Alex Landers's latest update for Housewife in Hell

Sep 29, 2015


It's been a minute - but I'm back! And with news.

Firstly, PAGES! The latest (and final - for this competition) installment of Housewife in Hell is due to be delivered to your inboxes this very week. Be forewarned, I'm considering jumping forward a bit in the chronology of things for excellent storytelling purposes - I want you all to get a bit of the pay off you deserve for making it this far with me. I have a pretty excellent scene in mind, if I do say so myself...

Second - BIG ANNOUNCEMENT coming shortly. It has to do with this:
Now, if you are averse to foul language, I run the risk of turning you off right there. But you've been reading this book I've been writing, so I'm going to assume you know me by now, and you might trust me with the use of this "bad" word (and probably a few more) - I promise, it's for a good cause.

This may seem cryptic (it is), but if you like horror, movies, writing, and ME, I think you'll find it worth the mystery. Stay tuned to your email and this page for full details THIS WEEK. You'll definitely want to be hanging out with me on October 1st ;-)

And again, THANK YOU. This contest has not been easy, but it has been 100% worthwhile. I hope you'll all follow me on my next journey into the woods.

**If you are interested in completing Evelyn's story with me - that is, continuing to read pages as I continue to write - please leave me a comment or send me a note! I would love to keep sharing, and will be happy to set up an email list of interested readers. So don't be shy! I love the support**