Hey readers,

I hope by now you have read (and enjoyed) IN BETA. The buzz on Amazon and Goodreads has been strong (4.7 and 4.2 stars, respectively). 

Inkshares is running a $0.99 Kindle promotion through end of the weekend in an effort to get the book on Amazon’s #1 bestseller list. We’re close to summiting the "Humorous Sci-Fi" category (#8 and climbing), so if you know anyone who would enjoy the book feel free to post something like the below to your social:

Check out my buddy Prescott’s first novel, he got crazy endorsements from JJ Abrams and Felicia Day and its $.99 through the end of the day: https://tinyurl.com/h4dtjfzp

And here’s a nice photo:


Thanks everyone!

Hey readers,

I’m getting reports that some books were not delivered. Will you let me know if you never received copies of IN BETA that you ordered? Hit me up at prescottharvey@gmail.com and I’ll make sure you get them.


Hey friendly readers,

I hope you’re all basking in the warm afterglow of IN BETA’s mysterious ending. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the reception the book is getting, both from you all and the randos picking up the book cold.

We’re about to enter phase 2 of the launch and I some more of your help. If you haven’t already done so, please leave a review on Amazon and Goodreads (links below).



IN BETA has 9 Amazon reviews and my goal is to get to 30 before we go to PR outlets. Gotta build that buzz. You’ve been instrumental in your support so far—this extra boost can help push this campaign to another level.

Thanks in advance,


Prescott harvey 09062019 Prescott Harvey · Author · added about 2 years ago
Thank you Stephen, super appreciated!
Lcds7lkv Stephen Harrison · Author · added about 2 years ago

Enjoyed your book, Prescott! Well done. Just posted my review on Amazon, Goodreads, and Audible. 

Hey all,

Today you should have received your In Beta ebook. Don’t strain those precious eyes, though, because a paperback is on its way. And be glad you preordered you preordered this thing 10 years ago because if you hadn’t, you would probably die of sticker shock at the $18.99 the paperback retailers for. I’m told the paper stock is to die for.

I hope you read it and thoroughly enjoy it. But even MORE than that, I hope write me a great review. If you want to leave a review without reading the book (like I would probably do), here’s what to praise:

—The plot twists (but you don’t want to give anything away!)

—The authentic small town setting.

—The 90s details that make you long for childhood.

—The banter.

—The author photo.

And here are two great places to leave those reviews:



Remember to make them five stars. See you in the local lending library!

Hey folks,

Exciting times, IN BETA is finally coming your way. Please make sure your Inkshares profile has your correct, current address, as they will be sending them out to whatever’s on their site.

Excited to hear what you think, stay tuned!

Hey all,

 If I’ve learned one thing in this publishing process, it’s never to promise "we’re almost there" or "the end is in sight."

So I’ll just repeat what Inkshares is telling me: the book is coming out July 14th. There’s also this:

Happy Friday everyone. Thanks for your 4+ years of patience.

Userphoto2 original Luke and Yolanda · Reader · added almost 4 years ago
Nice work, Prescott! Hang in there. We’re excited for the final product.

Imagine you are a coyote trotting through the woods. You come across a freshly plucked chicken lying on the forest floor. You sniff the chicken, mistrustful. But, being a coyote, you decide to take a bite. Immediately, steel jaws clamp around your leg. You are trapped. If you ever want to see your wife and pups again, you must first gnaw through your paw. So you set to work.

It takes you years. Every time you think you are free, the jaws clamp tighter. But one day, finally, you finish. You emerge bloody, dirty, missing a leg. But free! FINALLY FREE!!

That’s pretty much been my experience writing IN BETA. Thanks everyone for sticking with me. Today I handed over my final manuscript and I am now a FREE MAN. Amazingly, I’ve still held onto that chicken and somehow managed to tenderize it, roast it, and season it irresistibly.

So, more details to come, including final release date, which will be Spring of next year, cover design, etc. But at this moment, ima limp off and introduce myself to the kids I’m supposed to be fathering. 

Happy Halloween and beware the chicken!

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