Alex Landers's latest update for Housewife in Hell

Sep 4, 2015

Happy Friday, Readers!

Besides being excited for the weekend, I'm also very excited to let you all know I've been featured on the Inkshares blog this week! Check it out here:

A fellow author, Robert Wren, selected Housewife in Hell as his official recommendation from the 270 entries in the competition. As a part of the current Top 10, I so appreciate his thoughts - and he also left an incredibly thoughtful review on the book page, too (Did you know you can do that? I implore you ALL to leave a little blip and play critic for a day). 

I encourage you all to check out Robert's book Ophelia, Doll - I think it's definitely worth your time and interest.

In the meantime, I am spending my Labor Day weekend writing and editing. As mentioned briefly in the page intro, I've been adapting Housewife in Hell from its previous iteration as a feature screenplay. So, while much of the piece is written, it is written in another medium. As much as I feel I have a completed story, Housewife in Hell the novel is very much a work in progress. 

It's been a very challenging, but extremely rewarding experiment - I'd encourage any artist to work across formats. It's a lot like pushing your story through a strainer, seeing only the very best, most necessary parts make it through. And as a writer who is most accustomed to writing for the stage and screen, it's invaluable to me to preserve my visual, minimalist style, while still creating a literary experience for the reader. How am I doing? (I know most writers ask this and don't really want the answer, but I really, really do - please, leave me your criticism! your reviews! you can do this right on the main page, and even highlight and excerpt your favorite passages from the text as you're reading!)

Expect your next chapter Monday night. In the meantime, can you find another friend to share Evelyn's story with? Making my way to 100+ readers, one unexpected person at a time...