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Prescott Harvey

Reality without magic is boring. Magic without reality is meaningless.
Prescott is the author of
Two friends discover they’re NPCs in a video game, so they hack reality to make their lives awesome and wind up targeted for deletion.
Books Prescott Recommends
A really cool premise; I can't wait to read the full book.
Nightmares that eradicate bullies, possessed vacuum cleaners that bestow binding quests of kingdoms torn asunder. Adolescents have many normal problems--these are not. An illustrated novel.
Looks like a classic fantasy in the making.
A Soldier’s Crest: Heroes of Khroma follows the paths of the strongest warriors to ever inhabit the Earth. In this post-apocalyptic medieval bloodbath, Vallick Halstar must prove that he is worthy of the title, "Hero of Khroma."
Combining magic and corporate sponsorship: Rick Heinz does it again with another fantastic premise. I can't wait to see where this goes.
Magic returns. Companies brand it. New abilities can be yours for one small payment ...just sign on the dotted line.
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