Steve Hermanos's latest update for Going, Going, Gone!

Mar 15, 2022

Thanks to those who’ve sent me selfies holding "Going, Going, Gone!" One came from Jerusalem. It’s fantastic that the book is being read far and wide.

Radio interviews here:

As mentioned before, PLEASE DO NOT put books for sale on the secondary market. This hurts current sales. The first month of a book’s publishing life is essential. If you want to give books away, please wait until the end of the year. Again, please do not sell them on the secondary market, or give them to someone to sell for you.

5-star reviews contribute to the success of the book. Amazon, Goodreads, Please reach out if you need help finding where to enter your review.

Baseball fans are resonating with the book. Gratifyingly, so are non-baseball fans.

Here’s a great review: "Steve Hermanos, has authored a wonderfully compelling and imaginative novel. With wit, intelligence and compassion he has created three unforgettable protagonists. As the story proceeds, you will feel the increasing urgency of their mission. Their struggles are populated with some of the most memorable figures from the early twentieth century and they achieve a vibrant presence on the page. If you appreciate fiction crafted with empathy, humor and skill - you will enjoy Going, Going, Gone !"

Thank you!

Steve Hermanos