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Leo Valiquette

Newspaper editor turned marketing communications consultant. Chronicler of  haunted skulls and sentient swords. I live with my wife, son and three rabbits under the apple trees by a lazy old river.
Leo is the author of
The Son of the Deceiver can be heard. The Sword craves a hand to wield it. Ghosts of the Four threaten to swallow the world in madness. A soldier turned outlaw and an outcast called witch hold the keys to salvation … if love doesn’t damn them first.
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Books Leo Recommends
Allison Plitt Basile’s opening paints a deliciously wicked picture of the suburban middle class. I don’t know if I will root for either of these characters or hope they both get their just desserts. One thing is certain – I want to read more to find out.
An aging playboy races against the clock to murder his ruthless trophy wife—before Alzheimer’s sets in, and he can’t remember where he’s stashed the body.
Pro baseball players -- the rookie, the overpaid prima donna, the cigar-chomping coach -- ripped back in time by an earthquake. Hermanos gives us a fresh and entertaining take on the fish-out-of-water story you don't have to be a ball fan to enjoy.
A trio of over-pampered, modern-day baseball players are thrust into the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, with no clothes, no money, no cars, or hangers-on. How will they survive? Will they be able to find a way to return? Will they want to return?
You will never watch a rerun of a classic TV show again without keeping a safe distance from the screen. Ruszin takes you on a surreal ride that has you hooked to know where it is going next.
A discontented, down-on-his-luck college student risks his life navigating a dangerous past to find and stop the man responsible for the talent show tragedy that caused his grandmother’s death.
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