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Congratulations! You did it!! I’m so happy for you that I’m abusing exclamation marks!!!!

This is it! We are in the final day of the Nerdist Sci-Fi book publishing contest on Inkshares.

I want to again thank everyone who has pre-ordered Mission 51 and brought us this far. We are still in the running and it’s all because of YOU!

The contest officially ends tonight at 11:59 PM, Pacific Time, so we have about 19 hours to try to stay in the top three and win a FULL publishing package! This includes heavy-duty editing services, production, marketing, and distribution!

Here is where we stand on the leaderboard which as you know has been HOT with activity this past week:

245 for the contestant in 1st place
236 for the contestant in 2nd place
220 for our Mission 51 in 3rd place
206 for the contestant in 4th place

The top three get the same prize. Fourth place gets nothing! All we have to do is stay in the top three!

Contestants are measured by the number of individual people who place a pre-order.

So this is it! If you haven’t yet pre-ordered your ebook or signed copy, this is your chance to do it and help us win a fantastic publishing deal!

If you have, I simply can’t thank you enough! It has been an amazing run so far and YOU are the ones who have made it happen! If I can ask one last thing is to try to find another pre-order somewhere in your list of fabulous friends and family. Let’s launch Mission 51!

THANK YOU!!!!!! :D




We are down to the last few updates regarding Mission 51 and the Nerdist Sci-Fi-Fi Contest. There are only 54 hours left and we are holding on to 2nd place, but just barely. Here are the current standings:

209 for the contestant in 1st place

192 for our Mission 51 in 2nd place

190 for the contestant in 3rd place

171 for the contestant in 4th place

Three of these four contestants will win full Inkshares publishing contracts. The fourth will not! We are in serious need of a few more pre-orders to keep a distance from 3rd place.

Those of you yet to pre-order, this is your chance to make a HUGE difference! Please place your pre-order now!

Those of you who have, you are the very reason Mission 51 has gotten this far! You are the ones who can save the day! I humbly ask that you find one other pre-order among your family and friends, and I urge you to do it soon, real soon.

This will be an exciting finish! I’ll keep doing what I can to bring us new pre-orders. Please do what you can, too. Thank you, everyone!

Ferd  :D

Mission 51 continues to (barely) hold on to 2nd place in the contest. It is because of the continuing pre-orders we are receiving. Thank you!

But this is no time to let up. The contest was extended to June 27. We must keep gathering regular pre-orders if we are to stay in the top three. There continues to be large movement in the leaderboard.

Here are the current standings:

197 unique name/email pre-orders for contestant in 1st place

180 for our Mission 51 in 2nd place

178 for contestant in 3rd place (continues to move up fast!)

152 for contestant in 4th place (seasoned competitor)

121 for contestant in 5th place

Mission 51 followers who have yet to pre-order, you’re help would be priceless at this time! Well, there is a price, but a simple $10 pre-order might make all the difference between having Mission 51 receive a full publishing contract by this contest or not! Please be a part of crowdfunding this book into existence! Please help with a pre-order!

Thank you very much, everyone, for your amazing, continuing support!



Important update:

Inkshares has decided to extend the Nerdist Sci-Fi Contest by a few days. It now ends on June 27, not June 25 as previously announced. That makes things even more difficult as it gives the competition more time to catch up and displace Mission 51 from the top three.

You can see our challenge here in the current  standings:
186 unique name/email pre-orders for the contestant in 1st place
172 for Mission 51 in 2nd place
169 for the contestant in 3rd place
144 for the contestant in 4th place
121 for the contestant in 5th place

Only the top three win a comprehensive publishing contract with Inkshares. This is a remarkable opportunity for any writer! But I cannot do it without the demonstrated support of readers like you. For this contest, Inkshares measures the contestants by the number of pre-orders coming from unique individual name/email.

Mission 51 is a novel I have written as a fun science fiction about an alien, within the context of true people, places, and events during 1954-1969. This alien is not bad, as depicted in most science fiction about aliens that come to Earth. But is he good? Or is he both bad and good, like the human race? I guess you’ll have to read the book to find out! :-)

I am in danger of being displaced from the top three. If you haven’t, please place your pre-order now. It is absolutely essential!

And if you have pre-ordered, please sit someone down and help them through the process of a pre-order. It is difficult for me to ask this of you who have already been such a support, but this will be the only way to keep Mission 51 in the top three.

Let’s do this! Let’s get Mission 51 published! Thank you!


Mission 51 family! This is a call to arms!

Despite a good number of pre-orders these past few days, the competition (177 entries) continues to surge. We have now dropped out of 1st place, and the ones in 3rd and 4th are coming on strong. We NEED to keep pushing even harder!

Here is the leaderboard as of this morning, in terms of unique name/email who have placed a pre-order:

164 for the contestant in 1st place
163 for Mission 51
145 for the contestant in 3rd place
129 for the contestant in 4th place
117 for the contestant in 5th place

Mission 51 has a large number of followers, 346 to be exact. You are the best fans of Mission 51. If every follower placed a pre-order, we would win by a landslide!!

There are only 3 days left in the contest. PLEASE, if you have not pre-ordered, do it now and help us win! Be a part of crowdfunding Mission 51 into a published reality!

For all of those who have pre-ordered, thank you very much, and can you find ONE other person in your life who would enjoy Mission 51? Would you sit them down and help them through the process of placing a pre-order? That would help immensely!

