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We were told it was man that was cast out of the garden of Eden. As mankind hurtles into the 20th Century, an ancient secret surfaces that will change the course of history. It is a tale about mankind reclaiming its destiny by learning of its past.
The Goddess has been taken by her kin. Mankind and the Fair Folk must traverse the stars to rescue her.
The musings of a lost soul searching for truth, love, and beauty in the worst place of all, suburbia.
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Decadent and full of intrigue! Thomas has brought us living history, by using the written word as if it were a time traveling device. You can feel every aspect of his world. This is by far one of the best projects I have seen on Inkshares!
This project looks like a hell of a lot of fun! Trusardi's trailer is a hell of a draw into the story!
A family fighting corporate conspiracy strikes back with technology the world is not ready for.
Manifesto delves deep into the human psyche to reveal the devil and the angel in us all. Poort had me laughing and cringing all at once.
An aging cop must journey inside the fractured mind of a killer in order to find a missing girl and put an end to a growing body count.  No one is safe and things may not be as they appear in this dark tale of murder, mystery, and betrayal.
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