Good morning Dreamers,

We made it to San Diego... after some brief stops in Vegas and LA, but we’re finally here and I’m about to report in to my intermediary school and then I’ll be on a Destroyer sailing off to [REDACTED] to [REDACTED] some pirates! Also, my Masters classes will soon be drawing to a close and then I’ll have to submit my thesis, which, as it turns out, I cannot use The Sleeping Man anymore because it will be published. So, now I have to write another book for my thesis. #FirstWorldProblems 

Also, I would like to announce the formation of The Reviewer’s Association Syndicate (Patent Pending)! This is not only to democratically select books for a block of pre-orders, but to have its members suggest books for review by the syndicate members, and by joining, the agreement is that its members will review the books put forward. 

I chose to do this because I had a pre-order campaign fail, and by spending hours a day reviewing and reading books on Inkshares, I have now had that failed campaign succeed (and it’s not even over yet). I want to further this positive network and I want to do that by passing on the tools I used to succeed. 

I can’t thank everyone enough for their support, and since we’re guaranteed to get a copy, why not pre-order if you haven’t, share if you have, and help raise money for a great cause.

Sweet Dreams,


Well, I might have lost the 72 ounce steak eating challenge, but I did receive another syndicate pick! That’s the Idiosyncraticate Syndicate, and those guys are awesome! We have a lot of ground to cover before September to reach the full publishing goal of 750, and this is exactly the push we need. I’ve also decided that every 50 orders will see the drawing for another print from The Sleeping Man art, and when we hit 300 I will eat a python:

The only bad part about this roadtrip is I lost Emma in Texas because she refused to take her state issued gun. 

Please share this book and pre-order so I can afford bail for Emma, it’s getting to her. I can see it in her eyes.

Sweet Dreams,


Greetings from Oklahoma City! Slowly but surely I am making my way across this country of ours, and I’ve seen a Graceland, a Christian waterpark in Texas, and so much more. During this, we have reached our Quill goal, which means everyone will get a book, so everyone on the list who hasn’t preordered definitely should!

Thanks for your support, and let’s get to the 750 mark!
Dragon Nell Walton · Author · edited almost 7 years ago
congarats.  You are ON FIRE!!

I totally thought I sent this out last night, but it didn’t go through, I think. 

We have reached Quill! 

There is a video update here

As I promised, there is a drawing in the video from a certain rambunctious assistant. I’m currently in Oklahoma on my trek across the country, but I wanted to quickly let everyone know that every order is getting a copy, we will be donating to charity, and I will sign all my emails as, author. 

We’re still relatively on track to hit the 750 mark, so keep ordering, recommending, and sharing online. Half the orders came from referrals, so thank you. 

Sweet Dreams,


Greetings from Memphis!

I am continuing my onward trek across this country and taking in thee sights with Emma in tow. I do enjoy adventures, and traveling like this is no exception. We are just 6 orders away from Quill, and I can’t believe it. This is going so well, and I can’t thank you enough. 

Then I get to wake up to the news The Sleeping Man has been blogged about! Christopher Irvin, the author of Wrestletown, has posted about this book for the whole internet to see if you would only just click here.

Well, I’ve taken advantage of this hotel’s breakfast they have termed as free, whereas I would use the term, nonexistent. Now I’m going to Elvis’ house to see if there’s a pretty little thing waiting for the King, down in the Jungle Room.

Sweet Dreams,


Good morning Dreamers!

Well, the work continues even if it is made more difficult by moving across the country, but something must be working because we are only 11 pre-orders away, which is two less than a baker’s dozen. 

And if that wasn’t enough, Stuart McCune of Millicent Barnes Comics has created some custom artwork for The Sleeping Man! The first is an alternate cover:

And here’s The Sleeping Man standing:

And here’s my personal favorite, Conqua:

So let’s finish these last 11 orders and someone will get a signed print of whichever one they pick. The cover? The Sleeping Man? Conqua? If you’ve bought more than one copy, each order counts as an entry, so it means better odds for you!

We have so much time left, but let’s not wait. Let’s keep this going and guarantee publication so I can stop matching on Tinder for pre-orders. 

Sweet Dreams,


P.S. If you enjoy amazing independent comics like I do, head over to and subscribe to get a free comic. 

Greetings from Tennessee!

Open skies and open carry. Can you even smell the freedom? I do, and it smells like freedom and the state law which requires creationism to be taught in public schools, hmmm, yeah, freedom. 

We are twenty orders away, and after my sixth round of emails to my followers I’ve only had two people demand to be taken off my email list. Joke’s on them because I got three orders off that last round and if they think internet trolling will stop me.... mwahaha. Now I have a stable place for a week (free WIFI) and I’m 20 orders away from Quill. That means publication. That means I will become an author. That means, I will ascend to a higher plain of existence, and I will show this fact to my ex-wife who will look at me and say, "Why are you showing me this? I already pre-ordered, I’m happy for you."

Yes, that’s right, I have a reasonable ex. Can you imagine? Where does she get off, supporting me regardless of personal differences? Ugh, it makes me sick. 

Oh, the whole point of this is to help me reach Quill. We’re 20 away. Let’s do it!

Sweet Dreams,


Good evening Dreamers,

As I begin my road trip to my new duty station, I’m left to try and explain my book in a small motel to a town with a population of 7... sorry, 6 (someone left). I have some... disturbing news. Today marks the day where the actual number of pre-orders matches the projected number of pre-orders.

I know, I know. While it is awesome that this is the very first time the actual number has reached the projection, I would very much like to knock out these last 25 to Quill, so I can continue to push my book to everyone I meet like this creature.

Thank you to everyone that has pre-ordered, don’t forget the many uses of multiple copies. If you haven’t pre-ordered yet, won’t you please? Keep us above the line and help a good cause!

Art work soon!

Sweet dreams,

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lots of people try too hard to be descriptive and don’t pull it off. Fortunately you do. I really like the descriptions - they’re natural, not over the top, and fill in the narrative just right. 
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