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Former US Marine, current father, future author, eternal student, and perpetual reader.  As an aside, I am a master of mostly-useless trivia.
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A priest who must murder to keep living, a blind boy with a sword and vengeance in his heart, a war the likes of which the world has never seen, and the  thing that was a man but who would be a god pulling all the strings
Lucifer starts a Second War with Heaven because he’s bored. Besides, what’s God going to do - send him to Hell?
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Contribute to this anthology and go down in history....or future. Sometime
The Inkshares Authors Anthology - submit a poem, essay or short story loosely related to our futuristic fiction, Journey. Email entries to myklwalsh@yahoo.com. Entry deadline is [open]. $100 advance to winning entries and an ongoing royalty share.
Ah, Arthur...Uther...legends of the Cymri. Druids and sea voyages. Legends and facts and hints all rolled into one. I love historical fiction, and this promises to deliver!
The forgotten tale of King Arthur’s brother, Prince Madog, who discovers America when he follows the trail of King Solomon on a journey to find and restore the Grail before its magic is extinguished and the world falls under an eternal veil of darkness.
This is a hard book to read, yet I kept reading. Listening to the hardships of another persons life is never easy but the two things you learn are "there but for the grace of God, go I" and "if they could survive that, I can survive this".
This story is an homage to my father’s life, a complex and heart wrenching tale of survival, against all odds.
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