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Jane-Holly Meissner

Author of "Fae Child." Avid reader, writer, mother of three, often late, creative, distracted,  sci-fi fan, fantasy nerd, I love supernatural thrillers, and collaborative writing (and yes, that’s a hyphen)
Jane-Holly is the author of
A child slips through a portal into the land of the Fae and traverses the Otherworld with the help of a young elf, while her parents are left to deal with the changeling that was left in her place.
It’s hard to be the ’good guy’ when you lead the local cell of the League, a terrorist organization
I am the last beekeeper, facing a world without bees.
A young woman finds herself caught between two brothers, and embroiled in the intricate politics of London’s vampire court
One family struggles to hold onto their identity as the Union Pacific cuts through their land on its way West.
Genesis must protect her little sister, Exodus, as they travel a post-apocalyptic USA in search of a safe haven
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Beautifully written, I am drawn in to this mysterious story. I need to know more!
Who are you when you are to live 900 years and you know only one, three, maybe five others like you in the world?
A delicious steampunk adventure with a devious Queen Victoria (do you like Cersei in GoT? Of course you do) and a plucky airship captain - not to be missed!
A female airship Captain and her crew work to prevent a despotic Queen Victoria expanding her empire.
A fantasy tale set in a WWII-like war, gritty and realistic in its details. Follow a student nurse and a veteran soldier as they navigate the fog of war!
A student nurse finds herself caring for the maimed and wounded when her city comes under unexpected and brutal siege. An old cavalry officer dons his uniform once more to join the fight and save his son. But in this war, truth was the first to die.
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