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Leo Valiquette

Proud Canadian. Newspaper editor turned marketing communications consultant. Chronicler of  haunted skulls and sentient swords. I live with my wife, son and three rabbits under the apple trees by a lazy old river.
Leo is the author of
The Son of the Deceiver can be heard. The Sword craves a hand to wield it. Ghosts of the Four threaten to swallow the world in madness. A soldier turned outlaw and an outcast called witch hold the keys to salvation … if love doesn’t damn them first.
Religious unrest inflames the Kingdoms. Ships of war rain horror from the skies. Mad gods seek their vengeance. And the will of the Sword won’t be denied. For Ryn and Josalind, the murder of an innocent and the sacrifice of family may be inevitable.
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Books Leo Recommends
Brynn Yoder introduces an exciting world of intrigue and espionage that has brother pitted against brother with the fate of a kingdom at stake. It promises to be a wild ride!
Framed for the murder of his father, the Lord of Warfall, Rayes discovers a plot on the High King’s life. Meanwhile, unrest stirs in Arconia as the Ambassadors have kept one too many secrets.
Punchy, bleak and blunt -- Algae is the kind of cynical, don't give a frack loser who still exudes a perverse kind of charisma that keeps you reading. Good stuff!
A gamer, hated by everyone in a society hyper-focused on tech and pretentions to sociability, tries to figure out how to keep gaming when everyone wants him dead.
Engaging and artfully written character sketch of what could either be a flawed heroine or compelling villain, setting a powerful stage for things to come.
Three Americans from different historical time periods in the 20th Century make a deal with the Devil and end up together on a mystical country estate trapped in the year 1969.  Each must learn to trust the others if they are ever to escape.
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