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Prescott Harvey

It’s a magical world.
Prescott is the author of
When two high school geeks find a computer disk that can re-program reality, they hack their senior year and wind up targeted for deletion.
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What a title!
Sam dies. His friends and family mourn. But not everyone’s sad. Some of them know Sam more than anyone. And not everyone’s nice.
Thirteen fantastically frightening stories make this the perfect Halloween gift.
A really cool premise; I can't wait to read the full book.
Nightmares that eradicate bullies, possessed vacuum cleaners that bestow binding quests of kingdoms torn asunder. Adolescents have many normal problems--these are not. An illustrated novel.
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I write what my imagination tells me to, reader discretion is advised.  
People are always searching for meaning in existence, but I believe the meaning is in the search.
I write for one simple reason: because I have stories inside of me.
Doer, thinker and author  #innovation #foresight #strategy
A full time geek and wannabe writer.