Ferd Crôtte's latest update for Mission 51

Jun 23, 2017

Important update:

Inkshares has decided to extend the Nerdist Sci-Fi Contest by a few days. It now ends on June 27, not June 25 as previously announced. That makes things even more difficult as it gives the competition more time to catch up and displace Mission 51 from the top three.

You can see our challenge here in the current  standings:
186 unique name/email pre-orders for the contestant in 1st place
172 for Mission 51 in 2nd place
169 for the contestant in 3rd place
144 for the contestant in 4th place
121 for the contestant in 5th place

Only the top three win a comprehensive publishing contract with Inkshares. This is a remarkable opportunity for any writer! But I cannot do it without the demonstrated support of readers like you. For this contest, Inkshares measures the contestants by the number of pre-orders coming from unique individual name/email.

Mission 51 is a novel I have written as a fun science fiction about an alien, within the context of true people, places, and events during 1954-1969. This alien is not bad, as depicted in most science fiction about aliens that come to Earth. But is he good? Or is he both bad and good, like the human race? I guess you’ll have to read the book to find out! :-)

I am in danger of being displaced from the top three. If you haven’t, please place your pre-order now. It is absolutely essential!

And if you have pre-ordered, please sit someone down and help them through the process of a pre-order. It is difficult for me to ask this of you who have already been such a support, but this will be the only way to keep Mission 51 in the top three.

Let’s do this! Let’s get Mission 51 published! Thank you!