Alex Landers's latest update for Housewife in Hell

Aug 24, 2015

This morning I had fourteen of you, and as I write this update this evening there are twenty-two of you reading this book. And nearly every hour, there's another message in my inbox that someone has decided to join the ranks, and I swear, I haven't been this popular since I was the only kid under ten allowed to watch the R-rated horror movies on HBO (Just kidding - they were all bootlegged VHS copies taped off HBO). 

Thank you, again, for your support. You'll find in your inbox tonight an additional excerpt from "Housewife in Hell" (yes, that's a working title - not that I wouldn't keep it), as you should find them every Monday evening through the end of this contest on September 30th. There is no particular logic to this, except that Mondays are a good time to start fresh, and evenings are the best time to read scary stories. So. 

Enjoy the beginning of your work weeks. 

And sweet dreams.



P.S. Keep telling your friends about me. It makes me feel special.