Yes, I am still alive.  And yes, I am working on this project concurrently with the third book in the Rise series.  I had a mix-up in the process of transferring things between iPads and computers and lost most of what I had written.  I pretty much only had what was here on Inkshares.  So, I’ve taken advantage of it to rework the plot, add some elements, remove some others, and the result, I think, is a much tighter, better novel.  As a taste of what I’ve been working on, here’s a character bio for Casey Adler, detective.  I will be sharing more snippets like this on my Patreon page (found here https://www.patreon.com/brianguthrie sorry, iOS breaks the editor on Inkshares) where you can continue to support my writing as it expands beyond just the Rise series and After Man.  Enjoy! 

Casey Adler grew up with just an archaeologist mother, her geneticist mother who carried her having died when she was an infant to a work accident. She wants to know what actually happened to her mother, not the story the government put out. This desire is the most formative influence in her life, guiding her to choose a career investigating the all but extinct violent crimes. She’s convinced foul play was involved and that the center and government covered up what really happened to save face. Her mother never discouraged her from her pursuit of the truth, but also never encouraged it. Casey never needed encouraging when it came to finding the answers. Despite this, she doesn’t believe there is anything wrong with their society. The system works, but it has some rough edges. She joined INTERPOL’s Unique Crimes Division (UCD) to help protect civilization and smooth out the rough edges she sees, like the one that took her mother’s life. Her pet project becomes a bit of a White Whale for her, as she never really makes any progress on it. She continues to work on it, despite the efforts of her closest friend and colleague, Vee.

Well, 2016 is on its deathbed.  Appropriate analogy all things considered.  We’ve said goodbye to many this year, although to be honest the famous deaths of this year didn’t really register in my ecosystem until the very end.  Seeing as I don’t remember a world that didn’t have Princess Leia or Singing in the Rain in it, I definitely felt something when those two passed.  To have them do so within days of my grandmother passing away definitely put a more subdued end on a year filled with frustration and stress.  That said, there were some things I enjoyed about this year.  Here are some highlights.

  • Highlight moment of the year: Holding my very own book in my hands for the first time on Sept 13.
  • Highlight moment runner-ups: 15th wedding anniversary (such a fun evening Michelle), Finishing the manuscript for Fall on Jan 18, appearing on the Current Geek podcast with Scott Johnson (I’ve been listening to him since 2009; yeah that mattered); winning two more contests on Inkshares; Publishers Weekly review; Audible book deals for Rise and Fall
  • Best Movie: Toss-up between Civil War and Rogue One for me. honorable mention to Zootopia
  • Best TV Series (started this year)Toss up here between Stranger Things and Orphan Black. Honorable mention to the new Muppets and Voltron
  • Best Book I read: not touching that with a 39-and-a-half-foot pole.  Too many friends published books this year.  So instead:
  1. Most Surprising BookUnattractive Vampire (did not see myself enjoying this)
  2. Most Difficult to read: tie between Ageless and Rune of the Apprentice for entirely different reasons (Note: I still enjoyed them ;-))
  3. Most Inspiring: Push
  • Best Game played: I’d have to say Munchkin (adventure time or Cthulu versions); yes I hadn’t played it before
  • Best Video Game played: I spend a lot of time in Civilization VI so that is a good answer.  Stellaris is another really good one.  That said, I think I’ll choose Crashlands.  My daughter and I have spent hours playing concurrent games (no multi-player) throughout this year
  • Highlight Verse I read: Psalm 27:14 - Wait for the LORD; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the LORD! (ESV)

 So, yeah it’s been an interesting year.  Rounding out the year watching the entire Harry Potter series with my daughter was another moment, including giving her book one in both German and English for Christmas.  I’m so proud of her development as a linguist.  Watching her interact with those in need on Christmas Eve, seeing the smiles on their faces when she spoke with them.  It warmed the heart.


Looking straight at you now.  What’s coming?  Well, I don’t know.  2016 definitely did not go according to plan (except the release of Rise.  That did happen as planned.)  So, who knows what will happen but here’s what I intend on doing.

  1. By the end of 2017, the first drafts of Shatter and Unite will be done.  
  2. I will be able to lead discussions and do live translations without fear in Arabic.  
  3. And I’ll be able to hold my own in a conversation in German.


Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.” – Ronald E. Osborn

The holidays are here!  And you know what that means.  Sales!  Inkshares isn’t skipping out on it.  They’re throwing a 50% off sale for published books.  Yes, that means you can get one or two or a dozen books for half what it would normally cost you.  Got a friend or 10 that you want to give a great gift to?  Well, check out the books out now from Inkshares.  You’re sure to find something for that reader in your life.

Why am I telling you all about this?  Well, duh.  I want my author friends to make mad money this holiday season.  And, shhh, don’t tell anyone but they let Rise in for some reason!  So, yeah, you can get an extra copy or two of Rise to share also.

Hurry!  The sale ends Dec 16th!

