Kingdom of Dreams

A 200-page fantasy book by Kevin O’Coffey
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Nightmares that eradicate bullies, possessed vacuum cleaners that bestow binding quests of kingdoms torn asunder. Adolescents have many normal problems--these are not. An illustrated novel.
  • Price: $7.99
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  • Price: $14.99
I love the power shift of the story. It has always been my experience that people who have been hurt pose a deeper strength and power- if they can just access it. All the best, Alyssa
– Alyssa Hogan
Great writing, and an interesting commentary on bullying. I love the artwork to go with it. I definitely am excited for this one!
– Kyle T. Cowan
About Kingdom of Dreams

When a troubled boy casts a curse he can’t handle, he is tasked to travel to the Kingdom of Dreams to fix the damage he’s caused, or else.

Writing Excerpts:

Imagery in Kingdom of Dreams:

The below samples are all original works that I created to help illustrate my story. I intend to create larger, full or near full page images, for major scenes such as the ones below, and perhaps several doodles (for lack of a better word) to fill the margins throughout the novel to keep the tone going, etc.

Regarding my style of art, I’m a huge fan of chiaroscuro (using strong contrasts between light and dark), and love to use it in both my words and images. Some samples from the book: Francis the cat, waxing poetic from a stump in the Kingdom of Dreams.

Francis the cat, Charley the dog, and a mysterious warhorse with a dreamcatcher saddle.

Dromon is the horrifying character you met if you read my prologue and the story’s other narrator.

Who is this strange figure? And why is there an ocean in the sky? Better question: Why are they wearing a vacuum cleaner for a helmet?

A note about Inkshares and this project:

  • What is Inkshares, how does it all work? This link is for anyone new to this site!: Inkshares FAQ.


Jimmy Reve just wants the bullies in his life to go away—for good. So imagine his surprise, when one by one, they mysteriously go missing from his school. That’s a cool development… but Jimmy senses his messed up home life might be the least of his problems. His suspicions are confirmed when he meets Burks, Jimmy’s snarky recurring daydream who suffers from ADD, and one of the two narrators of the story. Burks has a mission for Jimmy: find his way into the Kingdom of Dreams and fix the damage he’s caused. If he doesn’t, he’ll be the next to disappear along with everyone else that dreams. Permanently.

An illustrated fantasy novel recommended for ages eight and up. Your parents don’t have to put it together.

About the Author/Illustrator.

I’m a Hybrid Graphic Novelist/Illustrator. Picture a geek with a dash of Freak. I majored in Studio Art at James Madison University with a concentration in charcoals as my preferred medium, and double minored in English and Art History. Like Monty Python, I like to take Silly Walks on the beach. I’m a lucky husband and proud father of a one-year old boy, and a nine-year old Australian Shepherd highly jealous of said one-year old.

But Enough About Me, the Greater Purpose:

I want to represent those that don’t often have a voice or heroes to follow in popular literature and media. Here, I’ll just show you what I mean:

Imagine all of the major ethnicities represented in one story, and the power of choice for readers to choose their own heroes. These are crude sketches, but hopefully you get the gist. Being the illustrator as well as the writer, I can make this happen. Can I shift the paradigm? Perhaps not, but you can bet every dime you put forth to support this book will go to hiring some really cool kids to to model for their very own ethnic version of my book. Diversity in books isn’t important, it’s essential.

Next Steps...

Kingdom of Dreams is fully written, but, I have several images to go. I also need massive support to enable alternate versions of the novel that offer literal character building techniques users experience in video games such as Skyrim, etc.

I can’t thank you enough for your support. Enjoy my blood, sweat, and tears! Please reach out with any questions to: @kevinocoffey or like my Facebook page.

Read part of Kingdom of Dreams
a 2 minute read


A Nightmare Awakens...

When they see my face, they scream.

Usually, the pattern is this: the beefier the subject—especially teenage boys—the louder and higher the pitch of my victim’s wail.

Here’s one now. Through the portal, I see my target, an acned, freckled-face adolescent boy just above me, asleep in his bed.

I have a scathing curse to place on this unfortunate fellow on behalf of a most unusual master. I shrug. I’m helpless but to fulfill his requests. Besides, it’s fun to scare, and my new young master in his naiveté has given me the promise of more. Much more.

My victim isn’t particularly large, but he is tall, lean, lanky—very quick on his feet and much stronger than he looks. His puddle of drool, and the primitive way he gapes open his mouth to suck in deep breaths like he’s devouring the air itself, makes him look none too bright, but that doesn’t matter. Imbeciles make natural subordinates.

