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Choice 8

Jimmy awoke the next morning with a smile already on his face. He went about his morning routine not realizing he didn’t have a job to go to. He made his coffee, sat down to read the newspaper with a pen by his side to circle job opportunities in the classifieds.

Jimmy drank his coffee but didn’t taste it. He looked at the paper but didn’t read it. He twirled the pen in his fingers but didn’t notice when it fell to the ground. He didn’t notice his mobile phone on the kitchen counter vibrating. There was only one thing on Jimmy’s mind that morning: Holly. 

He could still smell the lavender shampoo in Holly’s hair as he kissed her. He could still taste the olive juice on her lips from the dirty martini she ordered at dinner. He could still see the magnolia bush in bloom as he left Holly’s complex. He was still experiencing it all hours later.

As his vibrating phone fell off the counter and onto the floor, Jimmy was taken out of his trance. Was my phone ringing? WAS IT HOLLY?! He jumped up to grab his phone from the floor only to find the screen shattered from the fall onto the dirty white tile floor. Jimmy needed a housekeeper. 

But more importantly, he needed to know who just called. The screen was a bust. He was never going to see. Try the voice activation, he thought. "Call Drake." He gingerly put the phone to his ear so as not to cut himself with the broken glass. 

"Hey man! You still going to marry this one, too?"

"Did you just call me?"


"Okay, I’ll talk to you later, but I need you to hang up. My phone is busted."

"Dude. You okay?"



"Call Holly."