2017 Round Up

As the year comes to a close, I have a few awesome announcements to make regarding The Slave Prince.

First, the book has (almost) completed copy editing! Cover design is next and I cannot wait for it to begin. It’s the best part of book production -- seeing a new, fancy cover that would soon sit on bookshelves. I’m excited!

Second, the book has a release date! May 29, 2018. Coincidentally, it’s one day before my mum’s birthday. So it’s going to be a celebratory week!

Third, feast your eyes on the map below. This world map was made by John Robin, my super author friend with undeniable talent. And if you think revealing the map is a #spoiler, it isn’t. Because... it’s not the only map in the book! There’ll be a kingdom map too!

With three awesome announcements to end 2017, I definitely have a lot to be thankful about this year. 

Even though it took some time -- waiting for the book to start production -- I’m so thankful that things are falling into place. I’m thankful that you supported my book last year, and have been patiently waiting for its publication. I’m thankful for the team at Inkshares, who’re helping me better the book in every aspect. And I’m thankful for everyone who has continued to encourage me, with a desire to see my book become a success. Indeed, it’s a very merry Christmas and a happy new year for me. And I hope... it is the same for you too.

Looking forward, I believe 2018 is going to be a good year. No matter what happens -- whether I find success or don’t -- it’s still going to be better than 2017. So please remain seated -- the ride isn’t over.

Till my next update, have a merry Christmas, happy holidays, and a wonderful new year!

It’s August again.

One year ago, The Slave Prince entered the Geek & Sundry Fantasy Contest. Boy oh boy, weren’t those days fun? I remember hustling you for support, checking my book’s status daily, and worrying if I could tough it out till October. It sure doesn’t feel like a year ago with such an experience. But, I’m glad I did it all.

One year later - this very month itself - The Slave Prince begins production. Yes, the ball is rolling! But as much as I’m celebrating, I have my work cut out for me. And I have to say, it’ll take a while before the book will be in print. 

A week ago I received developmental notes from Inkshares’ Story Head, and just last Wednesday I responded with my rewrite outline. To make The Slave Prince better, some scenes have to be changed, more world building needs to take place, and a deeper drive must be given to the characters. So, I’ve decided to put writing the sequel of my trilogy on hold to focus on this novel. And I hope, I really hope, that I’ll be able to get the book ready for copyediting by the end of this year.

With all that said, there’ll be silence in the coming months. But the next time I write to you, I should be done with developmental editing. Now, it’s time I put my gameface on - it’s time I finish this race.


I’m guessing most of you, at this point of time, might’ve completely forgotten about my book. Which is fine by me - a blessing, in fact. However, I don’t want to take your patience for granted. So thank you for waiting. Thank you for understanding. And thank you for, as odd as this might sound, the silence. 

Since I’m writing today, you’re probably wondering if there’s good news. Alas, I write this update simply to say I’m still waiting. I submitted my manuscript and all the related documents on March 31st. Since then, I’ve decided to trust that The Slave Prince will start production in its own perfect timing. Silly, I know. What kind of gullible faith is that? However, I choose to believe that the day The Slave Prince is made, is the right day for it to be made. I don’t know when that will be - it could be in 2018 (I hope) - but I believe.

Recently, I wrote a blog post about the perfect timing. It’s sort of my life’s motto (you can read the whole post here: https://jeynagrace.wordpress.com/2017/06/01/the-perfect-timing/). Naturally, I approach this novel with the same mindset. Since it took 3 years to find the right place for The Slave Prince, what’s a few more years? At the end of the day, The Slave Prince is simply a part of my writing journey - it isn’t the finish line.

With all that said, I hope you’ll continue to wait with me. I truly appreciate all you’ve done - supporting the book during the contest, and post-contest with your syndicates (those were such pleasant surprises). I’m looking forward to the day I present you with my book. But until then, believe with me - its perfect time will come.

It’s 2017!

But I’m afraid... I have no news on when The Slave Prince will hit the shelves. 

At the moment, I’m waiting for Inkshares to request for my manuscript. With a long list of books to publish, I can only hope I’ll be contacted soon. But while we wait, here’s an interesting article on Inkshares’ book production timeline. 