Best of all, he’s filled with a rare kind of hatred and cruelty that I can draw out of him like venom. So much cruelty, in fact, that even I hesitate to make a night terror from his essence. But then again, I don’t have much of a choice if I’m to have my way with my unsuspecting master. In fact, I’m depending on my new creation’s treachery. And it’s fun to have a rival—I make a wager with myself that I’ll be able to outwit my new lackey the second he hisses into existence.

With smoky fingers that tremble with excitement, I wrench his shoulders down and shove, forcing him to spring up. The boy gasps, his eyes full of shock, then terror. They flash in the darkness, growing nearly as big as mine. And no wonder, he sees nothing. Time to take him down to my realm, let him feel the free fall in its entirety, and pass out from shock the way they usually do before we hit bottom.

But not yet…

I spin around (leaving my smoking hands exactly where they were, clinching his shoulders) until I’m hovering inches over the boy’s face.

My victim blinks rapidly, sure he’s seeing things. This thing… can’t be real? I hear his mind race.

Oh, I’m real all right.

My lidless, and as a result, oversized manic eyes are supported by smoking, detached stalks and the hint of a misshapen, crooked nose welded together by burning embers. There is little else to my being with the exception of a restless, ever bending, spine of toxic and suffocating smoke. Admittedly, I must be gruesome for living things to see.

When I don’t go away and he’s sure I’m really there in all of my apparent ghastliness, out comes the predictable scream that seems to shake the walls. I relax, bathing in the sonorous wake of his fear and helplessness.

“Bucky?” I hear his father call from down the hall. And then the delayed ruckus as the spooked parents clamber around and knock things over in their bedroom. Bucky doesn’t stop screaming; if anything, his shrill screech climbs a couple of octaves. Ecstasy.

I hear the cocking of a gun and squeaking floorboards as someone sprints toward the room.

For a moment...

Discuss Kingdom of Dreams with the Author.
Kevin profile inkshares

Happy New Year, everyone! A lot of things are now transpiring with Kingdom of Dreams...

  1. Officially In Production!
  2. What now? Casting Call!
  3. Next Steps...

1.) Officially In Production!

Has everyone noticed the new page? We have shifted from funding to in production. Because Kingdom of Dreams will be published, you’ll notice the book has also been slightly reduced in price. 

We have earned a third badge as well,  this one as part of the Quill collection. What is Quill? Well, it’s an opt in publishing option that Inkshares offers for projects like this one that didn’t hit the full publishing quota of 750 pre-orders, but did reach a minimum threshold of support that suggests there is enough backing to publish. Read more here for a complete breakdown.

2.) What now? 

When will my readers have the book in hand? 8-12 months from now minimum. Though it sounds morbidly slow, it’s pretty typical for publishing dates. There is a significant queue of books to be published in front of this one. But I will try to expedite this process as much as possible by completing the following steps in short order:

  • I will finish editing and any new rewrites over the first quarter. 
  • Complete Illustrations as well. 
  • I turn over the manuscript to a professional editor, then to Inkshares. At that point a timeline to publication should appear on my page with the approximate shipping dates.

Casting Call: Now that the project is official, I have an open casting call for 4 roles to help complete illustrations for the book:

  • Jimmy Reve, the main character. An imaginative 6th grade boy that is picked on by the bullies at school.
  • Lem Reve, Jimmy’s big sister. An 8th grader, decorated swimmer that while protective over Jimmy, enjoys picking on him relentlessly as well.
  • Clay Rakes, a huge, intimidating eighth-grade bully. 
  • Bucky Brees, a lanky, devious seventh-grade bully.

If anyone knows any kids close to this age range that might be interested, please contact me as I will pay them to use their likeness. I hope to have the children cast by the end of the month. All ethnicities are welcome and encouraged.

3.) Next Steps...

Thanks again to everyone for backing Kingdom of Dreams to a guaranteed publishing deal. That said, we have a ton of work to do to get this project known to the masses. The more pre-orders we can get as this project gets closer to completion, the better the chance Inkshares will give it full marketing attention and start a distribution plan of getting it in bookstores, and supporting it at key conferences. 

I’ll keep you up to date on my progress, but please continue to evangelize as much as possible. Look for new updates as significant milestones occur. Thanks again, be productive and stay well!

Best Wishes,


Kevin profile inkshares

One day more...

  1. Last Chance to Pre-Order a Signed Copy!
  2. Next Up: 

1.) Last Chance to Pre-Order a Signed Copy!

We are mere hours away from my campaign ending. Thus begins the real work of selling tons more copies and getting this thing the hype we need to truly make it a successful debut novel. 

