Benjamin Gray

Comic writer, horror writer, professional writer, unprofessional writer. Big, fat Stephen King fan. Gushing, overbearing Neil Gaiman fan.  McArthur Park is the scariest song ever written. I write the script for danthesnowman.com.
Benjamin is the author of
You are not afraid of wolves. They are far away, far removed from you, in a world of their own. Friend, you are afraid of the woods.
Books Benjamin Recommends
Weird, but just enough that a kid will find wonder without being lost. Scary, but just enough that a kid will feel brave reading it. Complex, but just enough that a kid won't feel talked down to. This feels like the perfect bedtime reading.
Two brothers find a talking head and embark on a journey to help her put herself back together again, all while being hunted by a mad witch with very sharp teeth.
There's something charming about Chow's writing style, like it has an antiquity to it. It fits the time-travel motif perfectly.
A set of short stories of two lovers fighting against darkness for their love throughout lifetimes, culminating in the present day.
Mimic is gritty and intense. I can't wait to see where this goes.
A gifted ghost writer, who has made a living preying on other writers at their weakest moments, finds himself the hunted one in this gothic noir mystery.
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