It explains how their books are made - the steps required and their time frames. TL;DR It takes 12-18 months to produce a novel upon manuscript submission. So with that said, it is safe to assume The Slave Prince will only be out in 2018. 

The wait is agonisingly long, I know. However, I plan to use the time to tinker with the manuscript again. And while I do that, I’ll be pitching my other novel to traditional publishers, embarking on a new fantasy blog series, and writing a whole lot more. 

If you’re interested in joining me on my bookish endeavours, while diving into free fictional reads, head over to my blog: https://jeynagrace.wordpress.com/ It should fill your time while waiting for The Slave Prince. Once the book starts production, I’ll be sure to update you.

To all those who recently asked about the book, thank you for your excitement. Knowing you’re as eager as I am makes my day. To the rest, thank you for your patience. It is very much appreciated. Please remain seated, as I’ll be back.

Happy (belated) New Year everyone! 

And Happy (early) Lunar New Year to those who celebrate!

(*No. I will not apologise for the cat memes. No.)
Frequently Asked Questions

Apologies for the radio silence! It’s about time I said something. And I believe some of you might have questions in regards to the book, so I thought of answering the common ones today. If you have any further questions, you can find me on Facebook and Twitter. Feel free to ask away on those platforms.

1. What’s the next step for The Slave Prince?
Having spoken with Inkshares a few weeks ago, nothing is set in stone yet. But when the book production launches, hopefully soon, the manuscript will be submitted for developmental editing.

2. When will I get the book?
There’s a possibility that Inkshares might be able to include The Slave Prince in their Fall 2017 catalogue. If they do, the book will be out in time for next Christmas! And you know what makes awesome Christmas gifts? Books! 

3. What is your royalty share from all the pre-orders made during the contest period?
Nil. I do not make any royalties. All the funds collected from the pre-orders you made will be used to subsidize the cost of the book’s publication.

4. How many words is The Slave Prince?
The final manuscript draft sits at approximately 65,000 words.

5. Why is the book cheaper after the campaign?
The book is cheaper because the campaign is targeted at raising funds while selling copies at the same time. The amount is higher to lighten the publication cost.

6. Can I still pre-order The Slave Prince?
Of course, you can. Pre-order as many as you want! Pre-order now, so that when the book is ready, it’ll be shipped to you immediately! You can also pre-order as a gift, by having it shipped to your friend. 

7. Can I get a discount?
Unfortunately not on The Slave Prince. But you know what? The Battle for Oz is on sale from now till December 16th! You can get the book at a 50% discount, with free shipping within the US. Oh, and the cover is green - it’ll look awesome under that Christmas tree of yours.

I hope I answered most of you in this update. If you have any more questions, please reach out to me. Thank you once again for your support in my writing endeavours. And for all those celebrating thanksgiving, happy holidays!
Paying It Forward

’You don’t need much to change the entire world for the better. You can start with the most ordinary ingredients. You can start with the world you’ve got.” - Catherine Ryan Hyde, Pay It Forward

A total of 326 readers pre-ordered The Slave Prince! But since my initial goal was 350, I’ve decided to round off the donations to RM700. Nothing wrong with giving more, right? Anyway, I’ll be handing this envelope to the director of Change Your World today. It’s signed off by Thom, as he has agreed to represent us all. He’s the perfect person to do so, seeing as how your support of his adventure prompted this very act. So thank you, once again, for defining generosity and inspiring me to give back. Thank you for your huge favour, that the only way to repay... is to pay it forward. 

Congratulations to the 3 winners! Please check your email inboxes. 

To wrap-up the giveaways, I’d just like to say another round of thank you’s to Richard Saunders who offered his own writing, Salt x Paper for their artsy creations, Devespresso Games for the perfect game this Halloween, and Relent Band for their awesome music. Thank you for your extended support and willingness to get behind The Slave Prince with your own works. You made this campaign way more fun than it would’ve ever been, and I’m extremely grateful for that. You guys rock!

(P.S. Every reader should’ve received the ’Good Vibrations’ download email by now. If you’ve yet to, please send an email to jeynagrace[at]gmail[dot]com.) 
A Big Thank You Is In Order

Firstly to God, because I need to give credit where credit is due. Without Him, I wouldn’t be here today. There is no way I would’ve managed to gather so many readers from different countries on my own. There is no way I could’ve convinced Malaysians to pre-order a ’pricey’ book. How I made it this far, is not by my own works, but by God’s grace and His open doors. So I will not shy back or be afraid to declare that He is a big player in this campaign. And for His constant faithfulness, I am extremely and forever grateful.