**If you have some holiday cash to burn, would like a signed copy and haven’t pre-purchased to this point, do so today!** Last chance to get my John Hancock the easy way with your personal copy.

2.) Next Up:

A lot of you have asked me: "Well, what’s next?" 

The short answer is: I don’t know! Well, I don’t have a precise order of things, but eventually a handy timeline will appear this page showing the stages until actual publication (and hopefully, distribution!) 

What I can tell you and will provide in my next update is what I’ll be working on, what needs to be done, and how you can help. 

Until then, stay safe, enjoy the remainder of your holiday, and encourage as many people as you can to either follow Kingdom of Dreams for free or pre-purchase! 

Happy New Year!


Kevin profile inkshares

Toys For Tots Donation:

This update’s all about the children. 

As promised, together we donated $360 to Toys For Tots. Thanks for your support of my book and this wonderful cause:


There will be a some happy children on Christmas morning. Some will get toys, others will receive books! Thank you all again and happy holidays! 


Kevin profile inkshares

A deliriously happy, surreal update today:

250 Pre-Orders Attained! Publication now Guaranteed. 

We did it! We are now at 101% of the light publishing goal called Quill which means Kingdom of Dreams will be published!

This will now become reality, it’s staggering to believe:

I will serve up a what happens next/moving forward update when the campaign concludes on 12/31/2016. But today is all about gratitude, reflection, and relief!:

When I say we did it, WE should be capitalized. This is a crowd-funded project, meaning if there’s not enough people that literally invest their own hard earned money to move this project across the publication line, this book doesn’t happen. Because of YOU, WE are here.

I recently went through the entire list of my backers, and got pretty emotional when considering each name. There are so many of you I have known since I could first walk and talk, many more since that have become my family, or we were close once, but time, circumstances and distance have moved us into different spheres, yet you still supported me. I have some newer incredible friends from my recent years of acting and getting into the writing game, and you have been right there in the struggle with me, but we have continued to fight to do what we love-we can’t help ourselves can we? And then there’s the perfect strangers that have embraced this project with enthusiasm and given my creativity a vitality and confidence I haven’t been able to harness before. 

Some of you have endured incredible hardships and losses this year that I can’t even begin to fathom. Yet, here you are supporting this book. Your selfless faith and encouragement has also given me renewed strength and a clean perspective. It seems like whenever I had doubts and wanted to quit along the way, one of you would pre-order or a fellow writer would answer an e-mail and say something encouraging  or take the time to answer one of my silly questions. Or a friend would recommend a friend, and even though you were still completely fuzzy about why you weren’t getting shipped a book within a week, you still supported me. Thank you Inkshares as well for enduring what has been--like everyone else who goes through this--an emotional campaign to say the least. (Elena, you’re a rockstar!)

Most of all, I owe my wife Eileen everything for what she’s had to endure. She’s seen me rise and fall, drift off to Never Never Land probably far more often than I realize, and help me gently--and sometimes not so gently!--return to Earth. (Well, at least long enough to be somewhat responsible!) And then there’s my baby boy, my light in dark places, my motivation to show you can do what you love and be confident in who you are, who will now grow up with a dad who writes and illustrates cool books! I hope...I wish...I pray!

My pledge to you: I will give this book my all. Every last breath. Just last month, I realized the beginning wasn’t good enough. It was okay, but okay doesn’t cut it. I could do better, I could dig deeper, I could be more vulnerable, have more fun with it, be more creative. So that’s where things stand now, and I can’t wait to put this all together. 

I can’t thank you all enough for the opportunity you’ve given me. Now it’s time for a strong finish! 

Yours in gratitude,


Kevin profile inkshares

Exciting news afoot with our project this week!

  1. Fantasy Syndicate Badge Earned! 
  2. 4 Pre-Orders Needed for Guaranteed Publication!
  3. Toys For Tots Drive Ends 12/20/2016

1.) Fantasy Syndicate Badge Earned! 

In just a matter of days, we have gotten the nod as the December pick from our second syndicate! This one comes from the Fantasy Syndicate (the really cool badge with the dragon). 

Again, syndicates are a collection of avid readers and fellow writers that choose one book each month to sponsor for publication. This is a syndicate composed of massive fantasy fans of all types. I know this syndicate well as I also happen to be a member. It makes it all the more sweeter to be their selection for the month of December as we do not self-promote our own books to group members. Just like all of the other projects, they are chosen on their merit and potential as a collective. It’s beyond gratifying to be chosen by fellow fantasy writers and fans. I’m really without words at how much this means. In fact, if this update makes no sense, please forgive me as I honestly haven’t been able to sleep I’ve been so pumped up since the syndicate selections and new backers activity started going getting us close to the first huge goal. Your support has rekindled my creative fire! 

