I hope this finds everyone well. 

  • A quick update: Inkshares has frozen their publication during the COVID shut down, so KINGDOM OF DREAMS is on hold for the moment. I have been creating illustrations that I’m generally happy with and will continue to progress. The book will be illustrated by me. Publication is likely not to happen this year. However...
  • I need test readers, likely by the end of the month. The release of a show on HBO in August has encouraged me to get one of my shorter novels going sooner than later so I won’t be accused of being a copycat or lose confidence in getting it out there. (The Zeitgeist tends to kick me across the room sometimes.) My story is about a young man that finds he has a knack for hunting Lovecraftian monsters with the help of a mysterious mentor. If interested in reading and openly giving me your thoughts, let me know. It is a shorter middle grade novel; probably about 25,000 words or less, so not a tough read. I look forward to hearing from potential interested readers.

Regardless, stay safe and be kind to each other--especially those of us staying in place!

Warm Regards,


Hey there, it’s been a while. Well, that was intentional. I grew tired of never having meaningful updates, promises for the future and how great things were going to be, blah, blah--bleh! So I wanted to wait until something worth reporting actually occurred. 

Here’s one: I turned in my manuscript to Inkshares today! So, to clarify:

  • No, the book isn’t lost in the mail and you missed it.
  • I haven’t abandoned the project. Quite the opposite. 
  • I will now await marching orders and proceed accordingly. 
  • There will be an honest to God actual timeline popping up of where the book is, and when it will be coming out.
  • Welcome, and thank you to my new supporters!

That’s it. Stay well and stay tuned. Have a great weekend!

Dream on,


May the 4th be with you!

Yes, it’s that day. So why in the world is Solo being released later this month? Brilliant Disney. I’m sure you have your reasons.

In other news, lots going on! The Richter scale of life has gone super seismic. In the last several months: I’ve started a new job, had another baby, moved. You know, your average year. That said, Kingdom of Dreams is back in our court! My editor at Reedsy has released her final edits and it’s my turn to put the final polish on the manuscript. 

So what next? Well, two roads diverged into the woods... 

There is news, but I can’t say until it’s official. How about that? Teased enough? I can say this book will be coming out this year, realistically with a Fall release. Again, I can’t say enough what it means to have your support. 

Next update will bring big news one way or another. Until then...

Keep Dreaming,


Long overdue update, but here goes:

First and foremost, thanks for helping my initial dream of crowdfunding this book exactly one year ago! 

For those of you that started following me quite recently, welcome!

What is happening with Kingdom of Dreams now? 

  • Current revised manuscript will go to my editor on 1/31/2018. She will apply a major round of revisions, then kick back to me for approval, more changes, then one final gloss over. 
  • Final illustrations selected.
  • I will then be able to send to production! So yes, 2018 publication! 

I’ll keep you posted, but a lot of the heavy lifting is soon to be out of the way. Looking forward to a productive 2018.

Stay safe and Happy New Year!


Finally, I know--News From the Realm! Cue the flying pigs.

Developmental Edits Under Way!

  • And that’s it, that’s the real story. I’m working with a fabulous professional editor who got a lot of books sold and careers under way in New York. We met and I have the first returns back from her regarding my manuscript. 
  • I feared the worst, but her changes are not monumental. In fact, she said some incredibly inspirational things that were very humbling about the overall story--particularly the world building, but I’ll leave it at that, because...
  • I do have a major rewrite to complete as my narrator and point of view need to change. If it sounds horrific and difficult, it’s not, just a bit of time needed to complete. I’ll explain later, but it was the right call. I will also write an epic, slightly depressing post one day about how many drafts this story has gone through, but not until we have a polished manuscript. ;-)

So I have great momentum, yes? Yes! So things will speed up? Ha! says life. We’re expecting our second child, I’m ramping up a new job, yadda, yadda, yadda. Seriously, if any of you are getting ancy, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m actually still ahead of the usual time to publish by about 6 months to a year. Pretty crazy, right? 

The good news is Inkshares is starting to crank out projects that are ready. So once the professional edit is complete, we have options. That’s when you won’t be able to get me to shut up. But until then, I appreciate your continued support and good mojo. 

Stay well,


Yes, finally there’s news from the realm! And it’s short and sweet:

  1. KOD in Developmental Editing. 
  2. New Books in the Making...

1.) Developmental Edits have begun on Kingdom of Dreams! I’m hoping my editor can help me take this project to the next level. It needs a ceiling and a finish, my great hope is that we will achieve both. We are looking at the end of September or very early October as our end date, meaning: I will have a polished complete manuscript. When will it be in your hands as a physical novel? That depends, but the honest answer is sometime in 2018--my gut says closer to the end of the year. The publishing world is a slow monkey. That said, I should be able to set some semblance of a timeline when the book will hit actual publication. 

