Stephen Carignan's latest update for The Sleeping Man

Mar 9, 2018

Greetings from a cold and rainy Japan. Finally got enough time and internet to get the reader update function to work on Inkshares through absolutely zero fault on their part and one hundred percent fault on old computers running a version of Windows that dinosaurs used. Things are progressing well, the first round of edits is done and we’re shooting for a publication date of June 19th. That means you will have your ebook ready, and the print version will be mailed out accordingly. Don’t forget, half of the pre-order are going to charity, so anyone that’s holding out on buying should do so!

Also, due to some issues beyond anyone’s control, I had to switch the cover art. For anyone who is disappointed by this, I encourage you to check out Millicent Barnes Comics for some amazing art and stories. I have a lot of his art on my walls, in fact.

The day gets closer and closer and I get more and more excited. I’m sure when I get to sleep it will all feel like a dream.



P.S. "P.S." doesn’t make sense in emails because you can go back and edit. It’s not like I’m writing in ink.