2.) 4 Pre-Orders Needed for Guaranteed Publication!

A big thank you to all of my new backers. Because of your support, Kingdom of Dreams is now just 4 pre-orders away from guaranteed publication. 

We can’t rest and start getting too self-satisfied, this is just the first important rung of many on a very steep ladder. So more than ever, I need your pre-orders to finish the campaign up strong. So please pre-order if you were planning to do so. You will be etched forever as one of the early backers that believed this book would and should make it to publication. And if you need extra motivation...

3.) Toys For Tots Drive Ends 12/20/2016

Because of the flurry of pre-orders during my promotional drive, Toys For Tots will be getting a sizeable donation from yours truly that I will post here on 12/20/2016. But please keep them coming. The more pre-orders until then, the more toys and books for needy kids this Christmas! 

Until next time...

In gratitude,


Kevin profile inkshares

  1. SnarkyDarkSy!
  2. 21 Pre-Orders Needed for Guaranteed Publication! 
  3. Toys For Tots = 8 Days Left... 
  4. Next Up?

1.) SnarkyDarkSy

I’m so humbled. A syndicate on Inkshares, SnarkyDarkSy just backed Kingdom of Dreams! What’s a syndicate, why is that a big deal? A syndicate is a collection of kind humans made up of readers and usually fellow writers that form a group based on their mutual tastes. They vote monthly on which Inkshares project they feel is worthy enough to be published, then pool their own hard earned money together as a collective to support its publication. There are literally hundreds of projects to choose from. To be chosen is an honor, to be chosen by my fellow like-minded and very talented writers-I’m speechless. All I can say is a gracious thank you. Please visit their page on Inkshares and see their selections here. See you soon Snarky’s!

2.) 21 Pre-Orders Needed for Guaranteed Publication! 

With that syndicate selection and just over a dozen new orders, we now are 21 orders away from guaranteed publication! Thanks again to my new backers and double-dippers, you are making this wild dream of ours into reality day by day! 

3.) Toys For Tots = 8 Days Left...

So with this small flurry of pre-orders, we are building a healthy donation to give to Toys For Tots on December 20th. For those not in the know, for every pre-order I receive until 12/20/2016, I am matching every book ordered with a like donation to Toys For Tots that I will post here. 

If the book is published, I will also donate extra copies to Toys For Tots as well. How cool is that that they take books? So let me know if you’d like your book donated or just want to buy an extra copy to donate to a needy child excited to receive and read a shiny new book with pictures to boot!

4.) Next Up?

More sample chapters, at least one more special giveaway. 

Kind Regards,


Kevin profile inkshares

  1. 29 Pre-Orders Away From Publication!
  2. Toys For Tots Update
  3. Revised Chapters

1. 29 Pre-Orders Away From Publication!

So with about 21 days left in the year-and our campaign-we are 29 pre-orders away from publication. Please keep the orders coming. We are nearly there!

2. Toys for Tots Update

My apologies if my post was a bit confusing regarding how this is going to work: I am going to match the dollar amount of every pre-order until December 20th with a personal donation to Toys For Tots. Remember, Kingdom of Dreams is not a complete book at this stage that will be ready in time for this Christmas. 

So how will this work? For instance, we’ve gotten 11 pre-orders in so far since I started this incentive (awesome!), so I will match the total of those books along with any additional orders that come in and donate a matching gift to Toys For Tots on 12/20/2016. Make sense? I’ll post the donation on the 20th in one of these updates.

That said, as a bonus gift for the future, if you’d like me to also donate your book or an extra copy or two to Toys For Tots when it is complete sometime next year, feel free to let me know and it’s a done deal. 

3. Revised Chapters

The revised Chapter 1 is up. I’ll be sending this out later today to each of you as well. Chapter 2 soon to follow. Please feel free to read, critique, and review. This is a very helpful exercise for your contribution to the book and also encourages new readers to engage with it. 

Stay well and stay tuned!


Kevin profile inkshares

  1. 41 pre-orders needed for publication!
  2. Toys For Tots
  3. NEXT UP: New Chapters, Sponsors

 1.) 41 orders until publication! 

So we picked up a bit of progress in November, many thanks to my new followers and backers. But now we’re stuck on 209 orders with the finish line fast approaching. Admittedly, I’ve been a bit down of late and am trying to rally myself to help us get this thing over the finish line before the new year.