  Today is Extra Life!  We cleared my second goal and are closing in on $1000 raised for the year.  The entire event is above $6 million for the year. We’re live and fundraising and you can watch here http://www.twitch.tv/guthron or here http://www.twitch.tv/pixel_sharks.  You can donate here.  

Just an update for you about an event I participate in every Fall.

BLUF: Support me as I raise money for the hospital that saved my niece’s life.  Go here to donate.

This weekend, gamers around the world will come together for 24 (25 with the time change) hours of gaming raising money for children.  The event is Extra Life and all the money the gamers raise goes to support Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals across the US.

This event is particularly close to my heart as my niece was born into Providence of Alaska at 26 weeks.  They helped keep her in the womb as long as possible, safely delivered her, and saved her life during her 72 day stay in the NICU.  She’s now a happy, bubbling kid full of life thanks to that hospital.

All of the funds I raise go to Providence of Alaska.  Many, many more gamers have similar stories about the hospitals they support.  In fact, the entire event was inspired by Victoria Enmon, a little girl diagnosed with cancer that wanted to do something for the other kids around her that were more sick.  You can learn more about her story in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHSZ_82wiJg .  Warning: tissues should be nearby.

So, what can you do?  Well, you can join in and support a hospital.  Learn more at http://www.extra-life.org .  But, if you’d rather just support a gamer, you can go to that site and find someone also doing this.  My page is here.  I believe Jamison Stone is also participating.

Oh, and Rise is 42 copies away from 2K sold:-)  I’m still waiting on all those reviews you promised.

So there is some news to share, first on my other books.   Rise is going to be an audio-book!  The deal is for Rise and a sequel, in this case Fall.  I can’t wait to get my hands on this.  Definitely will be listening to that on some runs.

In other news, Rise is closing in on 2000 copies sold.  And most of that buzz pushing the sales is coming from you.  Thank you so much!  If you’re reading your copy now, I’d appreciate a "Reading" mark on Goodreads.  And a review when you’re finished would be awesome.

In Fall news, I’m editing act 3 before sending it off to my editor.  After that, I got back and do a rework based on the edits I already have for acts 1 and 2.  If you haven’t pre-ordered your copy, the sooner you do the sooner we can get it into production and in your hands.

As for After Man, I’ve completed the rewrite of Act 1 and boy does it have a slam bang finish.  I began work on Act 2, but with the news about Rise, I decided it was time to finish the edit of Fall.  I still write at least 100 words a day on After Man.  I have no updates on a release because Inkshares right now has a good problem to have: a lot of books in the queue to publish.

Thanks for all your help.  You are all awesome!

First, update on After Man.  I’ve finished rewriting act one and am digging in deep on act two.  Unfortunately, I’ve had a rough month or so as I’ve been working through some personal issues.  Some of these greatly affect the story that is Rise and her sequels.  Some also affect After Man’s narrative.  Either way, it’s drained all the creative out of me and I’m just starting to get that groove back.  So, stay tuned for more on that front.  I will upload a few more chapters in the coming weeks.

Now, on to something else you can help with.  Many of you also preordered Rise.  Some haven’t and are just getting introduced to it.  Here’s a copy of the update I sent there.

We are one month away from the release of Rise into the world wide wild!  And Rise needs your help yet again when this happens.  Well, really before it happens.  Here’s how.

Bookstores!  Go to them wherever you see them and request they stock the book.  All you need is the book title and my name and they will find it in their system to order.  Even if you have a copy coming, doing this helps tell bookstores there is interest in this product and gets them putting copies on their shelves for you to, I don’t know, take friends to get.

Amazon!  This is the big one.  The number of reviews a book gets is critical in getting it visibility on Amazon’s pages.  The magic number for this is 100.  Don’t assume everyone else will do this so you don’t have to.  Just go real quick and knock it out.  And your review does NOT have to be a work of literary note itself.  It can be something as simple as “I like this book” with a star rating to show how much.  Pro tip: in the subject line put “ARC review” or “Advance Reader Copy review”.  That tells people looking at the reviews who see you aren’t a “verified purchaser” because you didn’t buy it from Amazon that you did read it because you had special access early.  Second Pro tip: copy pasta!  Once you put one on Amazon, go to Goodreads, copy and pasteJ  And Bn.com.  And Indigo.  Anywhere you want.  You can reuse the same review on all of them.

Now for the big question.  When?  Well, with bookstores, now!  With the reviews, do them as soon as you can.  Amazon won’t open it up for reviews until about 2 weeks before or less.  I’ll be sure to send out a reminder once I notice it.

Now for the last big question.  The release party.  I’m still ironing out some details but Michelle and I will be at Dragoncon.  Don’t worry, it won’t happen at con so you don’t have to rush out and get a con badge.  When I know more details, I’ll let you know.  It’s only meant to be a little deal for all of you who supported this project in GA and who come to Dragoncon to come see me and chat about the book.  For those of you in Europe, I’ll have another in Frankfurt after I get back.

