It has been the BUSIEST week in a very long time.

Congrats are in order for those 5 that won the Inkshares + Nerdist Collection Contest! This was no easy competition, and it certainly took something extra. I encourage you to check out the final leaderboard and investigate some of these projects - especially those that cracked the top twenty and are still looking for supporters to make their goals for publication. If you have credits left over from referring Housewife in Hell, I highly suggest you find some other worthwhile Inkshares projects to spend them on. There are many great writers here to support.

Meanwhile, I've been so busy because I've been launching THIS WEBSITE.

It's been in the works for some time, and seeing as I've been in horror mode for the last month, I think there is no better time than the present to launch a film criticism blog. Especially when I'm watching and critiquing a different horror movie every single night in October. Honestly - I could do two-a-days, but I'm trying to cut back.

If you've been interested in my fiction writing, I think you'll enjoy my blog writing, too. Although horror is the focus this month (and my speciality), I'll be covering every genre in the future. And as is my mission in life, I'm going to strive to make my criticism slightly more exciting than your average academic paper. Expect reviews, expect film literacy lessons, but also expect feminist mis-readings, weird trivia, a lot of Klaus Kinski, and a place where you can go to get the most out of movies. That's my goal, anyway. If you're curious, check out the latest post - I watched Ana Lily Amirpour's A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, and it's so worth your time (Plus, it's streaming on Netflix right now!).

Here's an illustration I did - you'll find more up on blog, too.

As I move on from Inkshares, I'd ask you to continue to support me by following the blog. And as mentioned previously, if you're dedicated to Evelyn's story, I would love to keep you in the loop as I determine how to proceed with it. To that end:

Please send me an email, tweet, comment, or Facebook message if you would like to be included in further Housewife in Hell or One Critical Bitch communications. I'll be putting together an initial mailing list in the next few days, and will be happy to keep you updated. 

Thank you again for following me through this contest. It's been fun, but it's time to jump the ship and move on to the next project. I really hope you'll join me.




It's been a minute - but I'm back! And with news.

Firstly, PAGES! The latest (and final - for this competition) installment of Housewife in Hell is due to be delivered to your inboxes this very week. Be forewarned, I'm considering jumping forward a bit in the chronology of things for excellent storytelling purposes - I want you all to get a bit of the pay off you deserve for making it this far with me. I have a pretty excellent scene in mind, if I do say so myself...

Second - BIG ANNOUNCEMENT coming shortly. It has to do with this:
Now, if you are averse to foul language, I run the risk of turning you off right there. But you've been reading this book I've been writing, so I'm going to assume you know me by now, and you might trust me with the use of this "bad" word (and probably a few more) - I promise, it's for a good cause.

This may seem cryptic (it is), but if you like horror, movies, writing, and ME, I think you'll find it worth the mystery. Stay tuned to your email and this page for full details THIS WEEK. You'll definitely want to be hanging out with me on October 1st ;-)

And again, THANK YOU. This contest has not been easy, but it has been 100% worthwhile. I hope you'll all follow me on my next journey into the woods.

**If you are interested in completing Evelyn's story with me - that is, continuing to read pages as I continue to write - please leave me a comment or send me a note! I would love to keep sharing, and will be happy to set up an email list of interested readers. So don't be shy! I love the support**


Hello Readers!

It's Tuesday, September 22nd, and we are fast approaching the end of this Nerdist/Inkshares battle. It is with great pride that I see Housewife in Hell with 58 readers, and although I have not made it to the leaderboard, I am still tickled that you have all stepped in to support me in this contest. And, as mentioned many times previous, sending you my pages every week has been a pleasure - writing in serial is a fun and different format for me. I hope it's been a blast for you, too.

Your weekly pages did not arrive last night as planned, and they will not arrive tonight either - I'm observing Yom Kippur from sundown tonight until sundown tomorrow. So - your next (and last) dose of Evelyn will come at the end of the week. And I can promise you one thing - it will be a doozy. Prepare yourselves - I plan to go out with a bang.

In other news, I'll be taking this week to get ready for a BIG REVEAL coming in October. I'll be telling all at the end of this contest, so stay tuned. I hope you'll be ready to come on another ride with me, because this should be a fun and fruitful endeavor for all lovers of stories, horror, fantasy, and film...

See you in a few...


P.S. for those that may want to follow Evelyn all the way to the end of her story, regardless of my outcome in this competition, DON'T PANIC. There will be a solution for you - and the option to have continuous chapters arrive in your inbox. All information soon to come.

And it's LIVE!

Check out my feature on Zusterschap Collective - nothing like a little feminism, fiction, and horror to beat your Monday morning blues...