Secondly to mum and dad. They were the second biggest players in this campaign. They reached out to their friends and rallied extended support. They shamelessly plugged my book, and shamelessly appealed for orders. A huge part of the success in this campaign is because of them. There are some things only parents can do, and giving their undying support is one of them. I am blessed to call them mum and dad. Thank you, mi & dy! Saranghaeyo!

Thirdly to family and friends. Your generosity made my dream come true! Your sponsorship of your own creative creations, and your outreach to friends and significant others, brought the book across the finish line. And despite some of my updates being Malaysia focused, I am very grateful no matter where you come from; Malaysia, USA, Canada, Singapore, Australia, Kenya, Brunei, Philippines, Uganda, Iran, Belgium, South Korea, UK, Sweden, Mexico, Portugal (I might’ve missed a few countries, and if I did yours, please forgive me). Listing these countries down, it looks like this campaign was a global collaboration! Thank you for lending a hand from across the waters.

And last but not least, to all those who I have no idea where you came from. Where did you come from? It’s hard to wrap my mind around your willingness to invest in me and The Slave Prince... when we’ve not even met! Your presence made a difference in this journey. And whoever you are, whatever your reason was, I’m happy you came onboard. Please remain seated, as the adventure has just begun.

The past 3 months have been an amazing journey, but it is only the start. I’m hoping for an awesome experience ahead, and I cannot wait to share every moment with you. Thank you for being my comrade, you wonderful, lovely, amazing person! I’ll never forget winning this race because of your immense support.

(*Relent’s ’Good Vibrations’ single will be emailed to every reader in the next few days. Be sure to check your email for instructions on how to download the song! Some of you might have even received it already.)
The Chosen One

Thom hated the idea of being the chosen one. But as much as he loathed it, he was more scared. Going back would ruin his normal predictable life, and going back could be the last thing he ever did. - Not a definition, but three sentences from the book itself.

Chosen one stories are cliche, aren’t they? But as cliche as they are, the chosen ones themselves aren’t fans of chosen one stories. 

How many days have we, the people of this reality, wished we didn’t have to do something we were chosen to do? Let’s not talk about wielding magic or slaying a dragon - we don’t belong in that universe - let’s just picture our magic-less lives. I’m sure in our own journeys, we’ve dreaded doing something we were supposed to do. We’ve whined, we’ve stalled, and we’ve done something unproductive altogether. The fact is, we hate being chosen. Of course, not all the time. But when it involves an action we have no confidence in taking, a request that requires too much effort, or a task we dislike, we’d rather not be chosen at all. Hence why chosen one stories are cliche. We live one everyday. And the reason why chosen one stories are still read... is because we are very much alike our favourite heroes. 

Most protagonists of the classic hero’s tale reflects the human nature. He or she is relatable. Even though our quests aren’t as heavy or world changing as our heroes, we see ourselves in similar situations. We get it. Being chosen sucks. Being chosen ruins the stability we’ve built. Being chosen can be a chore. But what we sometimes fail to see is that being chosen is also a choice.

Chosen ones have the choice of ignoring magic’s call. Chosen ones can put down their swords and refuse to fight. Chosen ones can walk away from their destiny. They have a choice, and yet they choose to be chosen. That choice exists in our universe too. Even when we feel like we have no choice, no matter what the reasoning is, we still choose our actions. They may be involuntary, but we make the decision. And sometimes... these choices have the power to make a difference.

So for your choice in supporting this book, wonderful reader, I want you to know that it is more than an act of generosity. In my eyes, I see your decision to stand by me as an alliance. And I know that when Pithr strikes, I wouldn’t be marooned in the desert to defend myself. My Eklaysia would survive because of the army you sent! Your choice, even if it is out of obligation, has made a difference in this battle. And from one chosen one to another, thank you.

(No, no, the contest is not over. I sure do write like it is. But no, there are 3 more days before the end. I just wanted to say ’thank you’ again no matter what happens come November 1st. For me, this is how my last update before the end should be.) 
When You Believe

’Pisteuo: to think to be true, to be persuaded of, to credit, place confidence in.’ - The Greek root word of Believe.

