Katherine Forrister's latest update for Curio Citizen

Mar 1, 2023

Hello all!

I have news!! A few days ago, I received the copy edits for Curio Citizen! This round of edits focuses on minor grammatical errors (I use WAY too many unnecessary hyphens, haha) and making sure formatting is consistent throughout the manuscript. This stage of edits is a big step forward, as it means that the manuscript is ready to go and all that remains is the book production itself!

I reviewed the edits and also had the benefit of working with a Spanish translator to ensure the Spanish in the book is correct. I even found a translator who is from the specific Puebla region of Mexico where Carmen’s mother was from so I could include the proper dialect that Carmen would have learned in her bilingual household. It was a fun and enlightening experience, and I think it will add to the quality of the book and pay homage to the culture Carmen comes from.

When I hear more news, I will be sure to let you all know! I appreciate your care and dedication in asking me about the status of the book, and I thank you for your patience. We’re getting closer!

Best wishes,