Ferd Crôtte's latest update for Mission 51

Jun 25, 2017

We are down to the last few updates regarding Mission 51 and the Nerdist Sci-Fi-Fi Contest. There are only 54 hours left and we are holding on to 2nd place, but just barely. Here are the current standings:

209 for the contestant in 1st place

192 for our Mission 51 in 2nd place

190 for the contestant in 3rd place

171 for the contestant in 4th place

Three of these four contestants will win full Inkshares publishing contracts. The fourth will not! We are in serious need of a few more pre-orders to keep a distance from 3rd place.

Those of you yet to pre-order, this is your chance to make a HUGE difference! Please place your pre-order now!

Those of you who have, you are the very reason Mission 51 has gotten this far! You are the ones who can save the day! I humbly ask that you find one other pre-order among your family and friends, and I urge you to do it soon, real soon.

This will be an exciting finish! I’ll keep doing what I can to bring us new pre-orders. Please do what you can, too. Thank you, everyone!

Ferd  :D