Oh the wheels of publishing grind along slowly! But at Inkshares they do continue to grind.

My time-travel-baseball novel "Going, Going, Gone!" is now in the department of copy editing, with a great copy editor who is a baseball fan. How long will this take? If I had to bet, I’d say six weeks. Then it’s on to the other stations of book production.

2020 has not turned out the way anyone predicted. So I appreciate that the book process is moving along. I appreciate good health, good air (when the wind blows out the bad), and a great family. I appreciate being able to watch the game on TV, listen on the radio, watch kids practicing on our local field, and I appreciate playing catch with my son.

One moment from the writing process: I was listening to a game through the MLB app, writing a scene about a game in 1906, when my son walked into the room, grabbed a bat, and began loudly crushing his bungee-cord batting machine. Baseball in my brain, in my ears, and before my eyes.

I’ve spent seven years working on "Going, Going, Gone!" What’s another few months?




GOING, GOING, GONE! The final draft of the time-travel baseball novel has been submitted. We are looking to set a publication schedule by the end of this month.

BASEBALL FANATICS, I would LOVE to have an electronic edition of the novel available as soon as possible, to bring many fun hours of this rollicking baseball story to you. It’s especially timely right now, when there are no new games to watch. 

BASEBALL FANATICS, I urge you to grab a baseball (even a tennis ball) and toss it with a friend, or against a wall. We don’t have to get our kicks from watching other people play the game we love, and then whine about not being able to watch. Even for one minute a day, play it!

CONTACTO! (as we used to encourage our teammates stepping up to bat on the baseball fields of NYC): I’m getting some good baseball traction on Instagram, listed under my name. Feel free to email me at stevehermanos@yahoo.com. I check Facebook every week or so.

THANKS AGAIN to everyone who participated in the successful crowdfunding campaign for GOING, GOING, GONE! Even more than you are, I’m looking forward to holding the book in my hands!

Your baseball-loving friends can pre-order GOING, GOING, GONE! at Inkshares.com

Swing For The Fences!



GOING, GOING, GONE! The editorial work on my time-travel baseball novel is progressing. Thanks to the Inkshares staff for working so hard on the book! We are looking at a July 1, 2020 publishing date. 

ASTROS CHEATERS! It’s front-page news. The Houston Astros were caught relaying live centerfield video of the opposing catcher putting down signs. Here’s the chain: centerfield camera focusing on the opposing catcher, to monitor near the dugout, and then a coach or player would bang on a trash can to signal the batter: no whacks--fastball; whacks--curve. The Astros won the 2017 World Series with this help.

In better days, the only electronic device allowed in the dugout was the telephone to the bullpen. In recent years, Major League Baseball has rushed to embrace all sorts of video and motion-sensor technology. They measure how fast every fielder moves on every play. The teams may want this information, but do they need it? No they don’t.

And this is what they’ve reaped, a sign-stealing debasement of the game itself through technology. Talk about a raging fire of cynicism throughout American society in the Trump Era; the Houston Astros cheating scandal pours an oil refinery’s gas supply onto it.

Sure, attempting to steal the catcher’s signals to the pitcher has been a part of baseball forever. But that has relied on the batting team’s EYES and brains, not on artificial technology. There HAVE been scandals using binoculars and telescopes; not cool, but nothing compares to MLB’s current whimpering surrender to technology.

THE BEST WAY OUT OF THIS! Grab a baseball and your mitt. If you don’t have a baseball, grab a tennis ball, or a taped, balled-up sock. Find a loved one or friend or a dog or a wall--and THROW THE BALL! That’s why so many of us love baseball, because we learned it as a kid. It’s a part of us in a way we can’t explain, in a way a cheating scandal amidst teams of multi-millionaires can’t destroy. 

THE THEME OF GOING, GOING, GONE! The cheating scandal and ubiquitous technology underscores some of the themes of Going, Going, Gone! Two players—Andre Velez, and Johnny Blent--and their manager—Bucky Martin—are caught in an earthquake and ripped back in time to the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. Their MLB lives are obliterated, their identities. Their money, fame, girlfriends, cars and condos. But as they hook into professional baseball in 1906, and take to the field, playing with no cameras examining their every move, without the flashing lights and deafening sound system of 21st century stadiums, they find playing baseball deeply refreshing and their love for it is reborn.

