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Oooh this seems really exciting. You have done an exceptionally well job! It’s a great coincidence that my book, "In Warm Blood," also has a main character that is a criminal psychologist.


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Appy-polly-loggies...link in previous update is broke, all part of my spammy marketing tactics:


Quick note to update you all on having just finished the complete re-write of MINE (a.k.a. Murder Happens). It’s being reviewed by my writers group cohort prior to re-submission back to Inkshares. In the meantime, we have this other project in the Mystery Contest, and it’s languishing for obvious reasons. But guess what?

Mike and I would like to see the Ruining Boise project move up into 3rd place in the contest. You all know how this works, just go ahead, log on, follow, pre-order and let’s get this done, because this is the next project in my queue, and I’m getting excited about building it out. Buy now, avoid the awkward emails where I beg, and cry and plead for your support.

Ruining Boise

I am consumed with finishing MINE, and heading toward a self-imposed deadline of Oct. 31 (because, the synchronicity, one year since the end of the 2017 Horror Contest) for finishing the 2nd draft. Tightening up the plot, working through some continuity issues, building that arc. Strangely enough, Ruining Boise finds itself in 3rd place with 10 followers. The fact that we’re still in the top 3, but 240 pre-orders away from any chance of a Show in this thing gives me very mixed feelings. Clearly Gumshoe Rules has run so far away from the pack that he it’s a "shoe-in" for 1st. And Christopher Huang, he’s got the chops, and surely deserves Place. But maybe, with your support, we might be able to put together enough orders for Mike and I to get a deal with this project. One thing I can tell you about our discussions on the story is to provide pure characters in a straightforward Crime/Mystery trajectory. You might want to join in the fun, too, as the drama between Mike and I unfolds, the real story being can two writers of our specific temperaments actually collaborate to finish this book? If we can, it will be killer. And yes, location is important, think of it as another character...it’s in the fricking title!

Go now, pre-order, you are in control of our destiny. Feel the power. Toy with it, watch us jump and beg. 


"Today, I did a crazy thing,” I said to Joan. She’s a Dev Editor, and one of my cohorts in the Black Hats Writers Group. She got me mixed up in this Inkshares meshugas in the first place. God bless her for that.

Last year when the Inkshares Horror Contest was heating up, Michael Welch and I had a friendly rivalry going. Some even called it a bromance. (That might have been me.) Mostly, he was kicking my ass. He floated the idea of collaborating on a project. We even discussed plot ideas, characterization, and what-not in some detail.

“Hell no,” I said back then. "Maybe later when this contest is over."

When it was over, I needed to write, and so did he, and now I’m re-writing and yes, I have high hopes that book might drop in 2019. I’m talking about MINE, of course, which started out as Murder Happens. I’m still not settled on the title, but MINE works for me right now.

Today, Mike floats the idea of putting the collaboration together again because Inkshares has a new contest going. The first of this year. Might be the only one of this year. And, it’s a Mystery Contest.

“I can’t ask my supporters to fork over for another book when the one I promised isn’t done yet,” I said. 

There might have been more swearing involved. Or maybe that’s a conversation that occurred in my head. Still, the excitement of the contest worked its way into my evil little brain. Next thing I know, Mike’s putting us up as a team. He even gave me first billing in the author profile. It should be him. The concept is his. But, I’m going to grab a hunk for myself. That’s how I roll. The creative tension between us will be epic. Definitely worth the price of admission, right? 

Oh, wait. I need to give you a link so you can go follow the book. I’m not going to ask, beg, extort or otherwise pressure anyone to pre-order. (But, shit happens.) I’ll throw this link out there, and let you decide what to do. The URL has 666 in it. That’s righteous. 


There’s some serious talent running away with this contest already, and I’m sure I’ll support those projects, but hey, just call me crazy.

Hello My Lovelies,

Quick note to update progress on MINE, formerly titled Murder Happens. I’ve been plowing through the draft with the editor’s notes, and a crazy system of capturing story particulars via email.

Most ideas come to me either right before I fall asleep, or when I wake up first thing in the morning. These ideas are fleeting, so I grab a mobile device and tap out the gist of it. Then I roll over and go back to sleep.

When I read the note later, it’s usually gibberish without context, but somehow it still works. I’m a kinesthetic learner. I doodle in meetings. My work notes are complete nonsense, but I retain a lot of info in the old Fearce melon.

I work on the story every day. Once again, I’m closing in on the denouement of the manuscript. Second draft. I feel good about it, like it’s ratcheting up toward super tight. Like Dutch (a.k.a. Elmore Leonard) always said, cut out the parts no one reads. I been whacking the crap out of MINE with a hatchet.

If you’re not following along, go here now and do it.


There’s quite a few of you I’ve told that I’ll check out your work, or have bought your book with the intention of reading it, even reviewing it. I fully intend to follow through on those promises, but this juggernaut needs to get finished. 

Also, there’s a lot of great books in the Staff Syndicate. The most recent selections are funding. Check them out, too. Pre-order a couple. Pay it forward for when your time comes.


Dean Fearce

Wanted to share current events with my beautiful supporters regarding the project. The Dev Letter came with astute guidance on how to improve, basically, everything, and a few issues that needed to be addressed.

I’ve since outlined my proposed changes, sent them back, and have gotten the green light to proceed to draft #2 of the manuscript.

You may notice I’m not calling it Murder Happens. Been exploring other titles per the editor’s suggestion. Right now, Mine is making a lot of sense to me.

Very excited by how the story is evolving, and enjoying this writing, polishing stage. 

Thank you all for this opportunity. I appreciate it so much. And if you haven’t pre-ordered, consider it now while the price is right.


And you can follow my author page on facebook because, why not?


Also, wanted to mention Tonya Mitchell’s story, A Feigned Madness. I greatly enjoy historical fiction and the premise of Nellie Bly’s story is so juicy. Funding now, check it out:


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Dean, great to hear you submitted your manuscript, and looking forward to reading ’Murder Happens’ when its published.  I’m also very  interested in hearing about your experience with the process and can’t wait to hear about it in your updates!  

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