Noah Broyles

Noah has been writing since 2012. He tells stories across many genres and landscapes, from the silent wastes of rural Argentina to the dim edges of Temporality, his fantasy universe. He is majoring in Business at Carson-Newman University.
Noah is the author of
A failing magazine writer and a nightclub hostess take a break from the world on a derelict plantation in rural Tennessee. As the ghosts of the past thicken the atmosphere, each suspects their partner of plotting murder.
High mountains, silent valleys, misty plains, white sand beaches, forgotten houses and ancient grudges. Welcome to the Scottish Hebrides. Enjoy the isolation, savor the fine food, immerse yourself in the rich history. And avoid the Island of Wolves.
In 1969, 8-year-old Kevin Rian disappeared during a game of hide-and-seek near the Appalachian Trail. Determined to discover his fate, Kevin’s friends set out each year to hike the trail.
After the discovery of a shocking murder in the nearby Nantahala Forest, pastors in the small town of Noonday, North Caroline begin to commit suicide.
Books Noah Recommends
The fascinating premise is one thing, but based on the quality of the writing alone this project deserves greater attention!
At the cusp of WW I, through letters, telegrams, newspaper clippings, and diaries the story of an ancient evil rebirthing into the world unfolds. As Mina Harker approaches her "Silent Passage," she and her rapidly maturing son transition . . .
The opening chapter is exceptionally well written and curiously intriguing.
A woman lives with her strange family on a mysterious island that has the power to bend the will of its inhabitants to its own, and she must discover whether it is for her or against her as she finds herself driven toward a bloody fate.
A great premise backed up by great writing. I hope to see this in print someday soon.
A Highland cop cursed with second sight confronts witchcraft and superstition as he hunts a killer whose crimes echo macabre Scottish myths.
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