EMAIL, INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK. Feel free to email me at stevehermanos@yahoo.com. I like Instagram; I’m listed under my name. I check Facebook every week or so.

Thanks again to everyone who participated in the successful crowdfunding campaign for GOING, GOING, GONE! Even more than you are, I’m looking forward to holding the book in my hands!

Your baseball-loving friends can pre-order GOING, GOING, GONE! at Inkshares.com

Thanks so much & Swing For The Fences!


Valiquette 10 22 18 028 copy Leo Valiquette · Author · added about 1 year ago
Hey, congrats on the release date!


GOING, GOING, GONE! Thanks to the Inkshares staff for working so hard on the book! We are looking at a June 1, 2020 publishing date. 

WASHINGTON WINS. 7 games over the Astros. I’m glad I don’t bet on sports because I loudly picked the Astros to win.

GREAT PITCHING AND CHEAP HOMERS. 2019 baseballs flew farther, in part because the seams on the ball were tighter and lower, creating less air resistance off the bat. Homers are great. But the running game--stolen bases, doubles, and triples are also great, AND leave runners on base, for simmering excitement.

CALCULATE THAT, MATHNERDS! This century, analytics have proven that taking risks on the bases is rarely smart. So we are treated to watching baserunners standing still, waiting for the batter to succeed or fail. It’s like observing someone waiting for a bus: yawn! Pro baseball could change the equation thusly: steal second, get awarded third. Steal third, trot on home! Let’s see the calculators overheating in all 30 major league office suites as they come to the conclusion: scour the world for base stealers and STEAL STEAL STEAL!!!!!

THE .497 GIANTS. The Giants’ new manager, Gabe Kapler, has a .497 lifetime winning percentage (161-163), same as their old manager, the brilliant-in-the-playoffs-and-World-Series Bruce Bochy (.497, 2003-2029). As a manager, in off-field decisions, and in answering questions, Kapler has failed to impress anyone other than Giants’ brass. We fans will wait and see if he can, literally, win over us.

2019 APPRECIATION. Oakland, San Francisco, New Yankee, Wrigley, New Comiskey, Milwaukee, and a minor league ballpark. Two overall highlights: my fabulous wife and I touring Wrigley Field together before a game; my son returning to our seats with baseballs he artfully snags.

You are hereby encouraged to contact me on Instagram @stevehermanos, or by email: stevehermanos@yahoo.com. You can pre-order GOING, GOING, GONE! at Inkshares.com.


YASTRZEMSKI HOMERS AT FENWAY. From 1960 to 1983, Hall of Famer Carl Yastrzemski hit 237 homers at Fenway Park. Yesterday, Mike Yastrzemski, Carl’s grandson, playing for the San Francisco Giants against the Red Sox, hit a homer at that ballpark. The unique name, Yastrzemski, conjures déjà vu. Then to see the grandson playing left field, like the grandfather, the name on the scoreboard, the homer, to see him circling the bases, mixes 40-year-old memories of Carl, thoughts of decades passing, more déjà vu, and the feeling that everything in this messed-up world is going to be all right as long as Yastrzemski is playing baseball.
SUPERLATIVE: THE OAKLAND A’S  AND TAMPA RAYS. Corporate America loves the phrase uttered from boss to underling, “Do more with less.” And that’s what the A’s and Rays do. The “less” is less money. They amass cheap-as-dirt players, instruct them beautifully, let them blossom into stars, trade some for more abundant and cheap talent, and win. The A’s and Rays are in a three-way race with Cleveland for the two slots to qualify for American League wild card game, and a chance to make a playoff run to the World Series. The latter phrase is not applicable to the super-wealthy Red Sox, Angels, and (gulp) San Francisco Giants.
BALLPARK TOUR. S.F., Oakland, Yankee Stadium, Wrigley Field, White Sox, & Milwaukee. In all my years I’ve never been to so many major league stadiums in one season. My wonderful wife and son were in the seats next to me for almost all of the games, and that was the best part. My son deftly snagged baseballs at five of the six parks.
GO. If you can see a game at Wrigley Field, go.
BARGAIN. Upper deck behind home plate at Yankee Stadium. Great view of the field. Humungous elevators zoom from ground level to the 3rd/4th level concourse. Seat price on Stubhub less than a pair of hot dogs and a Coke.
CHEAP HOMERS. In the AAA Pacific Coast League, homers were 158% of what they were last year. This year the league switched baseballs to match those used by MLB. It’s a thrill to experience a home run. In the process, a homer sweeps the runners from the bases, and hence, most of the hitting team’s strategy. Subtlety gets blasted.
MR. 2000. Congratulations to Giants manager Bruce Bochy for reaching 2000 wins. He also has 2022 losses. And he deserves a Hall of Fame plaque for guiding the Giants to World Series triumphs in 2010, 2012, and 2014.
GOING, GOING, GONE! The extraordinarily-talented Inkshares staff is working on GOING, GOING, GONE! And it looks like the novel will be published during Spring Training 2020. That’s when you will, hopefully, receive your pre-orders. However, don’t be surprised if that timeframe is pushed back. After all, it’s the book business!
Any of your baseball-loving and/or well-read friends are welcome to pre-order through Inkshares at any time. Feel free to contact me.
Thanks so much & Swing For The Fences!
Please keep mentioning GOING, GOING, GONE! to baseball fans. I’ve been enjoying Instagram; look me up if you feel like it. Thanks!


