Benjamin Gray

Professional writer, unprofessional writer, Internet famous. I am 1/3 of the podcast Roleplay Retcon.
Benjamin is the author of
14-year-old amateur radio DJ Andy discovers a mysterious, seemingly magical radio signal that leads her to a bizarre radio station in the middle of the woods. The secrets inside will change her and her tiny hometown forever.
A modern-day witch’s friends, all witches themselves, begin disappearing. When a grouchy, greasy man named Muldoon saves her from a magical attack, they uncover a plot by a secret order of Wizards to destroy "Facebook Witches."
Books Benjamin Recommends
The Bird's Road is an emotional, personal, and poignant story told in a wholly unique, dreamy style.
Tragedy upon tragedy craters a family of nine, leaving the youngest boy on the periphery not expecting to survive.
Wing Commander with political intrigue. It's a good combo.
Michael Jovanne is a new squadron commander who must lead his fellow pilots into a massive battle on the eve of the greatest war the galaxy has ever seen. A war started by his government’s closest ally.
The Sulphur Cure is full of quirky characters and reads like a boat gliding through water. Everything about it is fine-tuned clockwork.
A man who has lost everything in the Great Depression discovers that the eccentric residents of a decaying New England resort harbor as many secrets as he does, and that his life will change dramatically once those secrets come to light.
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