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Leo Valiquette

When not chronicling the chaos wrought by haunted skulls and sentient swords, I am a  freelance business writer and marketing communications consultant. I live with my wife and son and three rabbits along the banks of a lazy old river.
Leo is the author of
A soldier who has lost his faith must prevent an evil god’s return without becoming the pawn of a sentient sword that would use him to commit genocide. If he fails, the witch he loves will sacrifice herself to save his soul and countless innocents.
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Books Leo Recommends
If you are a Twin Peaks fan, this is a fascinating and insightful analysis of what the hell was really going on in that show. It just might turn everything you thought upside down.
Who is the true enemy in Twin Peaks after Season 3 has aired and Mark Frost’s two novels have been published? JB Minton, co-creator of the Red Room Podcast goes scene by scene to explain how this dark spiritual journey changes everything.
From the first page, it's obvious 5-year-old Kira is more than just “pre-co-shuss.” The author draws you in by blending a child's innocent wonder with a lurking threat that only deepens as teenaged Kira gets drawn into strange happenings.
A girl seeks answers to the mystery behind her father’s drowning and mother’s disappearance with the help of her friends and an unusual feline guardian as strange happenings threaten their small town.
The authors draw us quickly into the epic story of escape from a war-ravaged earth and the lives of two well-drawn teen characters surviving in the aftermath who break conventional stereotypes.
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