So a resentfully, sober dwarf, an uncontrollably, honest goblin, and the world’s ugliest human walk into a dungeon... 

Want to know more? Check out Too Many Controllers (https://www.inkshares.com/books/too-many-controllers?referral_code=cd07e0a9) an anthology of some of the nicest and most talented authors I know that I am lucky enough to be included in.

Apologies for the lack of snazz in this update. It’s the curse of mobile!

We did it!  You did it!  With your help, After Man took second place in the Geek and Sundry contest.  Michelle and I are so grateful for your support, especially the Rise supporters who came back to help again.  We now move our focus to getting the rewrite finished and off to Inkshares for developmental edit.

For the new followers that came on board in the first 24 hours after the contest ended but were unable to pre-order because of the glitch that turned After Man into an unfunded book, the problem has been fixed.

Stay tuned next week for the Geek and Sundry announcement of which of the three contest winners gets the nod as the first book in the Geek and Sundry collection.  If you haven’t checked out the other two winning books, I encourage you to do so now.  You can find links to them here.

See below for more content related to After Man’s back story.

Less than 6 hours to go.  Then the production starts for After Man.  We cleared 300 readers yesterday and are now approaching 350 copies sold.  That may not seem like a lot, especially compared to Rise’s 609 readers during the contest and 780 copies sold to date, but 350 copies is still a large number of books.  More copies means more people reading and more people talking about it and more people hearing about it.  That’s the key to a book taking off.  So thanks to you for helping make that happen.  Also, I’d like to say a big thanks to Jim Chatfield for his being the 300th reader to hop on board After Man’s support train and then later bringing his wife on board!  It’s things like this, people like you choosing to not only preorder but to go and find someone else to jump on board, that make an author smile a lot inside.

Now for what’s next for After Man.  First up will be my finishing the rewrite of the manuscript.  After that, the same editing and production process as before with Rise begins.  It will be several months before this book is ready.  Rise took almost a full year to get out to people (Nerdist Contest ended 30 Sept 2015, release date is 13 Sept 2016).  After Man is going to be shorter than Rise or Fall (which I’ve completed btw.  Keep an eye out for that one), but I still expect it to be in production until at least Jan 2017.  And remember, this time I’ll be going to San Francisco to sign all of these before they are shipped for sure.  That’s part of what you helped make happen by preordering.  I likely won’t be able to do the same for Rise, but everyone who preorders After Man will get one of those signed copies.

As always, some content for you, this time in the form of a news headline from long in the past.  Enjoy!

Martin Hoffman, Nobel Prize-Winning Geneticist and Last Man On Earth, Is Dead at 76

by Alexandra St. Fleur May 4, 2121

Martin Hoffman, who shared the 2100 Nobel Prize in Genetics for discovering a new more stable method for artificial insemination of the female egg using artificially create sperm using female genetic contributions, died on Sunday in East Sussex, England. He was 76.

The cause was complications of chorioepithelioma resulting from his exposure to the same viral agent released at the end of World War III in 2095 that led to what is now called the Great Death, the death of all Y-chromosome carrying males.

As a geneticist, Dr. Hoffman played a key role in the advancement of an early 21st century process wherein skin cells from adult females could be harvested and used to artificially inseminate an egg, thus creating an embryo. His Nobel Prize-winning discovery, which he shared with Dr. Rebecca Smalley and Dr. Roberta Curl of Rice University in Houston, was the demonstration of specification of hPGC-like cells (hPGCLCs) from germline competent pluripotent stem cells. 

Dr. Hoffman, a life long lover of art and service to community, always gave credit to his partners for the lionshare of the work put in to finish the revolution of this new process, a key step in preserving humanity in the wake of the Great Death.

"He always gave us the credit, and never wanted any accolades," said Dr. Smalley, formerly a genetics professor at Houston university, where Dr. Hoffmann worked for nearly two decades after the war before returning to England in the fall of 2115 because of failing health.

"Unlike most discoveries in genetics, this was immediately impactful," said Gina Forrino, a science writer who worked with Dr. Hoffman at the Science Museum of London for a brief stint in 2116 before he officially left public life and returned home to East Sussex.  "Everyone in the world felt this.  I mean, the work of those three saved humanity."

Dr. Hoffmann studied genetics at the University of Sheffield, earning his undergraduate degree in 2067, and completed his Ph.D there in 2070 with a focus on Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics.  As a student, he divided his time between conducting experiments, playing tennis and amateur painting.

Dr. Hoffman completed postdoctoral work in the United States and Canada in 2073 and returned to England to work as a teacher at the University of Sussex.

He began working with Dr. Smalley and Dr. Curl at Rice in the fall of 2091, two years after World War III erupted in central Asia.  In addition to his wife of 53 years, Mary, he is survived by two daughters, Stephany and Diana.

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