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Choice 2

Jimmy always wanted to work in finance. He was great with numbers and loved the research and investigation it took to find the right investments to maximize profit. He was a natural. 

In just ten short years, he amassed a great base of clients and made Elizabeth Katanees and Associates a great deal of money. Of course, Jimmy also made a good bit of money for himself. It was enough to hold him over for a bit, anyway, or so he hoped. 

As Jimmy drove away from his now former office for the last time, he had mixed emotions. Pure ecstasy was the overflowing emotion. But, he was also sad to leave Portia. She was a timid woman just a few years older than Jimmy. She was not married and had no children. 

The trait Jimmy always found most confusing was Portia had no clue how beautiful she was. Portia had a body like a supermodel. She was tall and thin with straight, long blonde hair that flowed in the breeze. For some reason, she was unsure of herself. Jimmy was afraid Portia wouldn’t last much longer under a tyrant like Elizabeth. This was his problem no longer.

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