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Choice 5

As Jimmy settled up at the bar and Holly gave him a nice big smile, he was reminded of Leta and that feeling he got in his stomach when he thought a woman reciprocated his feelings. He still didn’t know for sure but, he thought, what the hell.

“Holly, I’m going to take you out to dinner tonight.”

Jimmy was surprised at his confidence. He had struck out many times with women previously by being too timid. He decided it was time for a new approach but immediately wanted to retract his words for fear of that all too often rejection.

Holly was new to Fort Lauderdale. She moved down from Chicago six months earlier after getting her journalism degree from Northwestern. She wanted to be a writer but decided to take a little time after graduation to just have fun and meet people. She couldn’t think of a better way than bartending in South Florida.

“Like, a date? Sure, why not.”

Not exactly the enthusiasm Jimmy was hoping for. 

“Yes, a date. You. Me. Dinner and drinks.”

“Sounds great!”

Wow, this new approach was really working.

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