Kyle T. Cowan
Great writing, and an interesting commentary on bullying. I love the artwork to go with it. I definitely am excited for this one!
Alyssa Hogan
I love the power shift of the story. It has always been my experience that people who have been hurt pose a deeper strength and power- if they can just access it. All the best, Alyssa
Paul Inman
This looks very interesting! The writing is solid and so are the illustrations! Give it a look! You wont be disappointed.
So far, So good, I can read this book because it's in my interests, I like the prologue, and I hope the story will be epic.
Stephen Carignan
It's no surprise I like a book entitled, The Kingdom of Dreams, but in this case, I'm positive many other will join me. The lore and history of the world are rich in detail and the characters themselves give life to this world. Between the vivid imagery and great writing this book is sure to please.
Y. E. Katerina
As a lover of Cthulhu and everything Lovecraft, this beautifully captures the same feelings of wonder and awe I felt reading Lovecraft. Cannot wait to see where this goes!!
G. A. Finocchiaro
I really like this premise! It's clean and fun and is filled with tons of potential. Definitely looking forward to this!
Christopher Lee
What a wonderful perspective to explore. Ever wondered what the nightmare itself thinks of you?
James Rasile
Great writing supported with a great story. Love this one!
Billy O’Keefe
I prefer pictures of dogs in book updates to pictures of cats, but other than that, this project page is really polished, and the book itself looks to be in similarly capable hands.