Alex Landers's latest update for Housewife in Hell

Sep 13, 2015

Hello, Readers!

There are officially 50 of you, and I couldn't be more thrilled to meet you here, once a week, for your "Housewife in Hell" fix.

If you're new, here's the 'sitch: I try to update Evelyn's story with new pages once a week, usually on Monday nights (it's creepiest at night). THIS WEEK, you'll receive your pages in your inbox on TUESDAY evening. I recommend, as always, reading them with a glass of something good, curled up with your e-reader or your iPad, and most definitely in the dark.

For my oldies and newbies - LOTS of press is going on this week! It took a little bit to get the ball rolling, but I'm sure glad it finally is! Tomorrow morning, please visit the Zusterschap Collective blog, and you will find a feature article I wrote DIRECTLY related to Evelyn and Housewife in Hell.  I wanted a place to expand upon why I've been working on this story for the last 5 years (yes, it's really been that long since I wrote the original logline in my features class), and especially its roots in my time at University of Illinois studying horror film and its archetypes. The women at Zusterschap have created an amazing curated space for all feminists to speak frankly with one another - I think it's the absolute perfect place to run this piece. I hope you'll check it out, send your friends who have yet to PRE-ORDER the book, and also, read everything that's already there. It's a favorite blog of mine, and you won't be disappointed.

As far as this contest goes, I have 17 days to push into the top 5 and see Housewife in Hell published in hardcover, and featured by The Nerdist in their Fantasy/Sci-Fi collection. Although I am not there yet, this is still VERY POSSIBLE, and I'd like to ask you all to help me make these next couple weeks a real rally for that top spot. Frankly, to see Housewife reach the top 10 leaderboard would be a wonderful accomplishment and something to put on the resume. How can you help more than you already have?

  • Find one more friend - email or call them, personally. Tell them why you love the story, and why they'll love it, too.
  • Post the blog article I've written for Zusterchap on your Facebook, LinkedIn, or Pinterest page. Link to it on Twitter. 
  • Text me, Email me, Call me on the phone, and tell me that you want me to keep pushing, because YOU need to see this story finished. Because I'm motivated - but your motivation is really what fuels me to continue. If you want the pages, I will continue to write them until Evelyn's story is complete.

If you all did one or more of these things, I'd easily be over 100 readers and on my way to the top. And THAT would be amazing.

BUT, let's not forget that it's AMAZING that all of YOU are here already. I could not be more appreciative. It is seriously my favorite part of the week to type in my pages and send them off to you, imagining what you're all thinking, reading the latest strange thing to happen to this character of mine. And while I still need your help, I want to make sure I'm giving you all exactly what YOU need. What parts of Evelyn's story do you want to see here? What questions do you want answered? I have this page, and this space, to share with you my work and my process, and I feel like it's important to open that up to everyone that's now a producer of this book. Please don't be shy - comment, leave reviews, take excerpts, and tell me what content I can write for YOU. What will keep you coming back for more?

And with that, friends, I'm going to leave you to your Sundays. Enjoy the beginnings of Fall and the end of Summer.

It is a strange between time here in Southeastern Connecticut. The leaves aren't quite changing, and the sun is still shining well into the evening, but there is a crisp growing in the air, and that bewitching New England October will soon be setting in...