My dreams are written in words  an access to Fiza Hasan · Author · added over 1 year ago
What a wonderful chapter! I love this beginning and look into Tomm’s character, and information about his family. Honestly, I feel like Tomm at times, and especially since I’ve been trying to pre sell copies for my book. I couldn’t stop reading about his struggle, because all I could think of was that I knew how it felt. This is quite interesting and I would love to read more!
Portrait 21 dave Dave Barrett · Author · added over 4 years ago
Hey Andrew!  Just a quick FYI regarding your time horizon.  I was hoping for a Spring release too, and, well, that's not happening.  I got them my Manuscript in October and I'm looking at the books not being actually printed until June (and not shipped to stores until July!  If you'd like to see a condensed production timeline, check out my project page.  Have fun with the editing!

Hey Readers,

In the wake of the contest, I have since been trying to wrap up the final-ish draft of my manuscript before sending it off to Inkshares to get shopped professionally. Expect a spring release. In the meantime, I wanted to let everyone know that I removed the old drafts of chapters one and two because they were, well, old and grievously not up to my current standards. In their place, I have uploaded a fancied-up version of Chapter One: The Smell of Rain if you would like to give it a re-read and leave me some comments.

I will not be posting any further excerpts from the book, as I'd like to keep everything a surprise until you're holding the physical copies in your hands.

Thanks for all the support, guys!


Portrait 21 dave Dave Barrett · Author · added almost 5 years ago
Y U NO UPDATE?  You got your stuff sent in yet?  Got your team yet?  The world wants to know!
Portrait 21 dave Dave Barrett · Author · added almost 5 years ago
Oh!  Next goal - let's get Ricardo published too!  You and your family's bound to have a ton of credits lying around.  Spend them on The Catcher's Trap and let's get number 6 into publication too!
Close up A.C. Weston · Author · added almost 5 years ago
You WON! Congratulations!!! Hodor Hodor!
Image JWHENRY · Reader · added almost 5 years ago
Congrats!!  Hard work and talent pays off again!
Portrait 21 dave Dave Barrett · Author · added almost 5 years ago
RAR!  Congrats Andrew!  Can't wait to get the book in my hands! :D

Less than an hour left of the contest and 6th place is closing in fast. If you haven't ordered my book yet, please consider doing so ASAP. We are so close to securing this book deal, and I'd hate to see all my hard work (and your endurance of my incessant emails) go to waste. Help me become a published author and pursue my dreams! I love you all. The End.  

Image JWHENRY · Reader · added almost 5 years ago
Looking forward to reading this.  Really enjoyed the video!

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