Fulton Ross

Writer, journalist and sub-editor, originally from the Scottish Highlands now living in Northern Ireland. Lover of tartan noir, history, beagles, and shinty.  Debut supernatural thriller The Unforgiven Dead out summer 2023.
Fulton is the author of
A Highland cop cursed with second sight investigates a murder with macabre echoes of a 2,000-year-old Celtic threefold death ritual. But is the killer a "who" or a "what"?
Books Fulton Recommends
Deftly drew me into the action from the off. Definitely one to keep your eye on.
An alien invasion story, but with magic. A hacker fresh from the Academy is sent to track down a hell-portal belonging to a rogue prince.
A great concept... already sounds like the plot of a high-octane British TV series. A proper high-stakes thriller!
The Bishop of London’s desire to inspire a compassionate but effective justice system is hijacked by a terrorist with an explosive design to bring the death penalty back to the UK.
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