Hello all! 

I’m just sending a quick update this time. I just finished a big ol’ heap of revisions to my manuscript and sent them off to my editor for critiques. He is working on a couple of other manuscripts at the moment, so he will be getting back to me in a few weeks. I am really excited about the changes we’ve dreamed up, and I think this book is really shaping up into something that will be worth the wait! As always, I will keep you informed as the process continues.

If you or others you know haven’t pre-ordered a copy of Curio Citizen yet, it is available here: https://www.inkshares.com/books/curio-citizen

I think it would be amazing if we could get the number of pre-orders sold up to at least 500 before publication! The more orders and copies printed at launch, the better chance Curio Citizen has to succeed once it’s out and about in the world. 

Thanks again for everything!


My amazing friends and supporters, 

I have good news for you about Curio Citizen! 


I have the privilege of working with Matt Harry, Inkshares’ Head of Story Development, as my editor. During the past few weeks, we have discussed my manuscript and decided on a few specific changes to strengthen the book. I am excited to start writing those changes based on Matt’s expert advice, and I know Curio Citizen will be an even better book come publishing time. 

Day one of writing those changes was not without distraction. This little Curio showed up in our attic this morning--I’m afraid we will not be integrating him into our society as Carmen wishes the paz would do for her, but something tells me this snake would prefer it that way also.


But I will power through this and any other distractions thrown my way to get Curio Citizen into your hands as soon as possible, and in the best quality possible. Thank you again for all of your support and patience! I will continue to keep you updated as the process continues.

If you or anyone you know would like to pre-order a copy of Curio Citizen, follow this link! 



Hello to all of my amazing supporters!

I have good news. Inkshares has finished a big round of books they were working on last year, and they are now ready to start working on Curio Citizen! My manuscript is in the editor’s hands, and we’ll soon begin the production process.

There are three phases Curio Citizen will be undergoing. It is now in phase one, in which I have the pleasure of reading the manuscripts of the other two winners of the Nerdist Sci-Fi Contest. If you haven’t yet checked out Ferd Crotte’s Mission 51 or Daniel Lee’s After Death, I can tell you they are both really good books from what I’ve read so far!

So, I’ll be working with my fellow contest cohorts and getting all my ducks in a row while the editor reads my manuscript. After that, we’ll move on to phase 2 where we’ll assess what further work needs to be done, and then phase 3 which is the official editing phase. All of this is supposed to last around six months, but I will let you all know as soon as I do what the release date will be.

Thank you all so much! I’ll keep you updated with any important (or just fun!) information as we go along. Curio Citizen is still available for pre-order, so if you know anyone who wants a copy, send them here:  https://www.inkshares.com/books/curio-citizen


Happy Holidays to all of my amazing friends and supporters!

As this year comes to a close, I want to thank you all again for your generous contributions towards making Curio Citizen a reality. I also want to give you all a brief update on what’s happening in the publishing process.

As of now, I am still waiting to begin the process of editing, cover creation, and everything else that needs to happen in order to get Curio Citizen ready for bookshelves. Inkshares has many books currently in production, but I’ve heard through the grapevine that they are nearly finished with their current round of books, and after the new year will begin focusing on the next batch, which I’m happy to say, includes Curio Citizen.

I still don’t have an estimated publication date, but as promised, I will continue to give you all updates as soon as I know more. Thank you many times over for making 2017 a sparkling year in my life. Hopefully, 2018 will reward your generosity by sending a copy of Curio Citizen your way!

Much love to all and Happy New Year!


Hello, Curio Citizen supporters!

I’m here to give you all a little update on the progress of Curio Citizen’s publishing process. I’m still awaiting an official timeline and estimated release date, but I’ll take a few moments to fill you in on the information I do have.

As with any publishing company, Inkshares has a whole host of people who will be working on getting my book ready for bookshelves (and your inbox/mail box!). I’ve already filled out paperwork for the marketing team, who will organize the best methods for promoting my book, and the creative team, who will be designing my official book cover. I have also submitted my entire Curio Citizen manuscript, which will be assigned to an Inkshares editor. Like with any publishing company, the editor will read my manuscript and help me perfect it to be the best it possibly can be before publishing.

As you can imagine, this complicated process can be rather lengthy. Because of your help in this contest, my book will go through the full publishing process, which includes:

Editing: Inkshares handles the entire editorial process from developmental to copy-editing; from fact-checking to proofing.

Producing: Internal layout design, cover design, printing.

Distribution: Through Inkshares’ partnership with Ingram to book sellers like Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, and hundreds of independent bookstores.

Marketing: Social media marketing, email marketing, traditional and online publicity.

Selling movie and TV rights: Sales of movie and TV rights for our books in Hollywood through a partnership with UTA.

So, although I don’t have an official timeline estimate for the publishing of Curio Citizen, I can tell you that the average time for a book to go from completed manuscript to being on the shelves is about a year. I can’t wait for you all to read Curio Citizen, but I hope you don’t mind being patient! It takes a long time to get everything just right, and at the end of the process, hopefully Curio Citizen will be ready for success!

