Stephen Carignan's latest update for The Sleeping Man

Nov 1, 2018

My Dearest Reader,

I hope this update finds you well, though I fear many fortnights has passed since my last missive. Life’s changes hath found their way throughout my circumstance as I am no longer in the Naval Forces of these United States. Assuredly, the change was most good for I am working privately in a sector. The work continues, however, and I have been working on another piece of fiction related to and pertaining the first. This work is in its nascent stages, and shall not be available for many months, yet I wanted to make this information available to you. If one is a super reader, I shall give thee access to the draft so you can watch me write it, which promises to be as exciting as to watch the liquid dye on the wall dry.

Lastly, it would be most appreciated if thee were to go on to the site of webs known as Amazon to give me a review of the The Sleeping Man so that my ego can grow to immeasurable size.

Sweeteth Dreams,

Stephen Carignan

Post Script, the new work is under:

Post Post Script: Why come there’s never a Pre-Script? Like, let me know what I’m getting into before I gotta be reading all this.