Check it out here: http://zusterschapcollective.com/putting-a-housewife-through-hell/

Then pass it on, along with the link to pre-order Housewife in Hell. Every share helps :-)

Have a great week!



Hello, Readers!

There are officially 50 of you, and I couldn't be more thrilled to meet you here, once a week, for your "Housewife in Hell" fix.

If you're new, here's the 'sitch: I try to update Evelyn's story with new pages once a week, usually on Monday nights (it's creepiest at night). THIS WEEK, you'll receive your pages in your inbox on TUESDAY evening. I recommend, as always, reading them with a glass of something good, curled up with your e-reader or your iPad, and most definitely in the dark.

For my oldies and newbies - LOTS of press is going on this week! It took a little bit to get the ball rolling, but I'm sure glad it finally is! Tomorrow morning, please visit the Zusterschap Collective blog, and you will find a feature article I wrote DIRECTLY related to Evelyn and Housewife in Hell.  I wanted a place to expand upon why I've been working on this story for the last 5 years (yes, it's really been that long since I wrote the original logline in my features class), and especially its roots in my time at University of Illinois studying horror film and its archetypes. The women at Zusterschap have created an amazing curated space for all feminists to speak frankly with one another - I think it's the absolute perfect place to run this piece. I hope you'll check it out, send your friends who have yet to PRE-ORDER the book, and also, read everything that's already there. It's a favorite blog of mine, and you won't be disappointed.

As far as this contest goes, I have 17 days to push into the top 5 and see Housewife in Hell published in hardcover, and featured by The Nerdist in their Fantasy/Sci-Fi collection. Although I am not there yet, this is still VERY POSSIBLE, and I'd like to ask you all to help me make these next couple weeks a real rally for that top spot. Frankly, to see Housewife reach the top 10 leaderboard would be a wonderful accomplishment and something to put on the resume. How can you help more than you already have?

  • Find one more friend - email or call them, personally. Tell them why you love the story, and why they'll love it, too.
  • Post the blog article I've written for Zusterchap on your Facebook, LinkedIn, or Pinterest page. Link to it on Twitter. 
  • Text me, Email me, Call me on the phone, and tell me that you want me to keep pushing, because YOU need to see this story finished. Because I'm motivated - but your motivation is really what fuels me to continue. If you want the pages, I will continue to write them until Evelyn's story is complete.

If you all did one or more of these things, I'd easily be over 100 readers and on my way to the top. And THAT would be amazing.

BUT, let's not forget that it's AMAZING that all of YOU are here already. I could not be more appreciative. It is seriously my favorite part of the week to type in my pages and send them off to you, imagining what you're all thinking, reading the latest strange thing to happen to this character of mine. And while I still need your help, I want to make sure I'm giving you all exactly what YOU need. What parts of Evelyn's story do you want to see here? What questions do you want answered? I have this page, and this space, to share with you my work and my process, and I feel like it's important to open that up to everyone that's now a producer of this book. Please don't be shy - comment, leave reviews, take excerpts, and tell me what content I can write for YOU. What will keep you coming back for more?

And with that, friends, I'm going to leave you to your Sundays. Enjoy the beginnings of Fall and the end of Summer.

It is a strange between time here in Southeastern Connecticut. The leaves aren't quite changing, and the sun is still shining well into the evening, but there is a crisp growing in the air, and that bewitching New England October will soon be setting in...


Selfie Andrew J. Ainsworth · Author · added about 7 years ago
Hey Alex, love the concept. Anything with strong female characters is a winner in my book. I just pre-ordered a copy. I would love it if you could return the favor. Keep up the good work, and keep writing!

Happy Friday, Readers!

Besides being excited for the weekend, I'm also very excited to let you all know I've been featured on the Inkshares blog this week! Check it out here: http://blog.inkshares.com/post/128208087465/week-two-top-ten-authors-give-us-their

A fellow author, Robert Wren, selected Housewife in Hell as his official recommendation from the 270 entries in the competition. As a part of the current Top 10, I so appreciate his thoughts - and he also left an incredibly thoughtful review on the book page, too (Did you know you can do that? I implore you ALL to leave a little blip and play critic for a day). 

I encourage you all to check out Robert's book Ophelia, Doll - I think it's definitely worth your time and interest.

In the meantime, I am spending my Labor Day weekend writing and editing. As mentioned briefly in the page intro, I've been adapting Housewife in Hell from its previous iteration as a feature screenplay. So, while much of the piece is written, it is written in another medium. As much as I feel I have a completed story, Housewife in Hell the novel is very much a work in progress. 

