Alex Landers's latest update for Housewife in Hell

Oct 3, 2015

It has been the BUSIEST week in a very long time.

Congrats are in order for those 5 that won the Inkshares + Nerdist Collection Contest! This was no easy competition, and it certainly took something extra. I encourage you to check out the final leaderboard and investigate some of these projects - especially those that cracked the top twenty and are still looking for supporters to make their goals for publication. If you have credits left over from referring Housewife in Hell, I highly suggest you find some other worthwhile Inkshares projects to spend them on. There are many great writers here to support.

Meanwhile, I've been so busy because I've been launching THIS WEBSITE.

It's been in the works for some time, and seeing as I've been in horror mode for the last month, I think there is no better time than the present to launch a film criticism blog. Especially when I'm watching and critiquing a different horror movie every single night in October. Honestly - I could do two-a-days, but I'm trying to cut back.

If you've been interested in my fiction writing, I think you'll enjoy my blog writing, too. Although horror is the focus this month (and my speciality), I'll be covering every genre in the future. And as is my mission in life, I'm going to strive to make my criticism slightly more exciting than your average academic paper. Expect reviews, expect film literacy lessons, but also expect feminist mis-readings, weird trivia, a lot of Klaus Kinski, and a place where you can go to get the most out of movies. That's my goal, anyway. If you're curious, check out the latest post - I watched Ana Lily Amirpour's A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, and it's so worth your time (Plus, it's streaming on Netflix right now!).

Here's an illustration I did - you'll find more up on blog, too.

As I move on from Inkshares, I'd ask you to continue to support me by following the blog. And as mentioned previously, if you're dedicated to Evelyn's story, I would love to keep you in the loop as I determine how to proceed with it. To that end:

Please send me an email, tweet, comment, or Facebook message if you would like to be included in further Housewife in Hell or One Critical Bitch communications. I'll be putting together an initial mailing list in the next few days, and will be happy to keep you updated. 

Thank you again for following me through this contest. It's been fun, but it's time to jump the ship and move on to the next project. I really hope you'll join me.