Brian Walder, Ithaca Double Rainbows, SS/Scooper
Erik Taylor, Petaluma Chicken Packers, C
Stephanie Taylor, Petaluma Chicken Packers, SS
Dave Geisler, Mill Valley Millers, 3B
K.C. Hubble, San Francisco Jungians, CF
Gerri L., Ecuador All-Stars, SS
Bobby Michener, Diamond Sports Cards San Rafael Cardflippers, P
Lou Farese, Philadelphia Royal Pythians, 2B
John Cecchi, Sausalito Oyster Shuckers, SS
Bill Forrest, Albuquerque Isotopes, CF
Julie Sessions, Albuquerque Isotopes, P
Mike Testa, Team Free Solo, Safety Advisor
Eivor Taylor, Sausalito Sense Diviners, P
Patrick Taylor Sr., Sausalito Brain Mixologists, Captain
Joan Metsch, Guilford Syrup Tappers, SS
Mike Knapp, Brattleboro Yankees, CF
Charles Mandel, Helmar Baseball Cardcrafters, Genius
Katie Zang, Albuquerque Isotopes, RF
Patrice McC., Baltimore Friends, P
Liz Lawrence, Santa Fe Solons, 1B
Stephanie Adler, Baltimore Friends, LF
Robert M.G., New York Lifesavers, RF
Ben Knapp, New Orleans Fanboaters (football), RB
Jacob Knapp, NYC Grandmasters, 3B
Tom Skuda, Sausalito Crooners, SS
Mike Hart., Atlanta Slicers, 1B
Victoria H-M., Mill Valley Educators, Positive Attitude Coach
Gabby Chan, Marin County Child Herders, P
Leon Silverman, Sausalito Mets, SS
Patrick Taylor Jr., Wisconsin Fatemakers, P
Rob Taylor, Brooklyn Vibemakers, RF
Phil Taylor, Portland River Rafters, LF
Grace Cricket, Whitewater Sensemakers, Mgr.
Julie Ov., NYC Tech Crunchers, CF
Veronica Perez, Mill Valley Flag Football, RB
Tim Ural, Tam Junction Fogcutters, C
Regan Ural, Tam Junction Linchpins, SS
Mark Humphries, San Francisco Connoisseurs, RP
Gail Stark, S.F. Property Flippers, 2B
Tracy Dutt., Virginia Lasers, P
Sundude, Kitty Hawk Flyers, C
Ted Hall., Albany Bookgrinders, CF
Leo Valiquette, Bane Of All Things, Writer
Charlie Denby, Mill Valley Educators, P
John S., California Helmar Collectors, 1B
Kris & C. Gas., Del Ray Ray-Rays, Owners
Scott Jamp., Sausalito Oyster Shuckers, P
Stefano Scali, Sausalito Floating Homers, C
Joe Burns, Sausalito Oyster Shuckers, Mayor
Linzy Coll., Iowa Soul Redeemers, SS
Paul Winston, New York Cosmos, Goalie
Jennifer F., New York Stockflippers, Mgr.
Joanna P., New York Stockflippers, Owner
Miles R., New York Stockflippers, P
Jeff Holl., Sausalito Lumber Reclaimers, P
Doug Simon, New York Frisbee Flingers, 3B
Dan Fost, Mill Valley Millers, Coach
Gerry R., Sausalito Boatriders, Cpt.
Mike Hood, Greenbrae Houseflippers, P
Bradford Peck, New York Dealmakers, SS
Arthur Orduna, New York Lookouts, P
Ronald Grels., New York Kneecappers, P
Ariana C., Da Vino Coffeeslingers, P
Yovani Cast., Da Vino Coffeeslingers, Chef
Elizabeth Cuervo, Da Vino Coffeeslingers, Manager
Gordon H., Sausalito Picture Framers, SS
Lia M. & Carter J., Night Cafe Hall of Fame 
Chris Ryan, New York Cineastes, Film Crew 
Peter Gelfman, New York Prop Magicians, SS
Kerry Barlas, Mill Valley Millers, SS
Alistair Goldfisher, Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers, RF
Laura Metsch, Brattleboro Yankees, Mgr.
Mike Knapp, Green River Yankees, Driver
Charlie Crawford, Toll Bros. Demolition, SS
Ed Burns, SF Team Brothers ’N Sisters, CF 
Beth Burns, SF Team Brothers ’N Sisters, LF

