Steve Hermanos's latest update for Going, Going, Gone!

Mar 26, 2022

Yesterday, while walking down the street, I looked up to see a friend walking towards me. He was holding an orange book. "That book looks familiar," I said. He laughed. His bookmark was near the back of "Going, Going, Gone!" I took the book and inscribed it, and handed it back. He told me he was going to write a 5-star review. We chatted and walked away. All of YOU, who participated in the crowdfunding, made that moment happen. I will never forget it. Thank you!

"Going, Going, Gone!" sales are excellent. Radio interviews up on Twitter shoutout from YouTube superstar Zack Hample. Fantastic 5-star reviews on Amazon (more needed, please). Your baseball-loving friends will love it. Also, those who enjoy an exciting read about America and what makes it great (and don’t care much for baseball), are also raving about it. It’s all very gratifying. Please reach out to your baseball-loving friends.

Also, for those who pre-ordered, and have not yet received your copies of "Going, Going, Gone!", please email

Hit a homer!