Here again. Yes. With such an opportunity, who can possibly stay away? Um, what do you mean? I mean the 2017 Launch Pad Manuscript Competition. Yes, I’ve submitted the first 50 of The Northern Divide. Find the contest version of the manuscript here... https://www.inkshares.com/books/the-northern-divide-14a9cd. And since I’m a glutton for punishment, both pages are currently funding. Cheers!

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"For Bounded Ages beyond that of the Godkind men, / that woebegone tamer of dragons was worshiped as the originator, / though there remained still one deity older than he, / chained as she was to the rise of all existence."

From the Lore of the Infinite Realms, transcribed by the cenobite Rollo in the Age of the Reckoning

"Time goes, you say? Ah no! / Alas, Time stays, we go." ~ Henry Austin Dobson  ... Until we return again from the strange and hefty obligations handed to us by life.

Hello, all:

Upon deciding to renew the campaign for The Northern Divide, I also came to the decision that, though the manuscript has changed slightly since I last updated the project, I will not be noting those changes nor adding any other chapters to the page. Instead, I will create PDF proofs upon request (muhu25@gmail.com) for any who wish to read the latest version of the manuscript. I would also ask that if a proof is requested... Please, kindly add a review of the work to the project page upon completion of pages sent.

I’ve also had an opportunity over the last four months, the end of the last campaign, to think over what I might offer supporters who not only follow along but also pre-order copies. For the Occultist, if you so wish, I will provide a free PDF copy (or notification of access to no cost Kindle edition on Free Book Promotion days) of my self-published poetic work: Dues for the Reposefrom Words Much Like Poetry. For those with the capacity to be Wielders, a dedication to one and all in the form of a gothic villanelle lauding your assistance that will be included in the e-book. For those capable of bearing the burden of the Godkind, signed author copies with personal dedications, along with shout outs on my social media channels and personal websites.

"You can do anything as long as you have the passion, the drive, the focus, and the support." ~ Sabrina Bryan ... Here’s to it.

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Thank you, Richard.
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Your new update and artwork is amazing by the way. 

Hello, all.

Firstly, -- whether you qualify as "godkind", "wielder", or "follower" -- I am incredibly thankful for your support. Secondly, I have just uploaded the next chapter of "The Northern Divide" and a new trailer which introduces the rest of the "Anodecum".

Mind you, these are no mere knights that I give to you, these are the Elite of their respective Orders—conscripts who are godkind, Elemental, Magian, and primordial in nature and their quarrel certainly isn't going to be with average men. Journey into and across the eighth infinite realm at the side of its most powerful inherent. Into a world of incontestable majesty that suddenly finds itself being bombarded on all sides, where nine men and women stand as no others can against tyranny, against the goddess of death, her Necromagian minions, and otherrealm, organic mechanioid invaders who are convinced that they bring salvation and not destruction.  If. Only.

 Just finished uploading chapter three and embedded a new video to boot. Hopefully it helps you, the reader, better visualize the feminine half of my lead cast of characters. Sincerely looking forward to insightful thoughts on the progression the story. Cheers.

Another chapter is now available for your reading pleasure and a book trailer just to round things out. Next will be a map. Enjoy, and please let me know your thoughts on the progression of the text.

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