D. Krasnoff, Team Navy, Coach
E. Krasnoff, Team Navy, G.M.
Elizabeth C., Team DiVino, Nutritionist
Brian Stadtmiller, Prudential All-Stars, CF
Barnaby Conrad, Washington Absinthe Sippers, P/2B
Charles Garner, New York Limo Hailers, CF
Jacqui L-W., Mill Valley Visionaries, SS-2B
James R., Marin County Muckrakers, P
Stefan Smith, Sports Massage Marin, 3rd base coach
Christine Smith, Marin County Hairclippers, P
Devin Crowley, Amsterdam Guffawmeisters, P
Robert H., New York Skiiers, CF
Susan H., New York Mahjohn All-Stars, Owner
T. Wexler, L.A. Dealmakers, SS
Adam Klausner, Ithaca Royal Palmists, P
Adam Klein, Ithaca Royal Palmists, RP
Scott Knapp, Ithaca Royal Palmists, SS
Tracy Dutton, Ithaca Royal Palmists, 2B
Al Schulzycki, Ithaca Royal Palmists, C/CF 
Bennett Johnston, Mill Valley Millers, 3B
Jonathan Weintraub, Trader Vic’s Scorpions, P
Kenneth Palmer, Houston Stan Keys, Team Doctor
Douglas Zang, Southern Comfort Bottle Hoarders, C 
Jon Rutchik, Mill Valley Troubadors, P
David B., East Hampton Fly Casters, 1B 
Joe Paulino, Sausalito Voiceovers, P
Jason Abrams, Dalton Tigers, 2B
Stephanie Ader, Dalton Tigers, 1B
Jim C., San Francisco Dealmakers, P
Helen Yang, Tiburon Sharks, SS
Ansel H., Sausalito Yankees, P/SS
Karin Taylor, Sausalito Winemakers, Mgr.
Adam Tattlebaum, Dalton Tigers, 2B
Duncan Plexico, L.A. Guitar Riffers, P/OF
Ellen H., Sibling Hall of Fame, CF
Robert & Susan H., New York Giants, Owners
Kirk Davis, Arizona Blacktop Melters, LF
Kate Stamps, Arizona Paint Sprayers, CF
Adam Klein, Ontario Seal Clubbers, CF
Beth B., San Francisco Elites, RF
John Bader, San Juan All-Stars, P
Leila Samrad, Sausalito Sartajians, Mental Health Coach




TYLER SKAGGS. First off, two weeks ago Angels pitcher Tyler Skaggs, just shy of his 28th birthday, died in his sleep at a hotel in Arlington, TX. He wasn’t the Angels’ best pitcher, but he was a solid major leaguer, and everyone seemed to like him. First game back from the All-Star break, all of the team wore uniforms with his name and number on the back. And then Angels pitchers Taylor Cole and Felix Pena combined for a no-hitter. You’ve probably seen the photo from after the game, Angels players standing around the pitcher’s mound, having laid their jerseys to cover the mound. The world of baseball will remember that July 12 game forever.