I will continue to keep you all updated as more concrete information comes my way. I am so excited to move from writing to the next phase of hard work--publishing.

Please keep letting other people know about Curio Citizen who might be interested. Although the contest is over, Curio Citizen is still available for pre-order. The more copies sold and the more hubbub surrounding the book, the better chance it has for success.

Thank you!


Userphoto1 original Brian M Ross · Reader · added over 1 year ago
Congratulations!!!  :D

Oh my goodness. I really don’t have words to express how grateful I am to all of you who have followed my journey with Curio Citizen from the beginning, or for those amazing supporters who got excited and jumped in last minute. I am truly amazed and humbled by your support and love.

And it paid off in more ways than just my eternal gratitude! Last night, Curio Citizen won 2nd place in the Nerdist Sci-fi Contest! We got 277 total pre-orders, and 270 of those were from separate readers who were enthused enough by Curio Citizen to pre-order! Back at the beginning of the contest, I repeated to many people, many times, that getting to 50 would be amazing to me. That number changed to 80, then 100, then I was SURE I would cap at 150 when I thought I had run out of people to ask. But you all rose to the occasion and showered me with pre-orders by spreading the word. I am FLOORED by the amount of support I have received in the past month.

I started writing Curio Citizen a year ago, and this summer, I was fully ready to begin the long submissions process to try to get it published. I am SO lucky to have had the opportunity this contest offered and all of you to rally and make it happen. I will now be a published author and can jump-start what will hopefully be a successful career. My head is full of stories to be told, and I cannot wait to share them all with you!

Many of you know the details of why being published is so important to me and my family, and what I have overcome in life to get to this point. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for giving me this chance towards an amazing future.

So, as of right now, Curio Citizen has won 2nd place, it is listed as #21 Best Seller in Science Fiction on Inkshares, and its status is officially "In Production". I am awaiting further instructions and information on the way forward, but I will continue to place updates here as I go!

I would like to also send congratulations to Ferd Crotte and Daniel Lee for their wins. It has been an amazing roller coaster of a competition, and I am glad the three of us succeeded. To all the other competitors, I have loved reading about your books, and I really hope you reach full funding through your continued Inkshares goals.

Thank you again, to every single person who pre-ordered my book. I am truly touched beyond words.


Hello my dear friends! We have come so far during the past few weeks, and I couldn’t have done it without you. Today is the LAST DAY of the contest. It ends at 11:59pm Pacific Time. Every author is going to be making a big, final push for pre-orders today, so we’ve got to keep up! Please help spread the word by personally asking a spouse, family member, friend, coworker, or anybody else you can think of to pre-order a copy. An ebook is just $10, and being published could truly change my life! I would love to support my daughter all on my own, and this contest could help launch a career that could help me do just that! It really means the world to me. Thank you again so much for all of your help!

Click HERE to pre-order Curio Citizen.

Please direct friends and family to https://www.inkshares.com/books/curio-citizen

Here’s today’s LAST look into the world of Curio Citizen. I leave you with the mysterious Northwaarans...


Northwaar is a mysterious planet within the same solar system as Paz. People don’t talk about the aliens who live there, or if they do, it is in furtive, terrified whispers of an ancient war. It is because of the haunting prospect of another such disaster that the government of Paz has insisted on a state of planet-wide isolationism. 

But what are these Northwaarans? Are they still a threat? Could the simple fear of their presence entangle Carmen’s chances for acceptance on Paz? You’ll have to read Curio Citizen to find out! 

           “There are other species than paz that display such characteristics, Citizen Reúnen,” said a pudgy man with small eyes, “and they are not citizens.”

           “They do not live on Paz, Counselor Juzgan,” Inquieto argued. “They never will. Carmen cannot be compared with them.”

           A great level of disgust was shared by the expressions on the Council members’ faces at the topic of other intelligent species. I was only curious.

          “Perhaps Carmen should be shipped to them,” inserted an angular woman. “The Northwaarans might take her.”

         “She is nothing like the Northwaarans,” Inquieto countered. His fingers clenched tighter to my chair in my periphery. I tensed with him. 

         “Their planet is too foreign. They do not possess the natural nutrients her body requires, and their lifestyle and technology are utterly different and unsuited to any person of pazoid body type.”

         I shuddered at his vague descriptions, wondering what these Northwaarans could possibly be and suddenly terrified I might be sent to another foreign planet. My heart began to beat so rapidly, I thought it might be audible to the Council.


Remember, this is the LAST DAY of the contest. The countdown to 11:59pm Pacific time has begun. I am completely out of people who I can personally ask to pre-order, so please, I am counting on each of you to help get one other person to pre-order by sending private messages, face-to-face conversations, or phone calls. "Shares" on social media are super sweet, but they usually do not work, unfortunately. Asking someone personally is the only way for you to help me in these final hours.

I can’t express how much I am grateful for all of your orders, and all the additional help you can give. You have truly touched my heart; whether we win or lose, I will always be grateful for that!