Aside from hustling people to pre-order The Slave Prince, I’ve been cleaning up the manuscript. There were a few minor additions, as I solidified the mechanics and evolution of magic. There were a few cuts to bury the plot holes I came across. Being that the first draft was written 3 years ago, I also stumbled upon a few elements in the book with no recollection of incorporating. And here’s the crazy part. While doing my runs of fact and metaphor checking, I found myself gaping at my Google search results. 

To not spoil anything, I would just say that there were a handful of metaphors I came across that weren’t placed on purpose. As I ran the edits, every new addition and subtraction pulled them together. They fitted like jigsaw pieces I never knew could fit. Some might say they’re all coincidences, but... I personally like to believe otherwise.

In my final clean up, amidst all the unravelling, I was reminded of a childhood song that always made the playlist on family karaoke nights. Everything about the song reflects my book and my personal journey with it. Of course, one can expect parallels. After all, ’When You Believe’ was the theme song of Prince of Egypt. But despite knowing the original tale, it didn’t dawn upon me that the foundation of the story was ’Believe’. Sure, I wrote about it. But I didn’t believe in the believe I wrote about. 

However, it is now safe to say that I do. With the manuscript cleaned and polished, I fully believe. I believe that no matter what happens, I’ve experienced something valuable. Nothing can replace this journey of grasping the power of believe. And whatever the future holds, I know there can be miracles... when I believe. 

Congratulations to the winners! An email has been sent with your steamkey.

There’s a little over a week left before the contest comes to an end. So if you’ve not gotten your copy, there’s still time for you to do so to help take The Slave Prince across the finish line. Will you run this final leg with me? Will you believe with me? Your support will make a miracle happen. That, I know for sure.

(*The Coming Of Age Giveaway is still running, and it’s the final giveaway of this campaign. So if you like free stuff, now is the time to take action.) 

Coming Of Age

’The time when a person becomes an adult.’ - the general understanding of society.

When do we become an adult? 

Do we become an adult on our 21st birthday, or do we become an adult when we feel like one? What encompasses being an adult?

Let’s be honest, nobody knows. 

When Thom was a child, he yearned to grow up at the allure of the activities adults could do - combat training with sharpened blades, rowdy new year celebrations that went through the night, reddening cheeks from downing goblets of wine. But when he was finally old enough to do those things, he didn’t feel any less of a child. He still acted like one, and he was still treated like one. Even when he returned to Alpenwhist in his late teens, Thom didn’t feel any more of an adult than before he left. In fact, he felt small, insignificant, powerless - like a child in a room full of adults. So how does one come of age then? Do we actually ever come of age?

For Thom, his coming of age wasn’t part of his mission. He did what he could, and became wiser and braver with every step he took. He matured, not because he knew how to pay his taxes or drive a carriage, but because he learned more about himself and began to accept his identity. 

Growing up is discovering who you are, who you want to be, and becoming the best version of yourself. It’s more than a birthday celebration, it’s a lifelong journey. And it’s a journey we’re all in together. 

Yes, what a divine coincidence. My favourite indie band, Relent, is releasing their newest album, Coming Of Age, on November 5th, 2016! 

When I heard about its concept and its message, Coming Of Age felt so in-lined with The Slave Prince. And to have Relent, willing to share their songs with the readers of The Slave Prince, well... I’m just honoured. 

Hence, the emergence of this special giveaway. This giveaway runs from now till November 1st. Yes, it ends when the contest ends. I timed it this way, as I’d like everyone to receive a copy of their single. Did I say everyone? Yes, everyone. This is my Oprah Winfrey moment.

Every person that pre-orders The Slave Prince will receive Relent’s ’Good Vibrations’ single. The single will be emailed to every reader from November 2nd - 4th, 2016.

There will also be 3 readers randomly chosen to receive the full album! The winners will be announced on November 5th, coinciding with the album release. 

If you’re on this journey of ’growing up’, The Slave Prince and Coming Of Age will make great companions. I’d suggest you take them along for the ride, because... you know... it can get a little bumpy.

(*There’s a week left to join The Coma Giveaway! If you’ve pre-ordered and would like to win a free horror game, click HERE to officially join the giveaway.) 

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