Benjamin Gray

Comic writer, horror writer, professional writer, unprofessional writer. Big, fat Stephen King fan. Gushing, overbearing Neil Gaiman fan.  McArthur Park is the scariest song ever written. I write the script for danthesnowman.com.
Benjamin is the author of
In the summer of 1986, amateur radio DJ Lacey Gibraltar finds a mysterious signal on the far end of the AM band. Following The Signal leads her to mystery after mystery and an adventure that changes the course of her whole life.
Books Benjamin Recommends
The Bird's Road is an emotional, personal, and poignant story told in a wholly unique, dreamy style.
An intimate chronicle of experiences and reflections about living beyond a litany of family tragedies, death, and depression.
Wing Commander with political intrigue. It's a good combo.
Michael Jovanne is a new squadron commander who must lead his fellow pilots into a massive battle on the eve of the greatest war the galaxy has ever seen. A war started by his government’s closest ally.
This is true science fiction, backed up by an author that knows their science. The realism makes the plot bombshells all the more explosive.
A scientist discovers an ancestral secret hidden deep within her genetics, after being the target of the dark web game, N-V Gate.
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