Brian Guthrie's latest update for After Man

Jun 21, 2017

Yes, I am still alive.  And yes, I am working on this project concurrently with the third book in the Rise series.  I had a mix-up in the process of transferring things between iPads and computers and lost most of what I had written.  I pretty much only had what was here on Inkshares.  So, I’ve taken advantage of it to rework the plot, add some elements, remove some others, and the result, I think, is a much tighter, better novel.  As a taste of what I’ve been working on, here’s a character bio for Casey Adler, detective.  I will be sharing more snippets like this on my Patreon page (found here sorry, iOS breaks the editor on Inkshares) where you can continue to support my writing as it expands beyond just the Rise series and After Man.  Enjoy! 

Casey Adler grew up with just an archaeologist mother, her geneticist mother who carried her having died when she was an infant to a work accident. She wants to know what actually happened to her mother, not the story the government put out. This desire is the most formative influence in her life, guiding her to choose a career investigating the all but extinct violent crimes. She’s convinced foul play was involved and that the center and government covered up what really happened to save face. Her mother never discouraged her from her pursuit of the truth, but also never encouraged it. Casey never needed encouraging when it came to finding the answers. Despite this, she doesn’t believe there is anything wrong with their society. The system works, but it has some rough edges. She joined INTERPOL’s Unique Crimes Division (UCD) to help protect civilization and smooth out the rough edges she sees, like the one that took her mother’s life. Her pet project becomes a bit of a White Whale for her, as she never really makes any progress on it. She continues to work on it, despite the efforts of her closest friend and colleague, Vee.