JIM BOUTON. Goodbye Jim Bouton, author of one of the greatest baseball books ever, BALL FOUR. I met him at a book signing in 2000. I asked him a question about the Yankees and he couldn’t have been ruder! Lots of people have great memories of him, and in interviews he sounded like a considerate guy. BALL FOUR exposed ballplayers for the adult-juveniles that most of them were at the time (baseball culture is bit more buttoned-up now, and that’s, in part, the subtext of GOING, GOING, GONE!). BALL FOUR was also the best recounting of trying to hold on to a career as a Major League pitcher.

FIREWORKS. We’ve been having a lot of fun going to A’s and Giants games. Most kids love fireworks, and all baseball fans love stepping on to the field. On their fireworks nights, after the game, the A’s invite everyone down to the field. When we’re all settled, the lights go out and the A’s put on a GREAT 20-minute fireworks show. If you’re with kids who can deal with a late night, who love fireworks and baseball, it’s a thorough winner.

GOING, GOING, GONE! The extraordinarily-talented Inkshares staff is working on GOING, GOING, GONE! And it looks like the novel will be published during Spring Training 2020. That’s when you will, hopefully, receive your pre-orders. However, don’t be surprised if that timeframe is pushed back. After all, it’s the book business!

Baseball card rewards will be on their way by the end of July to those who ordered between 5 and 10 copies of GOING, GOING, GONE! Any of your baseball-loving and/or well-read friends are welcome to pre-order through Inkshares at any time.

I owe so many thanks! I appreciate all of your support!

Thanks & Swing For The Fences!


We are in “sit tight” mode, patiently waiting for the Inkshares editorial managers to pore over GOING, GOING, GONE! as if it’s a World Series roster, and emerge with editorial suggestions, and a publication schedule. I’ll soon be reaching out with personal emails to each of you who bought three or more books (If you’ve bought less than three, you can always buy more.). And please mention GOING, GOING, GONE! to every baseball fan you meet. Again, thanks so much for buying GOING, GOING, GONE! Hopefully we will have a lot of book-marketing fun in the aftermath of its publication.

Always feel free to email me: SteveHermanos@yahoo.com


Your All-Time Favorite Player! For those who pre-ordered 5 or more copies of GOING, GOING, GONE! tell me your favorite player, or name a few players, or a team. DON’T BE SHY! And make sure I have your address. I’ll be putting together baseball card thank you packages in the coming weeks. If you’ve pre-ordered less than 5, feel free to order some more, and hit that 5!

Book update: GOING, GOING, GONE! is in the hands of the Inkshares editorial team. They promise that we will have a publishing date and plan of action in one month. Meanwhile, please mention GOING, GOING, GONE! to your baseball-loving friends. Ask them if it’s OK if you forward their email to me. As you know, I collect those emails.

Thanks so much for your pre-orders and your faith in GOING, GOING, GONE!

Steve Hermanos 

SteveHermanos@yahoo.com / SteveHermanos.com / Instagram / Fbook

I am overwhelmed at the financial support you’ve all given to GOING, GOING, GONE! Last night we reached our pre-funding mark of 750. You might be relieved to know that I will no longer be requesting that you dust off your credit card and type in your numbers. 

Instead I ask that you mention GOING, GOING, GONE! to your baseball-loving friends. If you feel comfortable, bring up the topic in conversation, in email, or social media. PLEASE give out my email address. Mention that I’m on Facebook and Instagram. People can always order the book on Inkshares.

For now we celebrate as if we’ve resoundingly won our division in the regular season. Various levels of playoffs loom (7,500, 10,000, 15,000, 20,000 sales), and the World Series (which is a significant book contract for the next novel in the GOING, GOING, GONE! series). But for now, we celebrate, and I say THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!

Please email me your street address so I can say thank you with a real letter! SteveHermanos@yahoo.com / www.SteveHermanos.com

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