I’ve come up with a charity event to encourage more orders and more importantly, help children in need:

2.) Toys For Tots:

Is there anything better than riding a dragon? No way, but there are countless children that won’t have that opportunity this Christmas. Therefore, all of my orders received by Tuesday, December 20th will be donated to Toys For Tots. For those that didn’t know-like myself-books are also included in what they give to kids, not just toys. 

Already pre-ordered? No problem. Order more if you can, even if it’s just one book. As mentioned, on December 20th, I’ll post the donated amount here. And this gift will keep on giving! Per your request, Graham, (my son pictured) will help me donate the extra copies of Kingdom of Dreams to children in need when they become reality. I’m looking into a few child literacy programs that we can work in tandem with as well.

3.) NEXT UP: New Chapters, Sponsors

I was Fantasy Writer of the Day the day before Thanksgiving on Reddit; they treated me well and I met some nice fellow writers and fantasy fans. As stated before, I’ve been working on new, REALLY new chapters to give potential backers a larger sample size. If the fates cooperate, I’ll have two new chapters up simultaneously and will send them out to all of you. Please feel to critique and review. If you’ve been waiting and like what you read, why not order? (Or again, purchase one for a child that wants to read these types of books but doesn’t have the means to get them.)

I’ve talked to a couple of local sponsors to help distribute our book if it becomes a reality. I plan to continue to be more aggressive with these efforts, as the real battle will begin to get this book in as many avenues as possible. But the focus is on hitting 250 pre-orders. We are so close! 

Stay tuned and stay well,


Kevin profile inkshares

I am the Reddit Fantasy Writer of the Day today! I could use some support and company, so I’m not the lonely guy at the conference drooling on himself and gathering cobwebs in the corner. Please visit me here: 

Longer update coming later today. Thanks!


Kevin profile inkshares

Happy Autumn KOD Supporters,

Who thinks this is a good week to give away things that might help you escape or give you something to look forward to? Me too. Welcome to the Raffle-a-rama update! 

  1. 56 pre-orders away from publication! 
  3. Happy Birthday, Dad!
  4. NEXT UP: Guest Blog, My Indoctrination into the Reddit World, School Visits, New Chapters

1. 56 pre-orders away from publication! 

This post is dedicated to the raffle, but I couldn’t help but get excited about the developments of the past week regarding Kingdom of Dreams. As of this update, we are 56 pre-orders away from our book becoming reality! There are about 70 of you following KOD that haven’t pre-ordered. So if you’ve been waiting around to see if this project is worth your hard earned cash, or maybe you just want to jump up the scale as a key Inkshares influencer of books that go on to get published--now’s the time to pre-order, because this book is getting close!


I thank everyone for your patience. Well, my newest illustration is complete. Here is the picture along with the accompanying speech from the novel as told by Francis the cat. And the winner of this original signed print is... Rebecca Getzinger! "Even I don’t understand cats...

The fickle, mysterious (and sometimes) infuriating nature of a feline is often overstated, but also accurate. When a cat runs from one room to the next for no reason whatsoever, it isn’t as mindless as it seems: we can see spirits. We’re simply spooked. I know I am. I blame my Egyptian forefathers for getting too involved in the affairs of the dead.

Worse, because rookie spirits once depended on felines to be their spiritual guides into the afterlife, they still have a nagging habit of following the likes of me around. Now without fail I can spot the spirits of corpses slobbering and lingering around me like lost tourists. I doubt I could lead a dog to a fire hydrant, let alone the eternal to an unknown plane."

-Francis the cat, excerpt from Kingdom of Dreams

Next up for my Excel Randomizer to pick is the winner of the POP Ash Evil Dead figure as signed by Bruce Campbell. It goes to... 
Rick Heinz! 

Congrats to Rebecca and Rick. I’ll be in touch! 

3. Happy birthday, Dad! 

Thanks so much for your awesome support. You’re a huge part of why this project continues to progress. ;-)

4. NEXT UP: Guest Blog, My Indoctrination into the Reddit World, School Visits, New Chapters

  • More details to come in my next update, but I’ve agreed to be the guest blogger in a well respected fantasy blog. 
  • On November 23rd I will be the featured fantasy writer of the day on Reddit’s fantasy blog! 500,000 members, gulp. If anyone has any experience with Reddit, please, please reach out to me, because other than what I’ve read, I’m a total newbie. 
  • I’ve also started to accrue some school visits. Again, I’m new to this as well, but looking forward to it! 
  • New chapters are still being revised and going well. I hope to have the revised Chapter 1 up very soon for starters.

Stay well, stay tuned, and keep the orders coming!