Thank you.


Hi everyone! Curio Citizen is still in 1st at 221 orders, so thank you SO much to everyone who has ordered today. HOWEVER, 2nd place is coming up fast! They are now at 212, and they have been steadily gaining orders for days. PLEASE, personally ask one person to pre-order in a private message, in person, or even an old school phone call. That is the best (and sometimes only) way to get someone to actually place a pre-order. I’m not asking you to make yourself or anyone feel uncomfortable, of course--you know your friends and family best--but I have found that many people I would have never expected to order gladly do when personally asked. I NEED help at this point. 4th place is also gaining orders fast, and though we have a good lead, that could change if I stop getting pre-orders today and tomorrow. I hate to ask more of you who have already done so much, but all of our hard work for weeks will be for nothing if I don’t stay in the top 3. 

Thank you again. I truly cannot thank you all enough.

The deadline is TOMORROW at midnight Pacific Time (that means 3am for all my east coast peeps). June 27th is the LAST DAY.

Click HERE to pre-order Curio Citizen.

Please direct friends to https://www.inkshares.com/books/curio-citizen

Here’s today’s look into Curio Citizen:

Prístina and Aliado Reúnen

Prístina Reúnen is Inquieto’s older sister, and her husband is Aliado Reúnen.  Prístina is a teacher of young children, and has the compassionate and patient demeanor ideal for the profession. Aliado works for the water treatment plant beneath the Capitol, a career that doesn’t seem to fit his shrewd wit and skills for diplomacy. 


             “Prístina,” Oyente said, clasping her forearm, and then the man’s at her side. “Welcome, Aliado. It is wonderful to see you both.” 

             “Thank you for having us, Oyente,” replied the similarly dressed man, but his glance couldn’t stay away from me for long. “This is the alien? Carmen, is it?” 

             I noticed a visible shift of discomfort from Oyente. Cálido stifled a laugh. 

             “The Talking Curio,” Cálido smirked. I did my best to stomach the comment. 

             “Carmen, it is so exciting to meet you,” said Prístina, sweeping forward. “When Inquieto told us your story, I was heartbroken! What a terrible misunderstanding!” 

             I took a shaky breath. “Yes,” I said. No more words made it past the knot in my throat. 

             “Carmen, this is my older sister by five years, Prístina,” Inquieto said, with a gesture to the young woman. She possessed the same high cheekbones as her two brothers’, but they were dissimilarly part of her full, heart-shaped face. Her cheeks were a soft, enlivening blue, and I suspected she was wearing makeup. 

             “And her husband,” Inquieto continued, “Aliado.” 

            Aliado was taller than anyone present, with a square jaw and dimpled chin, a solid frame, and sharp eyes that had not yet left me.


Thank you! We have less than two days! Please help!!!


Hello all!

Curio Citizen is still in 1st place! It has been a slow weekend for the contest as a whole, it seems, but there are two days left in the competition. I would love to secure my place in the top 3, but I still really need your help to pull it off! If each one of you is able to get one other person to pre-order, that would increase my chances immensely. Curio Citizen has a good lead, but we can’t rest yet. Please help me succeed in getting this book published! I can’t wait for you all to read it, and I have to be in the top 3 for you to be able to do that. Thank you so much for everything you all have done. The deadline is this Tuesday, June 27th. The contest is open all day on Tuesday, so we can still get some last minute pre-orders in that day--because the competition certainly might!

Please click HERE to pre-order Curio Citizen.

Please direct your friends to https://www.inkshares.com/books/curio-citizen

Here’s today’s look into the world of Curio Citizen:

The Capitol

The largest city on Paz is also the seat of the planet-wide government, and is simply referred to as the Captiol. It holds millions of inhabitants, and includes the biggest and most eclectic curio museums, an enormous quadrisphere stadium, and numerous government buildings. One of these buildings houses the High and Low Councils, and many of the lesser courts. It is called the Egalitarian.

The architecture of the city is diverse, but typically consists of pale colors and various gleaming metals, sparkling crystals, and sleek pearl facades.

The Capitol is centered around a large, paz-made lake, which seems to anchor the beautiful city, and extends its pure waters into countless ponds and fountains throughout the courtyards, plazas, streets, and home and public gardens. It is hard to be anywhere in the Capitol where a background splash of water isn’t heard.


               "The elevator lifted. The movement was so smooth, I hardly felt it, but the view out of the two-way mirror doors made our height clear.

                It was breathtaking. The city was a broach of pearl and opal in a setting of white gold. Glints of emerald trees and open lawns intermixed with sapphire ponds, and the expansive lake was the crown jewel.

                ’This is our largest city,’ Inquieto informed me. ’The Capitol of Paz.’

                ’Paz is your planet,’ I said, unable to take my eyes off the glittering spectacle. ’Your planet has a capitol?’           

                ’Of course,’ he said. He may have intended to say more, but the elevator stopped itself, and our conversation."


Thank you again for all of your support!


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