Thanks again, everyone! Help me keep pushing!


Hi, Mission 51 family!

I need your help! My work in the hospital is keeping me from making personal contact. 12-hour shifts plus 45-minute commutes does not leave much time left in the day.

FOUR days remain in the Nerdist Sci-Fi Contest. I have been in 1st place for the entire contest so far because of generous supporters like you, but it looks like I might lose my top spot today. As you well know, at risk is a coveted publishing contract for the top three contestants. There are now 177 contestants, and they are all working very hard to get there.

Here are the current rankings in terms of pre-orders:
151 for Mission 51, currently in 1st place
149 for the contestant currently in 2nd place
128 for the contestant currently in 3rd place
119 for the contestant currently in 4th place
110 for the contestant currently in 5th place

I have written over 500 personal messages to everyone I know, asking for their pre-order, and have been blessed with a great response. I am reaching out to you now because you are my best supporters. Many of you have been with me since the beginning. It is difficult for me to ask for even more of your generosity, but I am desperate. This contest is a lifetime opportunity for me as a writer.

So here is my request. It would NOT help for you to place another pre-order, as the contest requires unique individual email addresses. So… Would you encourage your spouse or a close friend to place a pre-order? Today? Or ASAP? The contest ends on June 25, so there is no time to delay.

Thank you! Please know that I am very grateful for what you have done already! I would not be asking more of you if I wasn’t in desperate need.



Important update on the status of Mission 51 and the Nerdist Sci-Fi Contest.

We remain in 1st place, where we have been since day one, thanks to so many wonderful supporters. Thank you all so very much!

The contest is now in the final 5 days and our lead has significantly diminished. The contestants in 2nd through 5th place are all in a position to possibly take the lead. Needless to say, it is crucially important for us to keep pressing on with pre-orders if we hope to stay in the top three and win a coveted publishing contract with Inkshares!

Mission 51 now has 324 official followers. That’s amazing! Of those, 139 of you have helped with a pre-order. That means that 185 are still on the sidelines. If you are contemplating a pre-order at some point, this is the time! Your pre-order can truly make the difference between placing in the top three or not. Please, do not delay!

Again, I want to thank everyone for your support so far. If there is anyone in your life who you think would enjoy Mission 51, please pass on the link, or better yet, consider buying them a pre-order as a gift. Here is how you do it: Just sign out of your Inkshares login, then click the pre-order link, and enter your loved one’s email address when prompted for an email. You can then use your own credit card to check out. Every unique email counts towards the contest.

Five more days! Let’s do this!! :D

Peace and love, everyone!

Ferd 👽


Torkiyan missions to Cerulea (the planet Earth) have often ended in tragedy. Travel across the galaxy and a successful landing must be difficult! The most recent evidence of these tragedies includes the remnants of the spaceship and the dead alien we found in Roswell in 1947, which experts believe was part of Torkiyan Mission 50.

This original illustration by artist Chris Pyke is in the Mission 51 chapter called Roswell Revisited. You’ll have to read the book to get the rest of the story! :-)

Mission 51 remains in 1st Place in the Nerdist Sci-Fi Contest on Inkshares. Like Mission 51, the book in 2nd place also has to do with issues of immigration. This seems to be an important subject for our times.

Mission 51 is a mature Inkshares project. Perhaps that is why it started strong in the contest and has remained in 1st Place for the entire duration of the contest so far. But there is no guarantee whatsoever it will remain in 1st Place at the end. There are other strong authors/stories that can easily displace Mission 51 now in the closing days of the contest. Several of these books are very close to doing so. Only the top three will win a coveted publishing contract on Inkshares.

You can be an integral part of bringing Mission 51 to Amazon, to bookstore shelves across the country and maybe even around the world! You would do it by placing a pre-order. Contestants are ranked by the number of individual people who place a pre-order. If you have been thinking about doing so, it is essential to do it now!

If you think you have pre-ordered but did not receive a confirmation email from Inkshares, it probably did not go through. Be sure you have that confirmation email. If you didn’t, please try again or contact me!

Please help me win a publishing contract for Mission 51 by pre-ordering your ebook or signed copy now. Thank you all so very much for your support!


Ferd 👽

I was taken completely by surprise this morning with some wonderful news and I am still reeling in the excitement of it! Mission 51 is the June 2017 selection of the Rite of Passage Syndicate!

I want to thank the Syndicate Lead, Christopher Lee Eichenauer, and the entire syndicate membership for this incredible honor! I humbly join a remarkable group of authors and works and I am greatly encouraged by their faith in me and Mission 51. Please check out the Rites of Passage Syndicate and consider becoming a member of this supportive group of amazing human beings.

This boost gives further momentum to the Mission 51 campaign in the current Nerdist Science Fiction Contest on Inkshares. We remain in 1st place out of more than 160 contestants. But the contest is far from over. There are many remarkable books by talented authors in the competition. We need to keep pressing on!

I am eternally grateful to everyone who has pre-ordered a copy of Mission 51! If you have yet to pre-order, I ask that you click on the green pre-order button below. It is through your kind and generous pre-orders that Mission 51 will become a published reality. Be a part of it!  :-)

Thank you again to Christopher Lee, the Rite of Passage Syndicate, and everyone who supports Mission 51. You have all touched my heart more than you can know!



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