2.) I’ve started writing 4 new books. I know, I know. Let’s just say there’s a lot going on, and my mood swings need 4 new books to deal with my ever challenged attention span, sliver of available time, and my need to get book #2 and other subsequent novels out there rapido. I try to write 1,000 words a day--by the way I’ve fallen in love with the writing tool for the Mac, Ulysses. I choose which novel I work on based on mood, but one has worked it’s way into my full attention zone, so it will be my focus until I have the horrible, terrible, very bad first draft completed. I will not stop, no matter what. Scout’s honor. ;-)

I hope everyone is having a safe, fantastic summer. I’ll keep you posted!

Best Wishes,


Hey everyone, I realize it’s been a ridiculously long while since I sent out an update, so my apologies for the radio silence. I will update the instant something interesting happens, but otherwise, I’ll try to send something at least once a month. A couple of significant things have happened: 

  1. Editor Chosen!
  2. Sequel to Kingdom of Dreams! Decisions, Decisions...
  3. NEXT ISSUE: Illustrations

1. Editor Chosen!

One thing I’ve learned during this book building process is that the winds of change blow frequently and often! It took me longer than expected, but the narrative portion of my manuscript is complete. After a diligent search, I’ve chosen a professional editor I’m thrilled to have on board with this project. This person has helped produce some award winning books in the middle grade/young adult genres. She also seems to "get" my voice and the full intention of the book. The bad news: she won’t be able to begin until July with a likely finish by the end of September. So that’s one timeline for when the book might be ready.

2. Sequel to Kingdom of Dreams! Decisions, Decisions...

While I wait on the developmental editing to begin in July, I have a bit of good news: I started writing the sequel to Kingdom of Dreams! I wasn’t sure if such a book was possible, but after an initial leap of faith, the story came to me much easier than expected. Certainly much easier than KOD came to fruition. So, the decisions...

  • First and foremost, I’ve started tracking down the best and most inexpensive way to get my author website out there. Once I build a simple but tactical author page, I’m going to shift my updates to come from there as the plan is to get quite a few more supporters. 
  • Now that there’s a sequel to KOD in the works, I will also need to figure out how to market both books according to release dates, etc. I have some pretty progressive ideas, but much of that depends on if I can have a MANOWRIMO or JANOWRIMO May and June of intense writing. I’ll keep you posted. Incidentally, that’s why I also haven’t blogged yet or tried to promote KOD, I decided it’s too early in the process for that until there’s a finished manuscript on its way to a printer.

3. NEXT ISSUE: Illustrations

Along with the intense writing, I need to complete the illustrations for KOD. Unfortunately, my plan to use live models to play my cast of characters didn’t pan out for this project. So in lieu of time and the fact that this author REALLY wants to move on, I think I found an alternative way to accomplish this. I’ll begin working on these immediately, and will give a sneak peak of one or two of my experiments. 

Stay well everyone. Thanks for your continued support and encouragement! 



Like the Cylons, I have a plan. (Hopefully it works out better than theirs did.) 

Apologies for the lapse in updates. Lots going on of course, but not too much exciting to report--yet. I will start updating and going over some very cool developments sooner than later! 

  1. KOD Latest Update
  2. Started new book! 
  3. Promotional Author Website/New Art Work

1.) KOD Latest Update

 Thanks again to my new readers and supporters. The narrative portion of the book has been given a pretty thorough once over and is complete in body. One more pass to go and it will be sent off to a professional editor. Things should rapidly speed up very soon... Well, at least on my end. 

2.) Started new book!

While I’ve been waiting on some things to complete KOD, I have started a new book in earnest. This process is already going light years ahead of KOD and has been a blast to write so far. I will keep you updated and maybe even eventually dare to put up a sample somewhere.

3.) Promotional Author Website/New Art Work

The marketing side has begun. I have some movie posters and pull up/retractable banners for shows being made. I have recast some of the images you’re familiar with, but I think they are vastly improved and certainly more malleable for how I intend to market them. 

I will also have an author website up soon. Once that happens, I’ll post about my next giveaway based on registering everyone through the website. 


The long promised guest blog. A possible school visit or two.

Until then, stay well!


  1. School Visit # 1
  2. I have a $10 Inkshares coupon burning a hole through my pocket and don’t know how to spend it?
  3. In production
  4. NEXT ISSUE...

1.) School Visit #1

Thanks to a KOD backer and parent, I was lucky enough to have a school visit in early January at the impressive ACE Academy in Austin, Texas. If you’re ever in need of a healthy dose of self-morale and an unbelievably energetic hour--no espresso needed--, visit a school! 

I gave out a ton of illustrated bookmarks and they asked excellent questions the entire session. I look forward to my return visit in the Spring for a creative writing project! I promise I’ll bring a box of actual books down the road...

