Ferd Crôtte's latest update for Mission 51

Jun 24, 2017

Mission 51 continues to (barely) hold on to 2nd place in the contest. It is because of the continuing pre-orders we are receiving. Thank you!

But this is no time to let up. The contest was extended to June 27. We must keep gathering regular pre-orders if we are to stay in the top three. There continues to be large movement in the leaderboard.

Here are the current standings:

197 unique name/email pre-orders for contestant in 1st place

180 for our Mission 51 in 2nd place

178 for contestant in 3rd place (continues to move up fast!)

152 for contestant in 4th place (seasoned competitor)

121 for contestant in 5th place

Mission 51 followers who have yet to pre-order, you’re help would be priceless at this time! Well, there is a price, but a simple $10 pre-order might make all the difference between having Mission 51 receive a full publishing contract by this contest or not! Please be a part of crowdfunding this book into existence! Please help with a pre-order!

Thank you very much, everyone, for your amazing, continuing support!