It's been a very challenging, but extremely rewarding experiment - I'd encourage any artist to work across formats. It's a lot like pushing your story through a strainer, seeing only the very best, most necessary parts make it through. And as a writer who is most accustomed to writing for the stage and screen, it's invaluable to me to preserve my visual, minimalist style, while still creating a literary experience for the reader. How am I doing? (I know most writers ask this and don't really want the answer, but I really, really do - please, leave me your criticism! your reviews! you can do this right on the main page, and even highlight and excerpt your favorite passages from the text as you're reading!)

Expect your next chapter Monday night. In the meantime, can you find another friend to share Evelyn's story with? Making my way to 100+ readers, one unexpected person at a time...


Good evening, readers! 

(*and if you are still just a follower, why not go all in and convert to readership? I hear it's what all the cool kids are doing...)

It's Monday night and your weekly dose of Evelyn's scary story follows shortly. Are you enjoying it? Are you sufficiently tense? My goal in any writing - horror, fantasy, drama, realism - is always to build suspense. It makes the payoff that much better, no? 

As of this update Housewife in Hell has 26 official readers - I still find that number hard to believe. When writing by yourself, you hardly ever think that others will want to participate with you - it's such a solitary act. So to find you all here, waiting to read what I've created, is encouraging, and inspiring, and I find myself anxious to send you my pages each week. I hope you're having as much fun as I am.

To continue forward in this contest, I need to make my way up to 100 readers. In all honesty, there have been times this week where that has seemed like an astronomical number. An impossibility. Though, I remind myself that when I first set up this page and submitted to The Nerdist competition, I did not expect to have 10 people interested in reading, let alone over twenty in just over a week. I have no doubt that over the next 30 days, I can achieve that number. And perhaps even more, with your help. If every one of you could find just one person to share Housewife in Hell with, we would already be at sixty. And with the help of each of their friends, 90. And soon enough, 100 is within grasp. So if you wonder how you can best help me proceed - just take the time this evening after you're done reading to send on the link to one other person, and personally tell them why they should be reading with you. If you love it, maybe they will, too.

I've never been a particularly fast writer - or painter, or creator, or reader, nothing fast about me, really - but I do everything deliberately. My approach to this contest is, per usual, that slow and steady wins the race. I promise not to inundate you with updates, but to be regular, meaningful, and write every sentence with purpose. Even if I do not win, I will write you a quality story. That I can guarantee.

So, sit down, grab a cup of tea/cocoa/tall glass of wine (Cabernet goes well with a story about Hell, don't you think?) and curl up with Evelyn's story in your hands. I hope it gives you just a little bit of a shiver up your spine.

'Night, 'Night,


P.S. Please, while reading tonight's pages, remember Wes Craven - an incredible director and true Master of Horror. There isn't a day I write anything that I'm not thinking a little bit about Freddy Krueger running his blades down a chalkboard. 

This morning I had fourteen of you, and as I write this update this evening there are twenty-two of you reading this book. And nearly every hour, there's another message in my inbox that someone has decided to join the ranks, and I swear, I haven't been this popular since I was the only kid under ten allowed to watch the R-rated horror movies on HBO (Just kidding - they were all bootlegged VHS copies taped off HBO). 

Thank you, again, for your support. You'll find in your inbox tonight an additional excerpt from "Housewife in Hell" (yes, that's a working title - not that I wouldn't keep it), as you should find them every Monday evening through the end of this contest on September 30th. There is no particular logic to this, except that Mondays are a good time to start fresh, and evenings are the best time to read scary stories. So. 

Enjoy the beginning of your work weeks. 

And sweet dreams.



P.S. Keep telling your friends about me. It makes me feel special. 

Good morning! Thought I'd get a quick update in, as I started my Saturday very early - to the sounds of very neighborly construction next door - and found my inbox flooded with pre-orders!

I'm thrilled to have all of your support, and I can't wait to continue pushing through this contest. And, especially, to share more of this story with you. As I write this, I'm getting ready to do my daily pages over at the coffee shop (I must get away from the construction noise...) By Monday, you should find more of Evelyn's story waiting in your inbox.

Additionally, I'm thrilled to be writing a feature for Zusterschap Collective - a community of women and feminists - on Housewife in Hell, and specifically the stereotyping of fictional female characters. Expect to see the project, and my article, featured on their blog sometime very soon!

In the meantime, THANK YOU, AGAIN. I am never particularly comfortable reaching out for support from family and friends, but I really believe this project is important enough to warrant it. I truly hope I can make you all proud.

Love (because you're all family and best friends),