When I told them my first significant piece of writing was for an Advanced Dungeons & Dragons module, they all chanted "D&D! D&D!" How cool is that?

They had no trouble spotting the "Easter Eggs" in my illustrations without any prompting whatsoever. 

A future author! 

2.) I have a $10 Inkshares coupon burning a hole through my pocket and don’t know how to spend it?

I’ve been getting this question recently. You supported our project, and Inkshares sent you a $10 coupon to support another project. Now perhaps time is running out or you don’t know what to do with it, or what to spend it on? 

Never fear. Open the mail with your Inkshares coupon. Go to Inkshares through the link in that message. You should see a $10 credit applied to your account. As time permits, I’ll be recommending projects that I think worthy of your support. 

Here’s the first one:

Fae Child by Jane-Holly Meissner. Like our project, it’s a fantasy intended for young adults. To quote the author: "A child slips through a portal into the land of the Fae and traverses the Otherworld with the help of a young elf, while her parents are left to deal with the changeling that was left in her place. ALICE IN WONDERLAND meets TAKEN"

Perhaps you’ll never read this or any other project that you select on Inkshares, but know this: Don’t waste your coupon! And coupon or not, at the other end is a hopeful author that will be VERY appreciative of your support. This site can make dreams come true. 

3.) In production...

So things are moving along, but before I speed it up to ludicrous speed and involve a professional editor and get to finishing the illustrations, I wanted to get some meaningful feedback on the first few chapters. I think the prologue is covered, but please feel free to let me know what you like or don’t like about the new Chapter 1 I sent yesterday. Pretty please? You can leave comments, highlight certain sections, etc. Again, you can find Chapter 1 here.

I’ve decided to post one more chapter in the villain’s voice to make sure we’re on target with tone, but then: it’s some quick editing and off to the races!


I grew up collecting comics, and one of the things I loved was to immediately flip to the back and preview the NEXT ISSUE page to see what might be coming. Sacrilege to some of you, I know. But hey, I had to walk a mile to the nearest 7-Eleven across a busy intersection to get my beloved comics. It was worth the peak in the store in case something happened on the way back! 

So coming up: I have a long awaited blog forthcoming. A pretty crazy casting call, and well... I’ll save the other news for down the road and not get too far ahead of myself. 

Thanks everyone. Stay well, and continue to tell new backers about our project!



Happy New Year, everyone! A lot of things are now transpiring with Kingdom of Dreams...

  1. Officially In Production!
  2. What now? Casting Call!
  3. Next Steps...

1.) Officially In Production!

Has everyone noticed the new page? We have shifted from funding to in production. Because Kingdom of Dreams will be published, you’ll notice the book has also been slightly reduced in price. 

We have earned a third badge as well,  this one as part of the Quill collection. What is Quill? Well, it’s an opt in publishing option that Inkshares offers for projects like this one that didn’t hit the full publishing quota of 750 pre-orders, but did reach a minimum threshold of support that suggests there is enough backing to publish. Read more here for a complete breakdown.

2.) What now? 

When will my readers have the book in hand? 8-12 months from now minimum. Though it sounds morbidly slow, it’s pretty typical for publishing dates. There is a significant queue of books to be published in front of this one. But I will try to expedite this process as much as possible by completing the following steps in short order:

  • I will finish editing and any new rewrites over the first quarter. 
  • Complete Illustrations as well. 
  • I turn over the manuscript to a professional editor, then to Inkshares. At that point a timeline to publication should appear on my page with the approximate shipping dates.

Casting Call: Now that the project is official, I have an open casting call for 4 roles to help complete illustrations for the book:

  • Jimmy Reve, the main character. An imaginative 6th grade boy that is picked on by the bullies at school.
  • Lem Reve, Jimmy’s big sister. An 8th grader, decorated swimmer that while protective over Jimmy, enjoys picking on him relentlessly as well.
  • Clay Rakes, a huge, intimidating eighth-grade bully. 
  • Bucky Brees, a lanky, devious seventh-grade bully.

If anyone knows any kids close to this age range that might be interested, please contact me as I will pay them to use their likeness. I hope to have the children cast by the end of the month. All ethnicities are welcome and encouraged.

3.) Next Steps...

Thanks again to everyone for backing Kingdom of Dreams to a guaranteed publishing deal. That said, we have a ton of work to do to get this project known to the masses. The more pre-orders we can get as this project gets closer to completion, the better the chance Inkshares will give it full marketing attention and start a distribution plan of getting it in bookstores, and supporting it at key conferences. 

I’ll keep you up to date on my progress, but please continue to evangelize as much as possible. Look for new updates as significant milestones occur. Thanks again, be productive and stay well!

Best Wishes,


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