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Choice 6

The date went so much better than Jimmy could have expected. The conversation flowed effortlessly. Holly laughed at his stupid jokes. She could tell he was nervous. And he was. In the back of his mind, all he kept thinking was how everyone else who saw them together had the same thought: how did he get her to say yes?

Jimmy persisted in touching Holly on the hand and arm, sometimes consciously, sometimes not. She was receptive to his touches, his hand holding and his inquisitive nature. It was odd for Jimmy. As the evening went on, he was able to be himself and Holly seemed like she couldn’t have enjoyed him more.

As he walked Holly back to her apartment, he put his arm around her and she cuddled in close. Jimmy knew what was coming next. He wanted to kiss her. He needed to kiss her. 

As they turned the final corner before reaching her apartment building, he stopped walking, turned Holly toward him, looked deeply into her beautiful brown eyes and went in for the kiss. He felt the softness of her lips collide with his. He could feel her arms around his neck tightening like she wanted more. With his hands wrapped around her waist, he pulled her in even closer, never wanting this moment to end. 

It was passionate and lovely. Jimmy couldn’t have expected anything more satisfying. He pulled away and stared back at Holly with a little smile. Her arms still around his neck, she grabbed the back of his head and pulled him in for more. Jimmy was in heaven. 

They both agreed the evening was wonderful and as Jimmy kissed Holly one more time at her front door, he asked Holly out for a second date. She said yes. 

Jimmy practically skipped home he was so joyful. This is what he needed in life to be happy. This is what he had been searching for. She makes me so happy!

As he was nearing his apartment, his friend Drake came around the corner. Drake was a good friend and asked how the date went. Jimmy simply said: “Drake, I’m going to marry this woman.”

“Yeah buddy, we’ve all heard that one before!” The sarcasm was thick but Jimmy barely noticed.

“No. Seriously. I just went on my last first date.”

Jimmy had a history of jumping too fast. How many times had Jimmy’s friends heard that a new girlfriend was the one? Too many to count. 

Jimmy was a romantic - not in the sense that he would do anything but in the sense that he knew all good things eventually ended so he wanted to rush to the good times to experience as much as possible. It was a noble course as it usually left him heartbroken. Yet, again and again, he tried.

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