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The heart-stopping and heartbreaking story of a plague spread by souls from body to body through reincarnation, following three lives of one woman searching space and time for a cure.
1845. A white American en route home from Senegal is stranded on a deserted island when his ship is set aflame and sunk. But he is not the only survivor, for he’d unknowingly been traveling on a slave ship, and with him is the slave who set the fire.
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Evocative, mysterious, and thrilling, Stone's writing recalls Andrzej Sapkowski, and introduces to its readers a new world just as epic and assured as that of the Witcher. If you're looking for a confident new literary addiction, look no further.
An ancient curse could mean ultimate power--but at what cost? Filled with magic and mystery, Rune of the Apprentice is an action-packed novel of adventure, love, and self-discovery.
A slim masterpiece of loneliness and longing. With his surprisingly efficient first-person prose, Sobin warms the spaces where Asimov left me cold. A terrific read!
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