let me know what I’m getting into before I gotta be reading all this.

Hello to one and all!

I wanted to briefly send out a call for reviews on the book’s Amazon page. If you have enjoyed the book, then I would be grateful for the support. Having such wonderful support from family, friends, and quite a few new friends makes all the difference in the world for me because of how much time went into the work. As for news, there’s not much to tell at the moment, I’m still working out the details of some promotional events for the book, but the Navy schedule makes that a little difficult. Regardless, I am still in the process of writing more stories and hopefully will have an update in that realm soon.


Stephen Carignan


As most of you know, The Sleeping Man has made it into your hands via physical copy or ebook and I’ve been trying to keep up with the wonderful words that have been pouring in. I’m working on some promotional events near the San Diego area, but one of the best things that could happen would be to increase the number of Amazon reviews. Once you’ve finished reading the book, I would like to ask you to head over there and leave a review.

It’s been a long process to release The Sleeping Man, and while I have been working on transitioning out of the Navy I have not been idle. In point of fact, I’ve worked out the larger points of the next two books, though I’m holding back on the titles at the moment. Thank you, thank you, and thank you. This is a dream come true.

Still smiling,

Stephen Carignan

Greetings from a cold and rainy Japan. Finally got enough time and internet to get the reader update function to work on Inkshares through absolutely zero fault on their part and one hundred percent fault on old computers running a version of Windows that dinosaurs used. Things are progressing well, the first round of edits is done and we’re shooting for a publication date of June 19th. That means you will have your ebook ready, and the print version will be mailed out accordingly. Don’t forget, half of the pre-order are going to charity, so anyone that’s holding out on buying should do so!

Also, due to some issues beyond anyone’s control, I had to switch the cover art. For anyone who is disappointed by this, I encourage you to check out Millicent Barnes Comics for some amazing art and stories. I have a lot of his art on my walls, in fact.

The day gets closer and closer and I get more and more excited. I’m sure when I get to sleep it will all feel like a dream.



P.S. "P.S." doesn’t make sense in emails because you can go back and edit. It’s not like I’m writing in ink.

Well, I know it’s been a severely long time since I’ve sent a reader update, and I’ve been waiting right along with you guys. I sent in the manuscript of The Sleeping Man shortly after the campaign ended and I’m waiting to hear back. Every now and then Inkshares will ask for something, which I supply, but as of right now, nothing. 

In the meantime, feel free to hit me up in the meantime for reviews on your pieces, beta reading, or whatever I can help with. I also haven’t been just sailing the seven seas, visiting new countries, and trying to maintain some sort of discipline over an energetic six year old. There may or may not be another story in the works for our favorite Dreamwalker.

Thank you for your patience, I know this process is certainly testing mine, but I cannot thank you enough for your support.

Sweet Dreams, 


Hello Dreamers!

So, I know it’s been a long time since I’ve sent an update, and I’m very sorry for that. I also would like to apologize for the lack of reviews and support which I normally try to do, but I’ve had an interesting time trying to edit around my Navy schedule. Being on a ship is quite challenging and I’ve had a lot of things to do and many days where I couldn’t edit at all. 


Since I had some free time today, I began editing when I woke up and just now, as of writing this, FINISHED! Yes, that’s right. It is done. It is complete. It is ready...

To be turned in. So, all I have to do is put together the cover and turn in the book. There will be a quick edit from Inkshares and then you will receive your book. If you haven’t pre-ordered, now is the time to help out the Children’s Literary Initiative and pre-order! 

Lastly, I would like to ask if anyone has a pull quote they would like to send in, to please do so, so I can have it featured. If you’ve reviewed the book on Inkshares, then I would ask your permission to use all or part of that review for pull quotes. 

Thank you so much for helping me make my dream possible.

Sweet Dreams,


Good Morning Dreamers,

Well, I"ve been exceptionally busy and I’m using all my free time to either do homework, study for the Navy school that’s almost finished, or nap. While I’m not doing these things, I’m squeezing in editing of The Sleeping Man. I’m about halfway through now, and after that, I’ll probably have some beat readers, so if anyone wants, let me know. Then it’s a final edit from me, a final edit from Inkshares, and then they will begin the production process. Thank you so much for your support, and make sure you keep spreading the word and having people pre-order The Sleeping Man. Since we’re still in the pre-order phase, half of everything up until the release will be donated to the Children’s Literary Initiative. 

Sweet Dreams,


Good morning Dreamers,

Well, a dream of mine has come true, or at least is now guaranteed to come true. We’ve reached the pre-order goal and The Sleeping Man will be a real thing. I don’t have an update as to specifically when, but do know it’s happening and once I know, you’ll know. I have some work to do on the second draft, and then I’ll get some feedback. and then we’ll put this out!

As a reward to everyone, here’s some spoilers from the last chapter:

The Sleeping Man awoke from a dream, where he went on some epic journey to some Compendium or something. The lights that woke him came from outside, where he saw a spaceship land and off load a horde of pirate zombies and attractive teenage vampires. He had to do something, The Sleeping Man, or Dave (as it said on his birth certificate), ran to his closet and pulled out a modified machine gun which fired chainsaws. Noting it was surprisingly light, he selected flaming full auto mode and went outside to save the world. 

The hoard turned as one, except for a zombie in the middle who tripped and is completely unrelated to the story, and started towards Dave. Dave screamed at the approaching wall of death, "Get off my plane!" and pulled the trigger. 

Chainsaw after chainsaw chewed into the horde and right before he began to actually wonder how this gun was firing flaming chainsaws, the gun clicked on empty. This was it, with only half the horde taken care of, Dave was sure to die. A voice called from the sky, "It’s dangerous to go alone, take this."

Dave caught the handle of an unknown device and asked, "What is it?"

"It’s a photon cutlass."

"Like a lightsabe-"

"No, we don’t have the rights to that."

"Got it."

"Stop pointing it at your face."

"Who’s even talking right now?"

"I don’t know, the author stopped identifying the speaker."

"My name is Emma."

"Emma please stop, I’m typing everything I"m hearing right now."

"Daddy, can I have cheesecake for breakfast?"


"This is Dave, what the hell is going on?"

"Shut up, Dave. I could kill you with a thought."


"Daddy? I ate all the cheesecake."

"Holy shit that was fast."

"This is Dave, isn’t there still a horde?"

"No, you killed them all when we were talking."



"So, is that the end?"




Good Morning Dreamers,

Well, getting all the details of a move together, finding a new place, starting school again, starting work again, and a million other details. Unfortunately the pre-orders also slowed down with my inability to market it, but we are still passed the pre-orders fro Quill! I think we could perhaps still make the full goal, but this is still an amazing victory already. 

Thank you for your support, and please continue to recommend and share. If you haven’t pre-ordered already you should to receive the benefits!

Sweet Dreams,


I do apologize for the long delay in updates, but moving and starting a new command, finding a place to live, and finishing my classes has been quite a lot of stuff to do. Orders have been coming in slowly but steadily yet we’re going to need a big bump to get back on track for the huge goal of 750! Share and recommend to your friends, we have three syndicate picks, two articles, and one interview! We are making it happen and I love it!



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