Well, here we are: 72 hours left to FEYSIDE’s crowdfunding run. Because of the many of you who have shown such generous support for the project, its inclusion in Inkshares’ Quill publishing line is a foregone conclusion - thank you, truly.

Nevertheless, there is something to be said for finishing strong. If any of you followers have been eyeing this book as a possible purchase, now would be an ideal time to place a preorder. If you have friends or relatives you think might enjoy the story, this is , for now, your last opportunity to steer them to it or make a gift of it for them. And if you’re suddenly seized by the impulse to contribute to the cause of indie fiction and world peace (through flights of fancy, admittedly indirectly) then I likewise welcome your last-minute contribution!

FEYSIDE... it all awaits you at the click of a mouse, at the following link:

P.S. to my fellow Inkshares authors... I am happy as ever to exchange preorders, my work for yours. Contact me via the usual means or just go ahead and order - I will happily and immediately reciprocate!

Cave Peter Birdsall · Author · edited over 6 years ago · 1 like
Thank you! Thank ALL of you! Now to get back to work prepping this!!!

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My wife just sent this to me. Now that I’ve finished fanning out, it occurs to me to wish with all my might that people in some far off future time might someday freak out similarly upon the discovery of some bit of MY half-baked ephemera....


Cave Peter Birdsall · Author · added over 6 years ago
Not QUITE yet -- but so close I can taste it!
Picture Joshua Griffith · Author · edited over 6 years ago
congratulations Peter! I know you will break into the Quill soon enough!

225 preorders - WOW! I feel like we ought to have a balloon drop or something! Thank you all SO much...

Well, no two ways of putting this, I’ve been away... derelict... near-defunct. The reasons why are complicated, deeply personal, and way too messy to get into in a reader update. But time and tide wait for no man, no matter what craziness he’s got going on back home. Consequently despite my mostly-absence we’ve still managed to  accrue some
on the Feyside front! (Seriously, sometimes I think it would be best for me to just abdicate entirely and let this thing write and market itself...but I digress...) First off, somewhere over the last week, Feyside crossed the 200 order mark - quite the milestone! And yet not the biggest news of the week, given that-
Feyside is the February pick for John Robin’s Epic Fantasy Syndicate! This collective of book enthusiasts makes its picks on the basis of offerings demonstrating  "grand epic fantasy with magic, a fully immersive secondary world, and series potential" - I am honored to in any way measure up to those mighty qualifications. Thanks to John and to all of my Inkshares author friends on the Goodreads forums for this enormous vote of confidence.
Finally, I’ve gotten my nose back to the editing grindstone and prepped another chapter or two for your review -- look for those shortly!


P.S. As always, a reminder to my colleagues on Inkshares and especially to anyone participating in the current Inkshares contest - I am happy to exchange preorders on a 1-for-1 basis, no prearrangement needed. Go ahead and order mine up to your limit and I will immediately reciprocate - PFB


A friendly note/reminder to my fellow Inkshares authors, including those engaged in the current Nerdist Space Opera contest: I will happily and immediately reciprocate any preorders of Feyside on a 1-for-1 basis, my work for yours. Let’s help each other out!

A bit of humor to brighten up a slow Thursday, relevant because it could totally apply to responses to the pestering emails and social media posts I've sent out regarding FEYSIDE!


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