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Leo Valiquette

I chronicle the chaos wrought by haunted skulls and sentient swords; work as a freelance business writer and marketing communications consultant; and  live with my wife, son and three rabbits along the banks of a lazy old river.
Leo is the author of
The Son of the Great Deceiver can be heard. The Sword craves a hand to wield it. Ghosts of the Four threaten to swallow the world in misery and madness. A soldier turned apostate and an outcast called witch hold the keys to salvation … or damnation.
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Books Leo Recommends
The Frailty of Matter is flawless -- character, tension, stakes, and the technical realism that comes of Dr. Lycette’s expertise. This is a medical sci-fi thriller worth your time, warning of a future all too near, where we risk trusting too much to AI.
Dr. Hope Kestrel has channeled her grief over her mom’s death into the new algorithm that will revolutionize healthcare. But when she discovers a fatal flaw, she must learn to embrace her humanity, and stop the algorithm before more innocents die.
Crisp, tight writing and a strong voice puts you right there in the bushes alongside Kris Millgate. Her passion and wit shines through in every adventure.
An outdoor journalist finds her place among men while on assignment in the West’s wild where a smudge of awkward always stains the story.
An engaging beginning to what promises to be a great story, with solid world-building, character development and a guarantee there will be all sorts of page-turning mayhem to come with those Godstones in play.
On Azanthea’s annual conscription day, Kuba is forcibly enlisted into the ranks of the Historians. While on route to his new life his caravan is struck down by a falling Godstone granting him incredible powers that were long thought eradicated.
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